Tuesday, 11 November 2014


I've decided to combine all my Osaka photos into one post. 
Hope you guys enjoy reading my Japan posts because i understand its all pictures and little writing. Im kind of trying out a new style of blogging.

So continuing my previous post, we were on our way to Osaka from Kobe. Our hotel was located in Nipponbashi, Osaka, we got to Nipponbahshi by train (stopped at Namba Station) and walked 15mins to our hotel. Its quite a walk but it was the best way to see the town. 

Den Den Town (Anime/Manga Town), Nipponbashi
We check into the hotel around 3pm, put our luggage, unpack a little, freshen up and left the hotel to start exploring! 

Doutonbori Street got to so crowded by 8pm!! OMG!! people were everywhere and we basically can't even see the ground 0.0 
It was so full of life! everywhere was lights, people, food, music, voices waooooo
There was seriously a lot to take in!

Went to Osaka Palace the next day.

Hi NHK! Do you mind hiring me? haha 

Didn't go into the palace because of the pricey admission fee so we just simply admire the building from outside. Japanese really take good care of this piece of historic art. Not bad!!

Ojichan (grandpa) feeding the pigeons! so sweet! 
i talked to him for a while and he said he go there to feed the pigeons from time to time and just leisurely spend his time there. awwww when I'm old like him, i want to enjoy this kind of hobby with my husband! so relaxing and healing! hehehe

Kyoto post coming up next!

Tuesday, 4 November 2014


Hello Gorgeous!
I'm back with another blog post about Tokyo! ughhh blogging about it makes me miss there and just want to book a flight and fly there now. >.<
Anyway let's start!

Omoide Yokocho (aka memory alley) 
Its a very subtle alley that is inconspicuously tuck away from main roads.  
I found the alley quite cool, its famous for japanese satay and beer.
As i walked along the alley, i saw many shops were selling this kind of food and the shop were mostly crowded. 
According to an article online, the alley sells japanese satay because back in the old days, people there were very poor and have limited access to much variety of food so they just basically bbq food that they got. 

The view outside Tokyo Station on a sunny day.
A lot of cars, a lot of salarymen, a lot of concrete buildings.

Standing at the entrance Meiji Shrine and decided I am not going to walk through it at all. Nope. 
Later that day, there was an event that showcasing vintage cars and clearly i have hastily grabbed my phone and try my best to capture a picture of this sexy red number. Ojichan (grandpa) didn't offer me a ride, i think its because i didn't slap on some makeup nor wore a sexy dress. Tooooo bad! hahaha

Reached Kobe Aiport and going to Kobe Station. 
Cant wait to get on the bridge!!

On the bridge!! 

First thing first after reaching Kobe Station is to get my belly filled!!
Wooop wooop it tasted so awesome!!
Nope, its not Kobe beef, it was another type of local japanese beef but it tasted great too. 
Everything else on my bento was scrumptious. Totally loved it!
Where i got it? nowhere fancy, just from the supermarket. Malaysia clearly got a lot of culinary learning to do. 

Lunch went down well and we departed straight for Osaka. 

This happened! 
Arrived at Osaka Station and saw Godiva. Yeap, i just got to get some ice-cream!
Yums yums!
It was soooooo delicious, i couldn't even pick one at first, had to ask the counter girl to recommend one… and i ended up picking the normal one but it was great. No regrets there! 

Osaka Part A coming up next!