Sunday, 26 May 2013

The Bee

Hi!! how are you guys?

Going to blog about my latest birthday celebration now hahaha im not going to post  all my birthday outings because theres quite a few... no time....and im sure most of you know how i celebrated my 21st wink seeing many kind* of pit-chas on my IG

Went out with cassie for a HBD date ytd. Firstly, of cause we girls did a little shopping at 1U. Topshop got new arrivals! saw a cute dress hehe we got her bf a birthday present awww  it was nice to see her happily picking out his pressie Nu Chris! im not giving any clues what she got you neh neh bu bu devil

hehe stop to selca infront of mirror while shopping at F21 grrr my hair is still short and time to get my nails done aiyoyo...... 

hungry!! time to head over to Publika for lunch 

What to eat? hmmm~~ i wanted to try S.Wine but then it happened to be somewhere i tried before so nvm la we went to The Bee instead. Apparently most of my friends tried The Bee already then me huhuhu didnt know i lost abit of touch in F&B since im so busy with school and work haih. its ok! will do a comeback soon muahahaha

The Bee was nice and the environment was damn chilling, feels like Sunday when i was sitting and enjoying my food there. 

TaiTai session w my babes is really awesome hehe time for me to unwind and talk about stuff with them smile wheres our food ah?! estelle me is hungry lehhh

15mins after our comes the foody!

Mexican Chilli Burger for me and Fish & Chips for cassie. They were good! haha the only thing is i wish the chef prepare the food with bigger plates, cause my food kept dropping out of my plate a few times liao haha does this happen to you guys or just me?? i dont think i have poor table manners~~~

Rainbow cake!!kisskisskisskisskiss isnt cute hahaa i seriously picked this cake just because it looks cute. it doesnt really taste as good as i hoped it was....too sweet and dry ughhh satisfied already not trying twice sorry

Had a good date with babe! (cassie : date me more la!)

Estelle Sak

Thursday, 23 May 2013

HBD 21

My 21st was awesome! appreciate all the love i received hehe

Now that im 21, i realised things are so hard. But, i know i got to pass through this phrase to get to somewhere i want to be in the future.

theres nothing free and easy in life, hard experience makes people appreciate what they have under their noses and free things always comes with a catch.

just got to understand more, tolerate more, know more and dont do bad things..... cause you sure get your payback and it will be 10times worse than what you did.

im going to prepare myself to face all the shits life got to offer cause theres no such thing called "good things". (dear haters, if you disagree, whatever k)

Saturday, 11 May 2013

Estelle Growing Up

Going to turn 21 years old next week....oh gosh~~ i dont feel like im ready to take a step into adulthood yet. 

it feels like im growing up vv fast. thinking about all kind of things that i couldnt be bothered when i was young.  its good to be young....all i care were food, parents, play with friends bla bla bla bla total stress-free.

Time is a bitch, never stop for anything/anyone!

i know i know haha im telling myself to chill too. its not the end of the world to be 21....

❤ estelle sak

Saturday, 4 May 2013


如果你不对自己好 谁会对你好? 谁会要去学会爱你?

爱自己 你就会爱别人