Thursday, 21 March 2013

why so serious

Have you ever find yourself always thinking too much that helplessly making a small problem into a way-bigger problem? thinking too much can really drive people, as in really the point where you hit the wall and break down (mentally). 

I am one of those people who are like this, so i found a few ways to release the tension. 

- keep you mentally or physically busy by doing something that distract you from your problems. 

- dont lock yourself in the room alone, find whatever reasons to go out i.e walk about the garden/park/shopping/buy some food/exercise

- listen to sad songs to make yourself so you get can over your problems. your problems may come from fight/breakup with love ones or just stress with daily things so i think crying can really help.

Controlling this habit is not easy but then theres nothing given easy in this world right.


If you find yourself always think too much, it soon affect people around you. Without you knowing it, they may find you suffocating them because you keep everything bottle inside you that scares them..... youre like a time bomb waiting to explode. 

Feel free to leave comments to talk about this post smile

xx Estelle Sak

Monday, 18 March 2013

9 March 2013


am going to blog about my cousin's wedding last month. grumpy This is an overdue post omg... always forget to blog about this  

In this post, theres going to be food pictures and i hope you guys are not going to think im turning into a food blogger. im a food blogger, still a lifestyle blogger haha i know i have been posting alot of food post lately but yea, dont get me wrong kiss

OOTN to my cousin's wedding, i decided to wear something romantic and sweet ♥

Long flowery dress Korean/Taiwanese shop / yellow platform heels Isetan

i didnt want to wear the normal/freaking stereotype black evening dress cause i knew girls attending the wedding will sure wear it. i want to stand out heee 

The wedding was @ Restaurant Tai Tong, KL. The restaurant is modest but surprisingly the food is good grin i say this because usually those Chinese restaurant i go to, the food normally sucks since there are always alot of customers and chef cant keep their standard with every dish they serve out. 

Tai Tong is different hehe Before the food starts coming out to our table, we had time to mingle around with the relative. I went over to a few tables to greet and meet but seriously i cant remember most of them...i was too young to recall their faces now. 

I cant really believe that my cousin is getting married~~ i know he reached the age of settling down with a wife and have kids but then.... he used to be like me all young young and still growing up. I finally get the realization i am too growing up fast as well. At the age of having a boyfie, getting a fulltime job, bla bla bla aiya, i will take my time ♩ 

40mins after our arrival, the food is ready to be served. my god.... i feel like it took ages for the food to serve, weddings are always like this, everything starts much much later than the stated time. why else? malaysian timing... 


All these dishes were awesome! superb yummeh~~ pacmanpacmanpacmanpacmanpacman

errr i dont what are the dishes' name in just look at this pics ok. if you want to order the same dish at Tai Tong, can copy&paste my pictures and show them to order it for you  i took abit abit of everything so i get to try them all but they were nice, i took more than i intended to hahah

Best part is the dessert

The warm fuchuk soyabean went well with the mini desserts hehe i tapao most of them back because my uncles and aunties were too full with the previous dishes to finish off these. nvm more for me devil muahaha

I didnt get to take pic-chas with the bride and groom cause they were soooooo busy omg they busy entertaining their guest, yum here yum there, thanking people for coming bla bla bla i give them my blessing ♥ hope they dont turn out like modern youngsters nowadays, married for few months/years.. got kids then suddenly "the end". 

People got to be mature about marriage, dont you think? this is big thing you know, it involves both families and if you have kids, whatever your actions are as parents, your kids will pick it up and you dont want them to learn the bad instead of the good from you right. you guys not so sure too~~

Till' then
Estelle Sak

Sunday, 17 March 2013

Sunday dins w cousin


Happy Monday everyone! wink

its monday already omg so fast! there should be a day placed between sunday and monday man....monday means class start/new assignment coming in/homework pouring in and bla bla bla

ok lets not get ourselves upset before the day even begin 

just got back from dins with my cousin ughh been all about eating these days SO FAT cry we went to Uncle Jang @ Puchong. I cant believe my cousin doesnt know whats Uncle Jang when i told her about it a few days ago haha tho shes from ipoh but since living in Kl for almost 1 year plus plus means youre suppose to be 60% familiar with Kl happeningsnvm, didnt know you know 

we ordered 2 person portion. i was actually bracing myself that ordering 2 person portion may abit too much for us because the last time i went there with le Jaycee...the restaurant gave us more than 2 person portion and we ended up wasting the food cause we couldnt finish. BUT now, different story, we finished the whole thing curly lips

