Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Snap out of it


Find it hard to stop over-thinking things? over-analyzing things? 24/7 worrying about something is going to happen? 

its not worth it to keep thinking things through and over and over over over repeat repeat repeat cause youre just going to end up exploding into a million pieces grumpy grumpy grumpy grumpy grumpy

basically, you stress for what now?!

ways to escape your mind-f**king 

read a book
shopping (girls' best cure)
gaming (guys' best cure?)
study (eh this can work cause your mind is focus in finishing your revisions)
getting drunk (last resort)
pour out your worries and stress to your friends (make sure they are your good friends, cause they are the only ones who cares for you)

if these ways cant work for you, then errrr try your mum? cause she went through all kind things to bring you up right so if she says whatever youre facing/thinking/worrying is fine, then trust her words!


Sunday, 7 April 2013

Weekend 1.0 - Saturday chills ♡

HALO kiss

Weekend ended but the lazy-its-weekend mood still lingers around in my head gahhhh~~ why cant theres 1/2 days between sunday and monday seriously

I did nothing else than my all-time-fav-pasttime of eating eating eating eating with love ones haha yes i got other pasttime but im one of those straightforward people that work to have money to put food on the table first rather than spending on anything else

Mum's bday was this week so we did nothing but just chill at home. We went out to eat simple dins because i got work so we went for belated-awesome-dins the next day wink heee

Are you guys familiar with CHICAGO? its a American restaurant thats non-halal (they sell pork!). One of the branch is located at 1U, New Wing. Its located next to La Senza so youre not familiar with the restaurant's whereabouts, can look out for the lingerie shop.  

CHICAGO @ 1U, inside (with ac) was fully-reserved when we got there, but its ok i can take a little Msia's heat since its mild compare to Thai's heat sunglasses so we sat outside. 

We ordered and it didnt take long for them to serve our food. Gained 1 point! hahaha i dislike waiting for my food grrrr

That burger is in fact PORK BURGER‼ 

♥♥♥♥ its so hard to find a pork burger in Msia and when my mum saw it in the menu.... i just got to have it muahahaha comes with bacon and onion rings AWESOMEST! the taste was good too, just abit dry thats all. The portion of the pork ribs was disappointing, it was really 1-person portion man....please people going to these kind of place, they at least expect the food portions to be big right.... portion aside, the taste was not bad. 

I liked the Chesse Nachos! yums yums! 

after wiping all the food from our plates, talk talk talk talk more talking with parents... its dessert time hehehe 

Brownie Royale ♥

Just imagine savouring ice-cream onto of thick choco layer and a bite of bitsbits moist brownie with a hint of nuts wao it was delicious haha 

superb fattening i know! and i have been procrastinating my workout....nuuuuuuu! fai po im so dieting tomorrow! porridge and water ONS

Estelle Sak

Friday, 5 April 2013

Catchup with Estelle

hi darlings ♥

hows it going for you guys lately? 1st of April was around the corner, did you fool anybody? haha if you did, hope it was pulled off as a joke wink mean jokes dont make people laugh thats why.

i just got back from bkk few days ago. This trip is my bday gift from my parents so its total awesomest! hehe  i didnt bother to take any pictures there cause the places i went is the same as other bloggers' been-to-places, nothing new. Besides, with the bkk humid-hot heat, i was in the mood of irritated and excited i can hardly eat in peace the whole time i was in bkk, the weather is too hot for my liking at all grumpy

i saw quite a number of cute guys that sadly its hard to find in kl.....haihThe first cutie was that i saw him at Chatuchak (JJ) market and yes, i could still enjoy my food while taking inconspicuous glances at him haha ✄ OK move on from this topic.

It was a 3D2N vacation, its short because i got assignments to rush and i was working the night before so i got to make do with the holiday dates. Well, all cool since i can always go back there right sunglasses The entire trip, i spent it shopping and eating, walking was our usual transport but made easier with thai MRT. Dont need to wonder how far we walked ok, we walked damn alot... more than 2 km a day walking was good for us to see things tho since tuktuk and taxi only take the roads

I bought quite alot but not til' i can say ITS ALOT because most of the clothes is like Taipei's clothes - SHORT omg i saw so many skirts and dresses i like but i cant wear cause its either small (last item) or too short seriously wth things are so cheap there (given i went to thai markets and wholesale places) that i didnt spend all of the money i converted into THB. kiki i bought clothes, makeup, lotions, etc really all the junk i planned to buy i did go to Siam Paragon, Central World and Siam Center, well its cool and indeed high-end but boring.... i got all the shops they have there in kl so nothing is new... In fact i feel like thai H&M clothes is abit more expensive than Msia one. 

i follow some thai girls on my insta and always wonder how they diet to be slim and slender. My curiosity was resolved when i ordered thai food and saw their food portioning. OMG their portioning was straight forward man, just imagine the normal thai girls' thigh is 1:2 of my thigh and their rice (i.e) portion is 1:2 of my already-considered-small portion. I got to give it to them man they are freaking small eater and i guess i got to cut down food portioning like theirs since i want to lose weight nowunsure

im fatter and tanner now ohh no! i want "fair and slim", its now my new motto! grrrrr

What else i did this week  was i watched THE HOST with ariel last night after having zanmai for dins dins. The movie is awesome like the storybook gosh ♥ I think its a successful storybook-turned-movie accomplishment for Stephanie Meyers. Watch it!

hmmm i had a good evening with movie and dins with friend but after that, dont know wtf gone wrong, some idiot taxi driver bang against my back car bumper. Bang my car is one story, he somemore got the nerve to give me his attitude eh hi ****** 生气的人也不会轮到你 (youre the last person on earth to even have the right to be angry) kept provoking me to report to the polices and see what happens, fine the ****** can have the patience to go to the police station then why not face my father first, let him grill him first. When he saw my father, he total change his attitude. WHERE DID YOUR BALLS GO 

Thats how was my week so far.... now is just assignments thats on my plate. To you all thats dealing with assignments too, good luck!!

Til' then 
Estelle Sak