Thursday, 22 August 2013

Whatsup everyone! Merdeka is just around the corner, any plans??
im planning something for merdeka eve hehe
any suggestions? 0.0

Going to update you guys with what i have been up to lately =)

Hairlah event by La'mode Academy of Arts

La'mode icon model search by La'mode Academy of Arts

Spotted in the Star newspaper participating in Miss Scuba Malaysia 2013

Inspired by Michelle Phan's makeup tutorials, she is a famous makeup and beauty youtuber.
her makeup skills and communication creativity is freaking awesome ♥♥
got to know about her through amanda XD

Beast - Shadow

this song is too COOL >.<
my 'most played song' of the month haha


Tuesday, 20 August 2013

My MMK 2013 experience - Grand Finale

BI BI BI BI (HI HI HI.................)
hahaha get the joke?! im mimicking minions hehehe i know.. not funny also keep laughing to humor me la ;)
anyway, im going to blogging about the last segment of my MMK journey. finally rightt 
i have been super busy almost everyday. 

A few days before D-day, we did our last preparation...mentally and physically. 
We had our last dance and catwalk class. how time flies...i still can remember i cant really shake my butt properly or even get along the beat with the girls on my first/two dance class. Catwalk class was easier to learn because i didnt really need to move much except to catwalk. 
im not getting emotional  im not getting emotional
hahahha i remember have those mixed feelings in my head =) yea commitment to the pageant was challenging but even pain in the ass sometimes things can get, you dont walk away with nothing right..? 
a shy person like me, made quite alot of new friends and some good ones because i told myself to stop chickeining out and talk to people. Girls with shy personality, can give pageant a go to beat yourself out of your comfort zone! 

meet pinky! shes one of my good friend hahahha and sorry guys, shes taken as well as not available ;)

From the left to the right >> Jasmine, Anita, me and Pinky

The night before final, i was like freaking out >.< about everything! from clothes that i would be wearing to how am i going to answer the questions from the judges walao~~ 
stressing like mad cow, i decide to urge my friends to go for a nice lunch haha im always calm and happy when i feed myself with awesome food. We went for Plan B hehe

After lunch, we got to backstage for touch up and clothes before the show starts. 
For my introduction, i wore a pink chipao.

The colour is toooo cute for the dress to let others have it muahahahha but then i regretted it because i chose without trying it on so it was super tight on me. my ass was threatening to break free from the strong grasp of that fabric hahahhaha XD

How did i do my intro?..... i think it was good (i think!!) T.T i was nervous as hell on the inside and gladly i still can manage my voice to sound calm. hmpph! im not giving away on how i calm my nerves neh neh bu bu!
Ah~~~ pink colour is so CUTE hehe

The first round was pink cipao, 2nd round was green modern baju kurung. 

i like this picture the most 
and the skirt gave me alot of leg room to walk properly... haha

3rd round was hot red nyonya.

My god!!! this skirt never fai to always threatening to trip me over >;(
seriously... pphew luckily i didnt fall on stage
Backstage, i pulled this skirt as high as possible, right above my ankle just so i can walk!

I got selected among the Top 5, and as im one of the Top 5 finalist, i need to answer the question given by the judges.
It was vv nerve-wrecking >.<
In my mind, i was in a battle with my nerves...that kind of situation was like do or die moments..(well, at least to me) hahahha

My mind went blank literally for a split second and then regain my consciousness* as i walked towards the microphone 0_0

my question : Who do you think will win and why?
my answer : I think before we all stand here today, we are all winners at heart because they all put effort into this pageant. They are the ones who went for classes..put in their commitment to learn whats kebaya about and understand the history...improve the public speaking skills etc etc..

Few moments later, its time to announce the subtitles, 2nd runner-up, 1st runner-up and Winner of Miss Selangor Kebaya 2013. 
I didnt win any of these titles, i only managed to made it to Top 5.

