Monday, 21 April 2014

a getaway please!


i want to travel somewhere nice omg

malaysia is hitting the crazy weather mode lately… from superrrr this-heat-can-fried-an-egg-literally heat to superrrrr rain-overflowing-100% rainy condition. 



got these 2 places on my mind now T.T 

i want to go huhu~~~

Saturday, 19 April 2014


i can't believe I'm turning 22 next month…

im not looking forward to it T.T

after 22 is 23.

For 22, i just hope i meet new people, keep real friends, healthy family, be more prettier, slimmer, richer, more hardworking, score good grades, i know I'm getting greedy here…but thats what girls are right? hahahah

have a nice saturday!

Thursday, 17 April 2014

cut the weight

i know girls often carry heaps of big bag so they can fit everything they want inside but i doubt any girl want to carry the weight!

well the same goes for me. lately, i started carrying around my forever 21 sling bag which makes things so much more easier for me and of cause, save my energy =)

spotting some designer bags!

one prominent question is how can you fit everything into a small bag? you don't! just bring the essentials… tissue / money / id card / credit cards / keys thats it. no hassle no bassle = life is made easier