Tuesday, 10 September 2013


hi everyone T.T

as some of you have found out on facebook that my house got robbed a few nights ago... the situation was just too surreal to process and i still have nightmares of how my house looked. My house was left in a state as if the typhoon came and threw up inside wtfff

The robbers took all my fav clothes, bras and panties, lv...etc my parents' sentimental valuables. how can someone want to rob a house that hardly have anything to steal?? >.<

my parents bought me a new lappie thank god for that! because i cant fund for a new lappie out of the blue and I'm left with 3 bras!! the robbers took most of them.... my dad decided to buy new ones for me too phew*

i love my things..and they took them i hate them but i pity them too... they took my clothes meaning they couldnt afford clothes for themselves..haihh hope my clothes fit you nicely and use it well...

my parents and i worked hard to buy the things we had and now all gone..stolen by other people. So unfair! hello money dont drop from the sky for my family ok.. cant you guys work your ass off and earn money yourself?????!!!! bloody idiots

im having mixed feelings between feeling pitiful for them and also angry towards these robbers =(

Bad times are here, everyone better be careful whenever youre going out and going home late at night. This applies to EVERYONE (guys and girls)!! keep your things and cash safe

good luck <3