Ann - Winne of Miss Selangor Kebaya 2013. 
Geetha - 1st runner-up
Ribeye - 2nd runner-up

Its ok! =)
i know i did my best and even when i dont get what i want, theres nothing to bitch about. I just move on and do something else.
but yea, i did feel sad abit because i wanted to represent Selangor (a place im born and bred) and show my parents im doing something they can be proud guys understand my feeling...?

Heres Sylvin! one of my good friends too and yeap, shes taken and not available too muhaha
took some pic after the show! Makeup was done by La'mode makeup artist - Lee Alexander ;)

The day after the grand finale, i spent the whole day at home. Time to hibernate! i was vv quiet the whole day. During dinner time, my dad told me the most awesomest thing hehehhe that hes proud of me for making so far. i dont know what makes you guys happy, but hearing my dad says hes proud of me was the bomb hahaha

The next few days, i was in the newspaper... how cool is that?? me in the newspaper~~~
i was soo surprised hahahha 
dont get me wrong, i just dont get this kind of thing* 

................... and thats about it, My MMK 2013 experience ;)


Saturday, 17 August 2013

A dark past

blogging at this hour (2am) is really odd, i know haha but theres something i want to share with you all...
Have you been a victim of bully? unless you are/were on the other side (bully), this story is going an interesting one for you guys.

When i was just 7 years old, i got enrolled into a primary school after finishing kindergarten. I was a happy and cheerful kid that i was told to be always having fun with the kids at kindergarten. But things seem to have take a downturn after i got placed in a very unique and demanding school (at that time). 

I thought primary school was going to be fun too, just like kindergarten. where am i going with this pre-face..? chill im getting there. So in class, there are my classmates, they got to know my name, age, background etc etc through self-introduction...bla bla bla everything was normal. 

It was normal at first, until everything really went south. They started to whispers/tease/shout at me...
"why are you so fat?"
"why do you look like this? your eyes are weird omgg"
"ok, heres the teacher coming, lets see how are you going to deal with my nonsense"
"hey, try pulling her hair, need to beat her to the classroom"
"whats with the shirt?"
"your surname SAK?? or i think its SAKAI right? SEX? hahahhaha lets give you a new surname - CHICKEN"
"think youre cool, lets see how far can that attitude go"
"awww youre crying? definitely funny, i guess it just serves you right"
"dont even think you will get the classroom's cute guy's attention"

With all these negativity, i always go home crying and wishing i never existed or even studied at that school. I dread to go to class everyday and my mum never stood up for me. She said "you got to just not care" "aiya, they are just kids"... and alot of bullshit. yea right, you expect me (a little kid at that age) to handle things like an adult isit? if only i was an adult back then! Everyday at that school was really like hell. so what if i weight 50kg at 10 years old? i was 160cm ok! so what if i didnt look normal* like you guys?? so what if i was abit intellectually slower?? so what if i got a surname thats SAK???? if all these were against the law, sue me then!! I DARE YOU. 

A nightmare as it was, of cause i learned how to pull through. "6 years is going to pass me by fast enough, so just hang in there" "just look on the bright side, after upsr, i can just skip the remaining days of school, then i can get a life again" believe me, these thoughts helped. 

however, scars dont heal and the pain fades but the memory doesnt. What you (victims) can do? you move on, and find better things in life. you understand what why happened, you make choices. If you happen to bump into one of them (bullies), just smile. Just know, dont waste your time hating them, because i dont think they are worth it. 

whats passed is past, im happy in the present now, and i keep finding things that are nice for me. i know you can too. 


Thursday, 15 August 2013

My MMK 2013 experience - PART 2

How are you guys??
just got back from my catwalk classs ughhh tired =( i am totally not fit at all these days..... 
anyho~~~ how did you find my MMK part 1?? ya ya...the pictures can be found on my facebook and insta (im not making my blog to be an extension of fb&insta, dont get me wrong) i just think the pictures are nice enough to used a few times ;)
I hope you guys enjoyed the part 1 because whatever i wrote out is IRL (in real life) experience!

