Wednesday, 27 February 2013

My Beauty Diary


just got back home from uni. how about you guys? hope all doing fine today wink 

been blogging for 5days straight now, will keep it up! so keep calm and follow my blog hehe 

Today is about My Beauty Diary masks. Im sure many of you know what brand is this, its name, how much etc.... for those who doesnt, fyi : its masks that imported from Taiwan and can be found in many drugstores in Malaysia i.e. Watsons and Guardian...its quite cheap, cost rm 39.90. almost same price as The FaceShop masks. 

My Beauty Diary masks has many type collegen, whitening, anti-aging, moisturizing etc

I bought the Lemon Vit-C Mask, believes it brightens my faces. its to make my face look more radiant and has its glow

removed my makeup and its mask time! ♥♥ 

This lemon range is quite good, my skin is much more smoother and brighter now. I like the size the of mask, it fits my face just right. My face is abit small to use mask like FaceShop so yea.... dont be sensitive ah, im talking about the size of the mask ok not bragging about my face being small. Best part, you can leave it on longer than the usual time the package description advise you to because the masks has excess liquid serum on it so it remains wet even after 15mins. 

Why isit best part that it can be used longer? hmm im not sure about your preference for masks, but on my own opinion, i like masks that allows me to put it on longer than 30mins without having all dried up after using it for 10mins. 

they got the Hello Kitty range now, so going to give that a try soon after i finish up this current pack. grin i know some of you guys may get skeptical about this masks that comes from Taiwan, i was initially but after much survey and info from my friends, its safe Taiwan products are different from China products, so cut them some slack kiss

lets say, your skin type is sensitive to facial products, its best you check with your doctor to see what kind of product that contain ingredients youre allergic to, get the meds ready so when you blow up like a lobster balloon theres cure on the spot , and before purchasing any facial products make sure to check things out first 

Product info 

Range : Lemon Vit-C 

Colour : Yellow

Content : 10pax/box

Price : rm 39.90

Purpose : soothing, softening, purifying, and refining your skin

Place of production : Taiwan

Estelle Sak

Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Mini farewell w le bestie ♥


Just got home from Levain, KL. Had lunch with rachel since today im going to see her for the last time til next time shes back here..... only god knows when shes coming back to malaysia. Time flew very fast, i still remember we were talking over Tango about her coming back to Malaysia last December 2012 and stuff shes been longing to do with her family and me shopping eat gossip etc. now shes leaving already grumpy ahh~~ 

Nvm, since technology is doing vv well for human needs nowadays, we can always keep in touch! 

We both ate alot at Levain, each of us had a plate of pasta and 2 slices of cakes. 

Beef aglio oglio for le bestie and lasagna for me ت

Was too busy enjoying the pasta and talking talking talking until i didnt take pit-chas of my cakes. Both the pastas were delicious, i sapu mine straight away it was served onto our table haha but the cakes was a little disappointing, arent at their best standard today hmmm   

I tapao some pastries to takeaway for my parents, for late night snack or something. 

After gorging down yummeh~ food and some spending some time with each other, its time to drop her home. She got to get organized with many things before leaving. Had to jam almost all the way back on Federal Highway my god the jam was crazy. Worse of the worse moment was when i was driving 100km/hr on the fast lane on the highway, some P license driver think its funny to drive on the fast lane as well at 50-60km/hr. whats your problem man flashed my headlights at the driver and he/she still have the guts to stay on the same lane and same speed **** *** ***** 

Anyho, screw that. Have a good ahead kiss

Till' then
Estelle Sak

Monday, 25 February 2013


i just got back from Snowflakes with rachel, wash up and now blogging about today 

How was Monday for you guys? got a pang of the blues? worry no more, the day is over! i didnt do much today, got up abit early to go Pyramid to get my nails (pedicure) done, went to class, drop my cousin bro home and then hungout with rachel in the evening. 

Pedicure is needed to give back some life to my feet after few weeks of negligence omg get rid of the dead cells, scrub away the dead skin, cut away those long nails, shape it nicely etc. 

