Monday, 30 June 2014

truthful lyrics

I'm all about Sam Smith at the moment
His songs are just awesome!
Bashful to say…
but his songs, the lyrics speaks my mind.

My Fav is Stay with me of cause, but everyone got a second best right?
His I've Told You Now is my second best haha
He sings so well, I'm impress with his deep yet-capable-of-hitting-the-high-note-brilliance.

Here's the chorus (my fav bit!)

But why the hell
Why do you think i come 'round here on my free will
Wasting all my precious time
Oh the truth spills out
And oooooo oh i've
I've told you now

Drown in his songs….
He got to keep singing songs.
Too much of a waste he didn't =)

Thursday, 5 June 2014

Doggie business

Hello gorgeous!
I think this should be my opening line/introduction for my blog and vlogs, what do you guys think? haha i think its better than just "hello" or just plain " sooooo let me start"… thats so formal don't you think?  let me know of any suggestion by leaving a comment below =)

Anyway, back to what i want to blog about! yes, doggie business.
Ever think of why your dog acts the way it is now and you can't seem to understand why how what when and can't seem train it to become the way you want it to be?

Well, have you heard of Ceaser Milan, the dog specialist?
He is freaking awesome when comes to handling dogs. i have been watching his doggie series called "Dog whisperer with Ceaser Milan" and he always have many tricks up his sleeve to deal with dogs.

The one trick that he always use is calm-assertive energy to treat the dog, this positive energy is to assure your dog that you're the one in charge and the dog is follow whatever you order. This sounds self-centred, but you are paying for its meds, food, and shelter right? not to forget the walks and bath etc.

On HypeTV, its showing on the NetGeo channel or you can watch it on youtube like me =)
Hope this alternative can help you to understand your dog better.