After events at Amcorp Mall, Ampang Point and Maju Junction, we all proceed to attend the event scheduled at KL Live. KL Live was quite a big deal because the stage was bigger and the crowd was more concentrated.

My pastel yellow furry split-in-the-middle skirt modern kebaya. uh uhm i chose this kebaya because i want to try something different haha this is soooo NOT my style. when can i try something crazy?! =)
The skirt was super tight....i got a fat ass and i didnt pick the right day to diet >.<

Did my own makeup and got some touchup by Lee Alexander at the venue. What do you think of my makeup?? ok, without the filter and stuff, my makeup is there!
I didnt bother to blow dry nor set my hair at the salon because....errrr im lazy~~ =P
The girls were super hardworking....they went and get their hair done few hours before the event starts. no kidding right....wao

The event ended on a good note. Miss Chipao 2012 (Melissa Lee), Miss Malaysia Kebaya 2013 (Jean Lee)...etc etc were all there to support the event. There was a small "whos the best dress winner" competition for the ladies to jazz things up. lame? boring? whatever! entertain only... not difficult... i want to sleep already

A day later after KL Live, we got a morning class at the office. This class is to improve our presentation and speaking skills. FIY the class really make you think back "hmmm did i not do well in my eng class last time??" haha

soooo sleepy....selca abit before the class starts hehe

Stanley taught us how to speak in front of a crowd and went through a list of questions that are possible to come out on our grand finale. yes, imagine our stress! this is why beauty queens arent easy to become because you need to be smart, beautiful and most importantly know how to carry yourself. 

Prejudging session was held at The Roulette @ Ara Damansara. The place is quite posh and chilling haha for students, you can drop by at the Old Town cafe to study...its really peaceful there ;)
This prejudging session's agenda is charity.What happen is the girls each will wear their kebayas and then auction it off to the higher bidder and the money goes to charity. Awesome right?! a chance where rich people meet and greet and contribute some of their fortune to the needy. 

Dinner was prepared, and the makeup artist was set to touch up on our makeup (we did our own makeup), and kebayas were distributed to each girl to wear. So basically, its damn easy but then of cause, you got to do alittle bit of work* 
you got to entertain abit of the sponsors and some of the crowds to let them know about whats happening on that day. 

My phone got hacked when i was away...busying with my kebaya and makeup >.<

After the show.......

aiya...proper pose was soooo boring to the point that i just got to do some funny poses in the kebaya hahaha and yeap, in the ladies toilet muahahahaha the queen image gone case already~~~

I know this pic... filter and edited kao kao...hahaha this pic i got it from the girl in the pic thats why! hide pimples*

>.< My MMK 2013 experience - Grand Finale coming up!! stay tuned


Monday, 12 August 2013

Korean food bliss ♥♥♥

Selamat Hari Raya Se~la~mat Ha~ri Ra~ya =)
Happy Holidays~~

i think my attempt sing/write abit fail hahaha ok ignore that!
Im going to blog about food before i continue to blog about My MMK 2013 experience 

Korean food is awesome, its not all about kimchi actually because there many variety of Korean food. like ttok bokk kii, ginseng chicken w soup, etc... Best thing about Korean food is mostly vege based. 

Last week, amanda and i had dins at Daorae. Im sure many of you guys heard of this place right....? there are many branches spread across Klang valley. 

Side dishes come with any meals that you order from the menu. Ttok bokk kii was nice hahha but alittle spicy for those who cant really take spicy food. The seafood glass noodles (Jap chae) is stirred fried w vege and some bits of seafood. yummmmmm~

Coffee break!

My Coffee Latte, Her Vanilla Latte
We spent our coffee break talking about makeup and blogging 0.0 hahaha amanda is a makeup blogger and im a noobie still learning about makeup. Both of us can really communicate about makeup omgg 

I think Coffea Coffee is going to be my new hangout place >.< super chilling there tho its abit noisy when its crowded aiya..