Its quite torturous to eat there you know. Poor ventilation, air-con not strong enough, and best part when i went there i was having my sinus so the environment and the near-radius-cooking-in-from-of-my-face made it hard for me to breath properly. i kept blowing my nose and sneezing omg i used so much tissue that i was thinking whether the boss will ask me to pay for it as well... epic 

weirdly, i managed to still enjoy my food i kept drinking water to help take off the heat from the food. i dont want to get cough eating hot food straight from the wok lehh sure get sick next day upset

my le cousin was soon having the same thing as me - breathing difficulty and sneezing and the keep-drinking-water-thing too. She told me "you bring me here without telling me this what kind of place is this and im suffering now!" oooops but luckily she find the food was good. 

Uncle Jang Snowflakes

Black sesame with taro/red bean/barley toppings 

kiss yummeh~~ I have been craving for this for long while now and finally i got to have it just now! heee 

My cousin had the bubble tea. We took the time to catch up on our lives while we were there then continue to talk more when we came back to my place. 

Thats about it for today... ohh ya! about those angry status updates on my facebook, dont worry much... im in the progress of settling the matter

Estelle Sak

Friday, 15 March 2013


Its the weekend already weee ♥♥♥

whats the plans for the weekend for you guys? 

usually weekend is the time to unwind but my schedule is pack all the way both sat and sun gahhhh grumpy

got work later then class tomorrow and sun. walao non-stop 7 days a week running around being busy

Didnt do much hangouts with my friends, shopping time also cut down to 1/2h only haihhh but its cool sunglasses for the sake of my studies heee

On Wednesday night, i went dins with le Jaycee at Pyramid. Ate Sushi Zanmai, shopped around and talk talk talk more talking about girl stuff. She just came back from ✈ Bkk, so she got alot of things to update me. I shared my usual daily stuff with her, gossip yea, clothes, guys bla bla bla we went Hui Lao Shan before leaving. yeap! Pyramid got Hui Lao Shan muahahahah dont need to run all the way to Pavilion or 1U just for their mango desserts anymore. 

My mango dessert with coconut and black sesame sauce   

Im so fat now i know hahaha but thats not all! cry had a nice dins last night with Cassie.

She brought me try the Spagetti Gril @ Paradigm Mall. The restaurant is something like Chill's, vv western feel and yes, they dont only sell spaghetti.... they also sell other western food such as steaks/soup/sandwiches etc. 

Cassie's Wild Mushroom Spaghetti

My Fried Fish Sandwich

The food is not bad and the manager (i think) will approach you when youre eating to get your feedback on the food 

For her spaghetti, well according to her, she said its the only thing she eats vv often when she goes to the restaurant, so its a safe choice to make if you cant make up your mind when puzzle choosing what food to eat on the menu. 

Till' then
Estelle Sak

Wednesday, 6 March 2013


Hi Darlings ♥♥

How has your week been? im the usual haha am in the middle of searching information for my assignment but decided to skip awhile to blog wink 

Heres another food post  

On Tuesday, i and Ariel hungout together. Gosh~ it felt like its been a long time ago since i actually spend time with her. Shes much more busier than me, her social life is like wow haha her friends, her bf, and her bff sticks to her almost like glue etc etc... 

We both had ramen for dins at Kyo-ki @ Pavilion. The Japanese ramen shop located opposite TGIF. I wanted to try the Ippudo ramen at first but after seeing their menu for something that might interest seems like hard luck. Kyo-ki it is!

I forgot the names for our ramen. Ooops! but it was quite nice. People must be thinking we are dieting or something cause both of us ordered vege-based ramen. 

Our side-dish
Gyoza was cooked to 70% perfection hehe curly lips give this place a try if you want!

will explore more food places and try to post more other-related things as much as possible 

til's then 
Estelle Sak