Thursday, 31 July 2014

Healthy is the new skinny

Bringing sexy back
I want my skinny ass beach bod back oh my god
Not that i was very skinny back then, but slim enough to say i was a comfortable and confident size S.
Now that my body is finally snapping out from being sick and finally allowing me to start running, i decided to join the gym.

Wait people, let me explain. Why gym?
Gym is the proper outlet i can find to workout now, the reasons being #1 Malaysia's weather gone crazy that i can't find a proper time to jog ughhh  #2 I got a lot of time to kill I'm not bragging whatsoever just i can't sit and rot at home any longer
Besides i will miss running in the park, i will miss the wind in my hair and the rustic green tree smell that burns in my lungs when i jog.

My goal? Hmmm…
A body like Candice

Ok, i doubt i will get the exact body but at least 90% close.

Gym Fashion!
Girls being girls. I need gym clothes since I'm going to be wearing the same kind of clothes almost everyday i need something nice to wear to feel good 
I saw that H&M came out a sportswear collection, can't wait to check them and try them at the stores.
Where else sell affordable and cute sportswear?
Any suggestion?  comment below to let me know ;)

I have something like these in mind, aren't they cute? hahha

Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Dying to try!!

There are some serious makeup love I'm sharing right now.
Nope, its not boyfriend love.
Please god, drop me EXO Tao to be my boyfriend!

Lots of makeup i want to try. Dying to try

First up!

Second up!

The first few shades in Naked 3 palate is just gorgeous oh my god!
It has that brighten-me-up-and-yet-smokey-warm colours.

Third up!

Ok, I'm not sure brushes are considered makeup?? But they are tools used to put on your face so hmmm i just figures….

Feeling some new brushes lately, but i have no idea what or where to find good brushes.
Those that aren't harsh to your skin when applying makeup to your face.
I went into Sephora one day and came across their brushes section and just stared at them…. i have no idea what to get….
Any suggestion? comment below to let me know what is best.

Fourth up!

I mentioned Nars already, but its a different product!
Nars concealer
I watched Amelia Liana's (UK youtuber) What's in my bag video and instantly makes me want to try it.

Girls will never get enough of makeup.


Being yourself is not a crime

Hello gorgeous!
Yeap, today I'm blogging about self-loving. 
Its an honest, straightforward and true to yourself post.

I believe in loving oneself because nobody will love you more than yourself
Now, don't get me wrong. I'm not encouraging anyone to be a big-head or take on a stuck up attitude.
What I meant is appreciating yourself.
I come across people (guys and girls) that doesn't really value themselves because they think people think they are not worth it.
Who's to claim who is not worth it anyway. 
We worth a lot to our parents. 
We worth a lot to our friends. good friends that is
We worth a lot to ourselves. we feed, cloth, clean, provide shelter for ourselves 

Ok, lets not run away from the big question like love.
Why isn't she loving me back like I'm loving her? Why isn't he appreciating me for me? 
Is it because I'm not giving her my credit card or showering her with gifts? 
My boobs not big enough?
whatever materialistic matter that brings to you feeling not worthy of the person, just screw it and move on.
There's a lot of of people in this world, in millions, that you will meet one day and the 2 of you just click, fall in love, have kids, grow old, reminisce about the good old days, take care of your grandchildren etc etc etc
You won't be snickering at this picture I'm painting for you here if you actually believe it yourself that this dream can happen to anyone if you just hope. 
There are always better, more mature, more realistic people out there. 
I personally got told off for standing next to a popular friend and not being pretty enough to do so.
Hey, i dont remember asking for your opinion like " can you please rate my prettiness? " 

I know i sound like I'm venting my frustrations or taking out my anger in this post here but yea, there are shallow people, and we move on. I'm sick of listening to people's most irritated issues and it always start with this particular bullshit. 
Be POSITIVE why? i don't know the ultimate correct answer… at least it will make you feel happy and carefree and get by the days being a little more content

Friday, 25 July 2014

New skin relationship

Got some new skincare!

There have been some good recommendations online that these 2 products are selling well, so i decided i could give them a give!
Will do a product review soon ;)

Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Clean those waterworks

Hi gorgeous!
Illness has finally got the better of me. 
I haven't been able to get sick when i was still studying in uni or even get some proper rest days to recover from a fever or what sort usually just pop some meds and get going 
I'm always so busy, its either busy working or busy rushing my assignments and study for a test. 
now that I'm free and just chilling a lot at home, my body decides its the right time the damn right time to get sick. 

This morning, my eye had a huge blew up…swelled up… ugly infection situation. 
its sore and red and big…
Wokeup 7:20 am, got my dad out of bed and went to the hospital.
The doctor said i haven't been taking good care of my eye. 

