Thursday, 27 February 2014

Got Givenchy sneakers on the brain

I'm have never been the sneakers girl but when i saw Givenchy sneakers on my instagram….wao those are really some cool footwear. 

is santa reading my blog? because i will be waiting by any chimney available in malaysia for these babies to drop in. 


Sunday, 23 February 2014

Pharell Williams - Happy

In today's world, people and money is a difficult shit to deal with, so chill out with this song and keep on fighting on!

good luck

Tuesday, 11 February 2014


Estelle turns into a girly fangirl falling over heels for EXO (korean/mandarin boy group)!! roll eyes and hide in the corner*

what am i on about? hahah pardon me..for those who aren't into kpop…i will post pictures hehe

Meet EXO!

This group of 12 members is divided into EXO-K and EXO-M, "K" stands for Korean and "M" stands  for Mandarin. EXO just debuted 2/3 years ago and before they even debut on their official date, they already became a huge kpop sensation in the music industry. SUPER COOL! This group is under SM TOWN, alongside TVXQ/Shinee/SNSD....etc. 

They are around my age haha not too young not too old. How should i put this? hmmm a group of celebrities that i can relate to. no, I'm not talking about dressing up like them(turning into tomboy) ok. maybe i try to dress up like 2ne1 girls when i feeling like being cool? 

of cause, out of all the members, i got my fav!

Huang Zi Tao

Quick Info > youngest into the group / 183cm / lead rapper / loves gucci / from Qingdao, China / brothers with Kris (EXO-M leader) / knows wushu / been a SM Town trainee for less than a year before he debuted 


Their fans often make "exo couple" post on insta, weibo, google..etc. and named them TaoRis.. its bullshit ok. The 2 of them (I'm pretty sure) are not gay, they are just super close like family…can you imagine being spending every single day with that person and not get close til family type relationship? Taoris pics…kind of grossing me out…just imagine the 2 of them looking at these pictures and "omg, our fans think we are gay?"…"i think we should distant ourselves a bit"… "做兄弟也有罪吗? 你们有病" 

EXO.. Tao peace out*

Saturday, 8 February 2014

Fairydusted Chic 2014

Here's another fashion post!

As you know from my previous post, i'm looking around for new fashion inspirations to build my own sense of style and i stumbled onto some interesting "fairystyle" spring summer/haute couture looks for 2014.

I can say my taste is bold meets soft, very feminine/girly… and also boyish at the same time. if you're wondering if i wear my clothes according to my mood? haha well most of the time, I'm sure some girls are like me. they like try new looks and see how they can develop their inner "fashionista".

Some pictures >

pictures from google

there are 2 shades of colours that i always love - black and pink, but recently I'm falling for white because it look super chic (yea i know it makes people look fat). Wearing bold doesn't mean black is the only shade in your closet right? its a matter of your creativity hahah as if I'm some big time designer*