Thursday, 25 September 2014

Spring Summer 2015

Yeap 2014 is not over but the fashion houses has showcased their very-freaking-high-end-glamourous clothing line for 2015. Which is soooo awesome especially for someone like me that is a fashion addict!

anyway, i have been loving some of the brands omg!

loving the models, their makeup, clothes, shoes etc… how can the models look so gorgeous!!?? 


The patterned boots is the awesomest!! and the turquoise ruffled skirt is so chic!! the mustard yellow long skirt is just hands down the most elegant piece to wear with the simple white top!
The clothing line is just shouting the designer's personality, its so them. WOW

Oscar De La Renta
Let the pieces talk for themselves. Its just pure elegance.

Carolina Herrera
Chic and Elegance
Kiss kiss

SOOOOO cute!! Barbie collection!!

Alberta Feretti
Love the soft curl hair and the garden theme floral print!
so sweet! definitely up my street oh my god!!

Model Crush at DVF Show

Kendall Jenner

Anna Ewers

Niomi Campbell

Loving the sexy hair and makeup! 

Cant wait for more shows to come hehe

Sunday, 14 September 2014

your true colours

My Thailand trip was a wake up call. A good memory that made me realise many things.

About life…people…things i got to do and things i want to do….my work…my studies…etc

There are so much things to learn from the Thai. Even though the buildings look outdated which makes the country looks old-fashion, the Thai are one the most calm and happy bunch of people i ever seen. Their smile is genuine and content. 

Some people are your friends and some are your true friends. 

Some of my friends taught me some good lessons. I thank them. 

Thursday, 4 September 2014

Bangkok | Thailand

I am back from holiday!

Back from shopping. delicious food. awesome massage. cute Thai guys to reality. 

Ugh…. it sucks to be back hahaha anyway i'm going to let all the picture tell you guys about my trip =)


I got a tan from bangkok! can't wait to be fair again! and gained a lot of weight….. T.T

This whole trip, we decided to stick to tourist mode and rock the simple and lazy makeup,  personally i don't think i can be  bothered to touch up my makeup in the day because I'm just too interested in going places and seeing things. However, the Thai girls made me regret it a little bit… they really dress themselves up and put full makeup on their faces and despite the humid weather, their makeup look flawless and their skin is perfect!!! omg!!!

Everywhere i look, i saw a lot of good-looking guys and pretty girls. Wao such a huge contrast to malaysian!! AND Their fashion is soooooo expressive and vibrant!!! makes me want to explore more and be part of their fashion trend! hahaha 

What i bought? how much i bought? well…this question is mind-blowing…. i went with 7 kg with a checkin bag and hand-carry bag, and came back with 21.2 kg. I spent the last night squeezing my miserable bags with stuff till every inch of space is occupied. This trip, i managed to find clothes that fit me!!! such a Happy girl!! the last few trips to bangkok, i can hardly find any clothes, the clothes are either too short or too small. 

I miss you Bangkok <3 i will be back