Monday, 7 October 2013

Beauty Expo 2013

Went for the Beauty Expo 2013 at KLCC Convention Centre yesterday ;) was such a productive shopping day hahaha my purse definitely felt the dent Nuuuuu!

Me x Rachel (2 crazy shoppers) reached klcc around 1130am... to beat others for the parking and be there before anyone else paiseh* plan failed la, cause by the time we got our entrance tixx and walking into the exhibition, there were already a number of people shopping around. I think if guys are wondering where to spot for some pretty girls, this kind of place is the best! the exhibition is crowded with girls >.<

Past by so many different booths --> Korea, Taiwan, Malaysia, China etc...

Hair booth / Nail booth / Makeup booth / Mask booth / Facial booth ETC ETC getting confused myself, too many to remember!!! Most interesting is the nail art booth, the nail artist were giving mani to the customers (im not sure whether its FOC or not) sadly i didnt get them to do my hands! don't think Rachel will be patient to wait for me to have it done ^0^

i didnt take pictures of the place simply i dont want people to stare.... too little people to cover me =/ 

Alot of retail customers came to the exhibition, they bought so much like nobody's business. Just imagine this customer buy so much at one booth, when she continue to the next one, she buys the same amount walao..... but then clearly shes buying the products to try them out and then buy some more in the future to sell. All the booths sold their stuff at discount prices and the prices are dirt cheap serious!!

Finally we left for lunch  at Ben's after we covered the whole exhibition, walking from one end to the end =_=

My rich creamy tomato pasta w sliced beef pieces x Her soft shell crab cream pasta

I wolfed down the whole pasta down within 5mins! so freaking hungry T.T was hungry since we were shopping earlier what to do kaisu shopping all the cheap stuff not healthy grrrr

Here comes pictures of my Beauty Expo Hual! been waiting to see what i bought?

Natural-looking fake eyelashes rm10

Dead skin exfoliating rm15

Lace double-eyelid sticker rm30

Lo'real hair treatment rm21.50

Schwarzkopf leave-in conditioner rm33

Bought all these plus a brow bush, comb, hair stick-ons (not sure about the name...)

buy buy buy pokai already! haihhh but then i save up more money buying these than to buy retail price hehehe i know self-comforting isnt good! 

Good Day =)

Thursday, 3 October 2013


Hello im back! i've recuperated from the bad incident happened last month. It was bad enough that im working my ass off to earn some money to replace my stuff, and then it came down to assignment week >.< but no worries, things are at ease now for now.

i havent got the time to even sit down and chill for the past weeks, time flew like nobody's business. OMG now i finally have some time to blog! hehe 

today's post is about "My Fav Kvariety shows"

Happy Together

This show is awesome and funny, featuring all the Latest/Hottest korean celebrities... and the best part (also the ending part) --> the Late Night Cafeteria!! 
The late night cafeteria will have those invited TV guests cook something that is fast and delicious for people to eat for supper yummeh~ i watch this show all the time and worse timing to watch is during midnight ;( trust me, seeing them cook and eat all the nice nice supper makes me want to dig through my mum's fridge hahah 

Mamma Mia

Are you guys aware of this show? No? nvm, let me fill you in =) 
This show features the celebrities and their mums. Its all about understanding each other (mum/daugther...son/mum...) participating in activites organized by the production crew. Its always different in every episode so its not boring at all. 

Hello Counselor 

This program talks about daily routine-activities-gone-weird. Gone weird? how it gone weird? watch and find out...lazy to write already neh neh bu bu
Top Rating variety show so give it try lo!

Oh MSM 2013 (Miss Scuba pageant) went well. In fact, it was super fun hahaha i got to spend one week with good friends at a cool hotel. Win or not, surprisingly wasnt important at all...why? because under certain circumstances, hmm..... for you to find out why...  Anyway, didnt know that we bonded closely with each other (given im abit antisocial) and ended up teary when we finally have to depart home. i miss my girls...haih 

Those days i spent at Prince hotel was like a wakeup call for me to snap out of my always-thinking-about-negative-things-lazy-waking-up-only-at-2pm-lonely world. i dont ever want to go back to that lifeless habits. My point here, is make yourself do something new and welcome the positive things that are just under your nose, life will brighten up so much. Hey, life is already a bitch, if you let it pull you down then whos the fool now?