Thursday, 30 October 2014


I finally got to go to Japan last week.

OH MY GOD i have always want to go to Japan since i was so much younger (back in my teens) and i  can finally cross it off my must-go-to-countries list. Ahhh the feeling is just pure awesome!! indescribable!! Too surreal!! i know some of you may boo hoo my excitement but i don't care =P

I spent a whole first day in Tokyo telling myself that I'm not dreaming it. Not dreaming Not dreaming. I'm not joking, i did actually remind myself hahaha

Ok, enough blabbering, lets get on to pictures!

A Saturday at Harajuku Street (Takeshita Street). 
The shops were getting ready for Halloween so many Halloween decorations were up and it was soooo cool! Even my chocolate ice-cream banana crepe was wrapped up with a Halloweeny takeout paper. Super cute  and super yummy >.< fist pumping in the air
I spotted some cosplayers as i walked along the street but it was toooo errr unusual that i can't stop myself from staring….. its cool and really unusual at the same time. 

Omotesando Street and Omotesando Hills. 
Super soho super posh super experince place.
Every about the place is way classy that everything every damn thing is just too awesome.
See the interior design! its just breathtaking!

The infamous Shibuya crossing.
Hello Hi this crossing is freaking crazy, i literally went cray cray over this crossing. The amount of people is just wow, it makes you think how can this small country fit some many people. 
The ultimate best part is even there are so many people everywhere, people still respect each other's space and do their best to avoid running or hitting onto each other. 

Talking about space. I found it challenging to cope with their limited space. Everywhere is soooo small soooooo excruciatingly tight. Japanese are really impressive to live in this environment. 

Lovely day in Ginza. 
Gaping at marvellous architecture, looking at fashionable Japanese, staring at cool cars zooming on the road. Yea just another day in town. 

WAKO Ginza
Prominent building that marks the prestige of the location. 

Doggie business is no monkey business in Japan. Its taken very seriously. 
It looks like the poodle get frequent visits to the salon than me!!

Awwww soooo cute!!!! hehehe what is Japan without my fav Hello Kitty =) 

Stay tune for Part B!

Saturday, 25 October 2014

Oscar De La Renta

Passed away on 20th October 2014, died at the age of 82, this man left behind an elegant and exquisite fashion empire for the world to remember. 


Monday, 13 October 2014

Rolling rolling rolling rolling

Looking at the ferris wheel and thinking it resembles the cycle of life. 
Everything comes and goes at their designated time.
Everyone… everything has their timing. 
Perfect timing.
Everyone follow their own pace in life. Although, not everything you want happens at the right timing or more precisely, at the right time you want them to happen. 
Whether you're living the fast pace life or the slow pace life, nobody want to stop moving because they don't want to feel useless.
Is it a person you want to be with? Is it something you want in your life? Take action and pursue it.
You can make it a perfect timing for the things you want.