Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Halloooooo =)

The haze finally die down abit thanks to the rain last night yay!! i really hate the haze omg makes me face difficulties to breath properly. Haze or no haze, it didnt keep me at home from going out ytd haha i know its nothing to boast but i havent go out for awhile lately. Spontaneously, i went on a Girl's date with le baby Jaycee ytd. Girl's date is really fun for me haha cause we can go shopping and eat some good food and of cause we get to share some gossip and whatsoever ♥

For lunch, we went to Anitpodean @ Bangsar. I have been wanting to eat a breakfast meal so i suggested there hehe

Her banana milkshake and my iced latte
 Iced latte is my fav drink nowadays hehe look so creamy!!

Lamb burger and Antipodean's big breakfast

Both of these are yummmehhh~~~ I was thinking the lamb patty would taste or smell weird but it turned out to be delicious and it tasted as if its chicken patty haha it has fresh with slightly seasoned salad on the side and chunky yumms fries! Antipodean is famous for its breakfast meal, they have 2 types - #1 Big Breakfast #2 All Day Breakfast 

I had the Big Breakfast :) for me, the selling point is the mushroom because its full of flavors and its not vv salty. We sat there eating and talking for almost 2 hours before going to Midvalley for some light shopping 

Grey dress tank / boyfriend white shirt / black with gold plate ballerina flats / lv speedy

Zara got so many cool stuff now omggggg want to get some of them huhuhu myabe another round of shopping soon!!


Monday, 24 June 2013


how are you guys? yea, im fighting the haze as much as you guys too >.<

Hwaiting!! drink alot of water and wear a face mask whenever you go out

decided to stay home and do a OOTD post hehe

Converse-inspired sneakers / fringe mini t-shirt / galaxy slimfit skirt / DOPE cap 

orangey red lips / fake eyelash / black eyeliner / dark brown eyebrow liner

Been inspired to do this OOTD after watching the new After School MV - First Love ♥

Hope you guys like this post ;)


Wednesday, 19 June 2013

My first VLOG - cherry pop lips


i prepared a video to show you girls how to get "cherry pop lips" that can be applied to your makeup routine. Cherry pop lips basically is lips that has the after-look of sucking on a red lolipop for too long. Its a korean-inspired makeup look, i saw many Kpop stars do cherry pop lips nowadays. I think its superb cute hehe so i have been doing this look for a while now. 

Naked lips

All you need for this look is

♥ 1 - dark pink/cherry lipstick

♥ 2 - transparent lipbalm

♥ 3 - mirror

Checkout my video!

This is my first makeup tutorial....excuse my awkwardness in the video haha i know my face looks fat here...maybe i will come up with another tutorial to share "how to achieve slimmer face"

Hope you guys enjoy the video =)


Sunday, 16 June 2013

Scary world

whats going on with the world lately?

is there going to be chaos soon? i've been hearing a lot of crazy and frightening things happening.

There was one incidents that came out on the newspaper...about a TV host got attacked and robbed last week at Sunway. omg.... me and few of my colleagues just saw him last week and with such sudden turn of events, he is now in the hospital fighting for recovery. According to the news, he was hanging out with a friend that night, they both were about to go into their cars when suddenly 8 motorcyclist appeared and sped towards and surrounded him. Without any mercy, one of the motorcyclist swung a wooden stick to his head and other 7 motorcyclist start brutally attacking on him. waaaa 8 people against 1?! i guess nowadays people sold their hearts for money!! He is badly hurt omgg.....bruises all over his head and broken arm >.<  

Another incident i heard was from my mum. It was on the newspaper too, it happened to be one of the days that people went to a steamboat restaurant in Cheras to eat and then came a gang of people to rob them. Wtf.... people eating steamboat also get rob? then i go mamak also got chances that i get rob? T.T Since when people became so scary?

Everyone, better becareful when you go out! Malaysia is like a ticking time-bomb now


Wednesday, 12 June 2013

June's random loves


its been awhile! hope you all are doing well hehe

i finished my finals early and i finally got the time to do whatever i been wanting to do when i was stressing to study for my finals kiss

Heres my June's loves :












2NE1 - CL


thats all! xoxo Estelle Sak