Once again, its my own design with just a touch of inspiration from a nail magazine sunglasses hehe what do you think? i want to try YOLO so i decided on a bright/barbie pink and some retro glitter for both my mother toes! 

rachel will be  to Melbourne tomorrow and i dont really want to part from her frown im not clingy, am just going to feel theres a void in me if shes not here with me, which she might probably be in Melbourne for a long while. I dislike being away from my friends, feels abit lonely without them. Then again, who doesnt feel lonely without their friends around right~~ 

Going to suck it up, am not going to sulk and whine! life goes on whether i like it or not. 

Till' then
Estelle Sak

Sunday, 24 February 2013

its almost 2am now and i cant sleep.....

tossing and turning,

thoughts about almost everything keep me awake,

unable to block everything out and fall asleep,

usually im awake due to a migraine but this time its not,

whats happening....?

i dont want to admit because i really dont want to and mainly its absurd to admit in the first place. 

it cant be /// right, can it? 

thinking about my future, career goals, friends, family, love life, lavish lifestyle desired, big dreams etc. not easy to grow up!

心也烦 脑也烦 

Estelle Sak

Friday, 22 February 2013

Weekend again ♡

Its Saturday finally ♥ 

I MIA until kao kao this time haha sorry... its because i've been finding things that i could blog about and lately, uni started and im busy with work at the same time plus hardly go anywhere = lack of blog updates. But then i figured that i can blog about my daily stuff hehe 

it did occur to me to just blog about daily normal stuff, might appear boring but its just ok once a while?  ♪ ♫ 

Uni is busy, even just for the first week, lecturers have already started putting pressure on us, given its also my last year I WANT TO GRADUATE i got to step up my game and do tutorial questions, score high for assignments and aim at least HD for finals. walao sounds challenging just by writing it out here! 

Did my nails the other day 

What do you think? my own design with some reference from nail magazines. i like to do my own design than to randomly choose a design from the magazine cause i may not like over time. haha

went to get it done at Pyramid @ Asian Avenue after class. gahh~~ lecturers giving a load of shit into my to-do-list doesnt mean i cant take time off to pamper myself huh? more reasons to do so 

I got my nails cost quite cheap i think its reasonable so you guys can give it a try if you want, the shop name is Nail Artz

Hmmm~~ hectic monday all the way up to friday omg seriously thought friday is going to ease up but its worse! got my MOB lecturer this sem and at her current age, dont understand how she got so long-winded. I was hoping to get all those strict and uptight lecturers actually, cause they can really make me buck up. 

Tapao 2 J.CO donuts to cheer me up after an excruciating looooong 3h 15mins class. Nah, it didnt taste delicious but it was ok SO NOT BUYING IT AGAIN seriously the class was superb long, if she didnt let us go any sooner, i thought of putting my head into the wall. haha exaggerated

Hope your week was better than mine. If its not the best week, can always make the coming week way good than this 

Till' then
Estelle Sak

Sunday, 17 February 2013

Hi Sunday


Happy Belated Valentine's Day <3 hehe

how was your V day? i saw many girls posted pictures on instagram and facebook receiving flowers and enjoying romantic dins with either their boyfies/friends/dates haha Awesome day to spread some love right! i didnt have much to do on V day, just dins with a friend.

As you see some pictures i posted on my insta, he gave me roses and took me out to Troika. haha the flowers were thoughtful gesture, which girl doesnt appreciate flowers ;) we are just friends.

its such a lazy and chilly and almost gloomy Sunday today hahaha best time to cuddle in the bed and listen to some slow songs!

i fancy some of these new songs lately :

Rihanna feat Mikky Ekko - Stay

The Lumineers - Ho Hey

Ed Sheeran - A team

Or maybe some Korean songs =)

Brave Guys - Drifting Away

CnBlue - Im sorry

SNSD - I got a boy

B.A.P - Rain Sound & One Shot

Hope you enjoy your Sunday! 


