Sunday, 30 March 2014

people problem & a wedding

i know i wrote a lot of angry post on ma Facebook wall lately. 

i can explain

i don't know what shit i got myself into but…. omg i feel like killing this subject super fast so I'm freaking stressing out.

To make matters worse, i got a member in my group that in my opinion "can't understand simple english"  soooo don't want to know where the hell she come from

she can even fuck up sending an email. omg…. she's the champion of stupidville and nowadays, she got the nerve to show me her bitchy attitude. dude, just go home if you're sick of studying. 


luckily i got to attend my friend's wedding. got invited to be her Jimui!! super honoured! 

kissing cupcake doremon! 

her wedding was so grand, her definitely made every girl turning green that night. with her gorgeous wedding dresse(s), beautiful princessy dinner venue, awesome makeup/hair artist and best thing ever, she married her husband. 

her husband loves her a lot..the way he calls her..look at her… wao i definitely want a man that does this to me. me only. 

she taught me well. showing me what is love.

Tuesday, 25 March 2014


My condolences to the friends and families of MH370

Its was a terrible tragedy

We all share the darkness, the grief, the pain and the sorrow - you are not alone

Stay strong and stay positive!

Monday, 3 March 2014

one fine weekend

I'm going through a phrase… 

I'm trying to find my position… 

This isn't easy for me to write these out…because its feelings.

On one fine weekend, we spent time together and i find things shifting really fast for me. 

The world is no longer black and white… simple as ABC anymore, but something more lurking in the shadows. 

What i find harder to do is talking. as if whatever i say, its only sound.