Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Its been awhile… 

My dear readers, i hope you're well and welcome back to a mini update of my life.

Sadly, there's not much to report about.

1. Worked and now moving on again.

2. Met new colleagues and now friends with one of them.

3. Enjoyed some good food before deciding to tighten up a notch because of lame softening economy.

4. Graduated from Sauvignon Blanc to Chardonnay (well depends on what type of Chardonnay)

5. Finished a book and looking forward to going to into a bookstore to find new written adventures/fiction on the weekend. Any recommendations??

6. Been going to the gym regularly to keep my ass tight. 

what else….. ohh yea! 

7. Catching up on Youtubers' videos. They are so trendy these days and loveable. Despite the fact they are very popular and going places and enjoying new hipster things, they can still make videos and maintain their true personality that i used to be able to relate to back when they just started making videos. Touché!

Hmmm thats all. i will update my blog properly on my next entry so do put me down on your schedule!!


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