Thursday, 7 February 2013

Taipei 2013 Part 3


CNY is just 2 days away OMG so near now! hahaha are you all ready?? clothes? shoes? bags? haircut? nails? do i sound like im talking to the girls only? nope, im sure guys nowadays are quite fashion-forward right? >;) i think i got everything ready....hmm got shoes, bags, clothes, undergarments...............what else? aiya can buy after also ma right if not enough hehe reasons to go shop more!

will do a CNY outfits post soon!

but now i shall blog about my last day in Taipei. NOOOO, i dont want to. why? thats because blogging about it reminds me of the fun-always-eating-walking-exploring-new-things times there. grrrr why all good things got to end?

i didnt do much on my last day in Taipei. We checked out from the hotel around noon, then went walking around nearby our hotel in search for lunch with our luggage in toll. We were basically taking the chance to soap all those Taipei sights and cool air til we got to go the airport. 

Whats there to blog about? you got to "keep calm and read on" thats why!

Went to the Taipei Main Bus Station to take the bus to the airport. Its easy to get there, just get off from the Taipei Main Station at the MRT station. Getting out from the MRT, you will see the Railway Station so you got to walk around 5mins to see the bus station. heee

going through my thoughts in Taipei while sitting on the bench waiting for our bus to arrive at the terminal was abit unpleasant, thinking why are we leaving so fast.....

love the food, clean streets, clean and dry toilets (public and private), although not cheap like bkk (i find it ok cause its affordable), the buildings (alleys as well) around town looks old and dirty and scary looking but actually its down-right clean and safe, good-looking people (girls are petite and guys are more than average looking though not everyone as of cause theres no 100% in everything).....................alot alot alot more

Got to the airport in an hour. Shopping didnt end just because i ended my vacation hahaha continued shopping in the duty free shops muahahhaa 

guesses what i saw?!!!! spotted by mum 

Its EvaAir by Taipei Airlines, Hello Kitty Airplane!!! its the self-checkin machine walao why didnt i think of taking this plane and fly back to Malaysia!!?? i saw this in Cheesie's blog but it never occur to me until i saw these!!! ughhhh 气死我 ~'0'~

shall be an interesting experience to take this flight! heheh but then cant go with boyfriend or dad with mum right.... thinking my future boyfriend got to be someone cool and open-minded to tolerate riding this plane with me hahaha 

ok, enough drooling about HK....continue shopping =P

you know what...i shop til i was almost late for my flight walao....well, i thought i was late cause i was busy shopping and lost track of time....even better when i was rushing my way to the boarding terminal, i spot this!

HK toilet and pay-phone area for HK passengers! No fair!!! as im pressing for time, i managed to take pictures of this. but then i missed out taking pictures of their boarding lounge OMGGGG their HK boarding lounge is the cutest thing among all these!!!!! got mini playground for kids, comfy bench for mommies and fellow HK passenger to sit while waiting for the HK plane to arrive, HK souvenir shop etc etc everything in PINK and soo girly!! huuhuhuu T3T i want also!

i managed to meet up with my dad at the boarding terminal with my mum still making her way then only i realized i made it there 5mins before call time. "aiyoo then i should have taken my time to walk"

Got on the plane, and 10mins after ascended horizontally in the sky, its food time hehehe 

Tapao some Taipei breads and sushi + my fav banana milk from Sushi Takeout. We start digging into them without being bothered with other passenger. hahahaha we also ignored the no-outside-food-onboard AirAsia policy. seriously a joke man, want people to pay rm5 for a coffee ah? an instant packaged coffee cost rm5.... 这样跟人家赚钱 请不要烦我   

thats it for my Taipei trip, hope you guys enjoy reading my blog! thanks

Happy CNY <3

Taipei 2013 Part 2

Hi Hi!

am back to blogging after having cleaned out my room...well some part of my room like my desk/makeup table/shelfs and whatsoever looks dirty and to embrace the CNY! im on cny mood already haha have you guys done your cny cleaning??

its the snake year right, hopefully its the year thats going to be good for me o(^^o) (o^^)o 

im going to continue blogging about Taipei Day 3! 

After Hello Kitty Cafe, we decided to go the Taipei waterfront. yay!! finally getting to feel some heat from the sun after spending few days in the chilly weather around the city. Dont get me wrong, i like the cold but im a Malaysian and im used to Malaysian hot weather 365days a year man. haha

ahhh~ look at the sun in the sky, the warmth in the air, i got to reduce my clothing amount to a shirt muahaha *toss my jersey jacket into dad's bag and throw my cardigan onto my back

The sun was shining right onto my face until i couldnt open my eyes when i tried to selca. Oh! that cheeky cyclist with his vain pose when i was selca-ing myself! hahaha! funny locals i meet there. 

i know i know, without my makeup, im seriously CMI (cannot make it) but what? cant expect me to put makeup when im trying to breakaway from the usual-necessary-routine thing from home such as dressing up and putting makeup for example right? no offense, im no xiaxue, cheesie, chuckei...those girls can im impressed~~

ok, enough bla bla...

