Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Estelle growing fatter

Hi! i noticed my last blog entry was 7 Oct hahaha pardon my MIA absences for so long. i was superb busy, from finals to work to traveling to going out with friends >.< i wasnt in the right mind to blog, i know i can just slap some pictures on my blog but i figure seems to kill the real purpose of blogging. 

On Monday, i went out with a friend. we dropped by KLIMS before heading over to Le Meridien for dinner.  OMGGG the thai girls that are working for Ford are super gorgeous, like really GORGEOUS!! they basically have the whole package, they are slim/beautiful/nice. i didnt bother to take any pictures because im feel like shooting myself when i look at them. i want to be pretty like them tooooooo! T.T 

Looking at the pretty girls at KLIMS...admiring their freaking slim body didnt really make me settle in for dinner. 

BUT when we got to Latest Recipe @ Le Meridien KL, i saw this....and i was like OMG!! i wanted to skip my main course and cut straight to dessert hahahaha 

As you can see they have the ice cream toppings shelves on the wall, next to the ice cream bar.....range of cakes displayed on the bar counter.... 

The STAR of desserts >>> chocolate fountain with any dips of your choice 

Mixed fruits caramel cake 

i forgot what is the name of this cake, but i think its something like "nut crumble cake"

choco sticks with sprinkles of stars

malaysian-style mochi and different types of kuih

Let me show you my main course!

Actually, "La Mian", the noodles made of bread flour thats cooked with beef, supposely be the main dish that we should look forward to but then i got side-track since i spotted the dessert bar hahahah 

The noodles were good, brings out the Beijing* feel and flavours. It has the old-school China street-food kind of taste. Give it try! its something new and im sure not many of you tried noodles made of bread flour!

My on-the-spot made for me sashimi salmon sushi AWESOMEST!

i know Zanmai also need to make the sushi when i make my orders but then this is a whole new experience.... i got to see the sifu cut/slice/stick on top of rice rolls and placed on my plate right before my eyes... freaking cool! 

Chose indian as my main course too, aside from the noodles. Its really good! its like eating banana leaf, just this is the proper dining. yea, so many choices...i had a hard time to choose what to eat >.<

this salad was a killer! tasted so delicious T.T it had mayo, cherry tomatoes, sliced meat...etc yummy!

it was a good dining experience to get to eat the nice desserts but it was an interesting feel to be taking pictures of the food while getting stared by an auntie at the same time. seriously abit paiseh to be taking pictures ...... the auntie keep stealing looks at me as if wanting to ask me "xiao mei, havent seen desserts before? just fresh out from kampung is it?" OMG...ok even tho i want to put my head in the wall, i resisted...not like shes going to see me again hahahah 

if you're interested of trying this place, can click this url link for more information