Pay ATTENTION people!
To have healthy eyes.
#1 clean your eyes as often as you can (its to clean out the oil that situated around our eyes)
#2 when outside or in a rush, clean with a tissue
#3 NEVER use your hands to touch your eyes (our hands carry a lot of bacteria)
#4 remember that our eyes are very important. irreplaceable important priceless long-term machinery 

Another day in bed for me =(
The past few weeks, i had slight flu…almost fever… 
There are my non-sickness-still-kill-my-mood too
Bad hair days, gaining a lot weight because i don't get to workout, dark eye circles, bad skin bla bla bla 


As tips for going through the process of recovering from an illness
#1 drink a lot of water. not 1 glass but go for 7 glass!
#2 rest a lot literally do not move about much but sleep and eat and pray you get well tomorrow 
#3 be positive stress can drag you down and then you won't heal fast
#4 Of cause! eat your meds

Tuesday, 22 July 2014

SunnMerrrrr wishlist!!

Oh my god!!
Its so hot in Malaysia these days, i feel like i can dry up anytime of the day…. make sure to stay indoors more often and pump in the moisture as much as you can.
Anyway, yes. my Facebook status is showing a little emotional side of me lately, I'm going through a phrase again yeap, girls are always going through something i hope i can find the answer soon.

Bla Bla Bla ignore the weird ermm weird intro of this blog post.
What i want to share with you guys today is like my title says it all  MY SUMMER WISHLIST !!

Number 1:

Gucci Bucket Bag
Awesome design, awesome colour collection
I really want one of these. especially the pink one!

Number 2:

Cartier Love Bracelet
Don't have to be attached to want one.
seriously this is sooooo cute

Number 3:

Candice's tight ass
Im dying to get my ass to look like her omg
Skinny and flat ass are off the chart and replaced with tight and curvy ass

Number 4:

Ray Ban
Everyone needs a Ray Ban! well, i need a Ray Ban

Number 4:

My Fav juice bar
Its the only juice bar i go to get my juice fix.
If its possible, i hope the company make it accessible anywhere anytime.

Thats it, share with me your own summer wish list!
comment below ;)

Friday, 18 July 2014


Another MAS plane, MH 17, crashed.
Two plane down in 2014
Its a freaking new, technically advanced, Boeing aircraft for god's sake, my mistake, for MH17 passenger's sake. 
I am deeply sorry and sad for the fellow MH17 passengers that unfortunately have their lives cut short, and to the family and friends that have to go through this ordeal. 
Please be well and healthy. 
You can do it!

Sunday, 13 July 2014

Finding love

Finding someone, finding love, finding happiness
whatever it is, everybody is finding something right?
These days, well… people my age (20s) are making an effort to find that someone special for themselves. 

Ok, before i proceed, what i write are all my personal opinions so if some doesn't seem right to you guys, please don't hate me. Just comment down below to share whats your thoughts instead ;)

What is love?
What exactly is love anyway?
is it the feeling like your parents love you? or is it really the kind of feeling you can't breath sleep eat walk without being with that person?
I've been in a few relationships but i can say that i never loved that person (after some experience i can tell) 

If you met someone you actually felt something with, what do you do? 
Girls : oh my god, what should i do now? text him? wait for him to call? 
Well, different kind of girls = different kind of situations. (guys always sum up all girls are the same when they are clearly not) 
For girls that are friendly and nice, please don't bother to make a move (being honest here), because the guy might think you're easy. when you're just want to be his friend
Otherwise, you think you're not interested whether "he might think you're easy and you want to straighten him out" by all means go ahead and text him and be the kind of girls that show it to guys that girls can be initiative. 

I checked google and found much interesting dating tips they offer to both genders, I agree on them at the very least because these are people who wrote these and you want to choose your may-turn-out-to-be-your-girlfriend/boyfriend based on what they wrote? 
Maybe you can just talk to that person and find out for yourself to see whether you should forward on or not. 
If social media is going to make everything difficult, even dating, then technology got the better of mankind. getting deep sorry!

Saturday, 12 July 2014

Haute Couture FW Season is ON!!