Today, Namoo On The Park ;)

Namoo On The Park @ Publika. This place is popular now, the location of the restaurant is super cool because its near the park (with all the children swings and see-saws) ok...maybe not cool to certain people haha  its popular for their cakes and delicious modern korean food. 

Kelly's Kimchi tang and my Spicy seafood pasta ♥
The pasta was really good omgg missing it now >.< hahaha now wonder im gaining weight like water...keep eating only nuuu~

Here comes the dessert!

The Sweet Pumpkin Cake
OMG this cake is good. its not sweet, its taste savory like how we cook pumpkin and it topped off with some whip cream and biscuits crumbs to bring out some sweetness, plus one teaspoon of ice-cream to give some chill to complete the dessert. 

Is this exp...? find out for yourself =P muahaha 


Saturday, 10 August 2013

My MMK 2013 experience - PART 1

I'm finally blogging about my MMK (Miss Malaysia Kebaya) pageant haha i have been trying to take my time to blog about this because i need to get the pictures ready and stuff....luckily i managed to get everything into order to blog ;)

This is my first pageant, it was a pretty good, fun and not to mention tiring experience phew* How was the whole thing (from start to the grand final)?? chill, im starting the story now haha

I got to know about the pageant when i was browsing through facebook one day, and i decided to send in my profile just to try my luck (no hope that i will be accepted actually) and then before i know it, im called up for an interview the next day. Coooool! i got accepted hahahaha OMG 0.0

First thing to do, was to attend their class at the office. It was a class for MMK girls to know each other, photoshoot sessions with the girls dressed in kebayas and etc... 

My first kebaya!!

Hair & Makeup done by La'Mode people, Alex Lim and Lee Alexander.
Kebaya by sponsors.

I find it abit awkward for me to walk in the kebaya actually because of the tight skirt >.< hahaha almost tripped walao~

During this class, Jason (pageant founder and organizer) lay out the information about events, grooming and catwalk class, dance class, prejudging and grand final.  At that point, i thought things sounded easy and chilling but god knows....the month can be so BUSY! 

My first MMK event was at Amcorp Mall, PJ. Has been told that this event will let us experience public speaking, posing, catwalk and smiling. Yes, smiling... In this pageant, i have been taught to smile haha

This first event was fun for me because i got to hang with my new friends, selca, walk on stage bla bla bla 

Ended the event with a catwalk show in our MMK shirt.

My god, i didnt know walking properly* in heels can be so tricky!! my heels kept threatening to trip me over...T.T its not that i dont walk like a lady ok.... please im sure girls would find it tricky to walk in heels on normal occasions also. 

Next event was held at Ampang point!

These few events were meant to promote MMK because MMK have just started out last year so we need more coverage from the public. Its ok, i get to learn new things as they proceed along. Besides, going for these events it really felt like going to hang out with my friends haha i dont really do much actually.... my makeup is done by makeup artist and then i wear kebayas given from sponsors, then i take pictures with my MMK girls damn fun!! =) 

One thing is a bitch... is waking up early in the morning to get ready and be present at the venue >.< 


Ampang point's event is abit more geng because we need to do our catwalk and individual introduction at the same time. OMG my feeling at that point was like "are you serious???!!! HOW WHAT NOWAY OMG OHNOOO" the seriously want to curl up on the floor thing haha eh please, have you done public speaking and also need to walk nicely on the red carpet before? dont answer*

To help ease our nerves, Jason had a language teacher, Stanley to assist us with our oral skills.

Spot me!

20mins after the talk, our show started. I got to say, the MMK girls did pretty well for their first proper show. 

Here's a small section of my speech :

Hi my name is Melissa Sak, 21 years old, studies at XXX .......

hahahhaa yea im not giving anything away yett!! you guys got to say tuned for my grand final post to find out more ;)

Some weird selca after the show!


how do i look in Kebaya?? i hope i look ok.... hahaa the MMK girls look pretty! with their makeup and hair and their nice poses =)

Wait for my "My MMK 2013 experience - PART 2" !!!