Sunday, 24 May 2015

RT Cafe


Sunday is always good to just laze around at home, read a book, or catching up with your friends while having a cup of coffee. Its a good day to be lazy =)

The RT franchise has opened a cafe, RT Cafe for a some time now and today i finally get to give the place a try. If some of you are unaware of this cafe or RT franchise, RT Bakery (first franchise at SS15)  sells japanese buns, cakes, pastries and etc. Their food sells like hot cakes and the bakery is always crowded. yeap, even on weekdays. RT Cafe is a cafe that sells coffee, cakes and some sandwiches. 

We ordered three cheesecakes for three people. There's American cheesecake, New York cheesecake, and my Strawberry Tart Chocolate cheesecake. All cheesecakes have a different density of cheese taste and mine came out to be the lightest of the three. hahaha 

My cheesecake was the typical kind of cake that you can find in Japan. I used to like this cake a lot but after tasting it today, it was a little bit disappointing. Its not soft, light and creamy as before. The portion shrank down a size. This cake costed me MYR 7.50 after GST.  

RT, you need to raise your standards up a notch! 

Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Got my nails done!

I done my nails!! All by myself!! *pat my head*

I'm so used to getting my nails done at the nail salon. Its not that I'm a princess or anything, its because I'm just so bad at doing my nails myself. I always try my best to avoid getting the sides of my nails tainted with nail vanish and i always failed. Some of you must thinking "why can't you just practice and practice you get it right"… well… that take a lot of patience and I'm clearly not very good at that. 

So lately, i have been bitten by the bug to learn to get my nails done myself. I've seen so many youtubers (girls) do their own nails all the time and despite, it doesn't look very neatly done, they still give it a go. I went to a beauty fair last week and i bought myself a nice OPI nail vanish. 

Brand : OPI

Colour code : NL W52

Got this at a discounted price --> MYR 35 (Retail price --> MYR 65)

I love this shade of red. Its just so dark and vampy (it looks abit lighter in the picture). The formula of this nail vanish is not bad, with two coats of it and your nails are set. Best point is it dries pretty quickly. After applying my red nail vanish, i finish my nails off with a top coat so its looking all glossy and nice! =)

Brand : Sally Hansen 

Name : Double Duty Base & Top Coat

Price : MYR 19

Place to purchase : Watsons or Guardian

I applied this onto my naked nails as the base and then two coats of NL W52, and finally another layer of Sally Hansen as my top coat. You're thinking "with so many layers, it must be super thick". i thought about that too before applying, however, it didn't and my nails dried pretty quickly. 

If you're looking for new nail vanish colour to try, could give this red shade a go!