Hello Gorgeous!
Yeap, blogging at this hour (1.41AM)… napped for 2 solid hours in the day thats why
But what the hell, what is holiday without really doing whatever you want right? kids under 18 don't do this though, it isn't right! hahha

Haute Couture 2014 is finally ONNNN yippee!
I love this fashion season because its glitzy/high-end/fabulous/glamorous/bigger than life. 
I have seen a few designer shows and i fell in love with Elie Saab. Oh my god, the show alone was sooooo gorgeous, i just dropped dead and come back alive staring at the whole fantastic show!
The clothes! Talk about well, fine, lovely, sexy, elegant, nothing revealing, poise dresses worn by size 2 house models catwalking down the runway. its pure awesomeness. 

which is my fav dress? errr all of them. let it be short or long, whatever is good hahha

One word = Class
Further thoughts = i must meet Karl Lagerfeld before i die
He is just full of good ideas that create super nice clothes for women to wear.
He is gay, I'm not impress with that, its the ideas and professionalism and passion for his work that i admire the most. 

I think for this collection, Karl went for a greek-goddess vibe.
Totally love the finale dress oh my god! the details on the train woah!! 
Cant wait for more shows to happen!

Thursday, 10 July 2014

Crazy habits

Hello gorgeous!
While I'm writing up this post, the sky looks like its going to rain cats and dogs 0.0 
Super awesome!!
Bracing myself a good nap later hahaha

Have you guys got any crazy habits that set people off? and the look of people's faces they give you are just oh my god get the hell away from me you dimwit
I got one particular crazy habit that even myself find totally a big NO and really annoys me ultimately. I'm getting to it, don't fret guys…. I'm embarrassed to say that i have a tendency to touch people. Not in a ew why the fuck are you harassing me now kind of way but as in a pat on the shoulder or a playful slap on the hand or sometimes when i get excited to talk about something, i will end up holding other people's hand. Thats not cool i know…. admitting it is my first baby step to correcting my annoying sickening crazy habit! 

What about you guys? got some crazy habits to share? leave a comment down below so i can read!

Wednesday, 9 July 2014


Hello gorgeous!

I haven't been posting up any selfles lately and I'm sure some of you may wonder why… well nothing happened to me, its just i'm still recovering from my illness so i look abit sick and gross. T.T

Ok, youtubers. Any of you guys watch youtubers? Basically, they are people who post videos on their youtube channel. They are not celebrities. Instead, they are average people like you and me and what they do is they post videos about their likes, dislikes, hobbies, etc etc. Its nothing exclusive like watching videos starring famous actress and actors. 

What i really like about them is i can relate to them. Mind you, I'm still a fan of some celebrities. Youtubers just post videos that i like to watch and pass my day with. Of cause, i have a few fav youtubers ;)

#3. Zoella

These are my Top 3! 
I particularly like their makeup tutorial, haul, vlogs videos. 
So if you have any fav youtubers of yours that you would like to recommend to me, feel free to leave me a comment below ;)

Saturday, 5 July 2014

Instagram hastags

Hello gorgeous!
Like everyone else, i'm on instagram, so do follow me at estellesak.
I like taking pictures and posting them on insta. Its like my mini photo diary (yes, like everyone else).

Anyway, i would spend some time thinking what to write in for my caption below the pictures.. and i often don't know what to write…. do you guys face this obstacle?
So instead of writing in, i put hashtags. 

I often use hashtags like #estellesakpositivelife #estellesak #fattygram etc. 
Hmmm i think i should invent more hashtags… 

Errrr, basically this post is pointless hahaha i just wanted to share with you guys about my insta hashtags =)

Thursday, 3 July 2014

My Summer Playlist

What's summer without some awesome and jolly good music to pump up the blissful mood? =)

My playlist :
1. The Vamp - Somebody to you ft. Demi Lavato

2. The Vamp - Wild Heart

3. The Vamp - Can we dance

4. Calvin Harris - Summer

5. Tiesto - Wasted

6. Ariana Grande - Problem ft Iggy

7. EXO - overdose

8. SNSD - Mr. Mr. 

Thats all! Drop me a comment if you got any songs to recommend to me ;)
Enjoy your summer!

Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Making a list

Hello gorgeous!
Right, i noticed i forgot to do a proper opening for my previous blog post but i'm on it now!
Pardon me my good readers ;)
Let's get on with today's post agenda, shall we?

Making a list!
Making a list of things to do of cause
It will help you in many (not to mention different) ways as it depends how you construct your list.
Let me emphasis : Your Own List.
It doesn't have to be fancy or anything formal, just your humble list of things you need to sort out.
For students, time management is what our parents and lecturers always, Top reminder, never-fail to notify, so i reckon you can start making a list of things you need to do such as organising assignments timeline/deadline, chill out time, study sessions etc. just to keep yourself well-timely-managed. 

Or like me, i recently thought of making a list : What to do after uni?
I'm still thinking what to do actually, so any suggestion is much appreciate, feel free to leave a comment below!
Hope you find this blog post helpful =)