Walking around the station, we bought some donuts from Mister Donuts on our way out. Mister Donuts is Taipei's version of Dunkin Donuts and J.Co and their donuts are really yummy!! soft creamy filling inside the crispy outer crust, surely hard to find in Malaysia. can give it a try to believe it >3<

 Local night market spotted!

So crowded with people! teenagers coming out with their friends to enjoy spending time together eating and shopping as well as couples coming out to date. hardly saw much tourist except us, thats the most obvious. 

I saw so many couples omg not only this small place of Taipei but overall places i went in the city and semi-suburbs. Omiii (omg) when i was walking around, i always thought to myself is there something wrong with me?  "i got no boyfriend and im here with my parents and the couples here are maybe older than me by 2/3 years old and almost everyone is dating" they are holding hands, doing PDA literally in the public. i find it almost uncomfortable "ewww can you guys do that at home" but then, i feel happy to see couples everywhere, feels like Taipei got alot of love to share around.

Bittersweet moments aside, we continued roaming the night market. So much things to see and eat! 

#1 tong fen is a must try
#2 fish/porkballs are a must try
#3 these both is a must try

its damn good! 

A+! me and daddy is happy with our food! haha

ugrrh looking at this picture makes me miss my pale-fair skin. I was always bundled up in clothes that my skin never got the chance to face the sun. miss it! since im back in Malaysia, im back to being tan. grrrrr

Done eating, we walked somemore and somemore and finally we reached the waterfront. 

As we walked along the mini shops, i saw this long queue from an ice-cream shop and yes! going to accomplish my next mission off my must-do list. The mission of "eating ice-cream in the cold" well, its suppose to be eating it in the cold but yea, i cant alter the weather to be cold out of a sudden right? its ok! as long as i did eat ice-cream hehe

oh ya, if youre wondering about my ice-cream whether its going to fall down in the 2pictures up, nope it didnt....just almost >;)

eat and eat and eat and eat.... walk and walk and walk and walk.... not thinking about anything but adventure and exploring Taipei really got me away from all the stress and sick-of-daily-routine madness in Malaysia. Ah~~ this is what vacation is all about. Before leaving to Taipei, i was going through things so fed up and tired at home that i was hoping Taipei would help me escape and it did. thank god

around 8-9pm, we went to our last place, LaoShao Temple (i forgotten the name) located in LaoShao. I didnt take any picture of the temple because i was concentrating in praying to the gods and it doesnt seem polite to take pictures when everyone is doing their praying thing. somehow seems violating the temple's peaceful and spiritual image hahaha The temple was full of children, mommies daddies, elderly, young people and some fellow tourist like us. alot of things were going on in the temple, from praying to eating. 

Next thing after the temple was of cause our dins dins time! dont need to ask, no matter how many times we ate in a day, we still look for food ok. hahahaa we went over to the near night market and i ate my Taipei go-to-food - minced pork with fried noodles. Hawker or not/street food or not, i didnt care much because it was delicious. =)

Day 3 end! will blog about Day 4 soon!

Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Taipei 2013 Part 2

Am going to continue blogging about my taipei trip! but first of all, wishing you all early "HAPPY Chinese New Year" =) haha whats your plans for the cny weekend? i can guess abit...drinking? gambling? eating....what else...? have fun!

Day 3 - XinBeiTou

Xin Bei Tou is a place where its connected from BeiTou with the MRT. Its the very last stop and many people go there to see the natural hot spring and spa resorts. 

Map is provided for tourists' guidance, thinking whether you will get lost there? fat chance! If not using the map, can ask the locals for directions because they are friendly =)

we walked and walked walked until we finally reached the hot spring!

The hot spring sight was awesome! 5mins away from the hot spring, there is this place that provide hot spring service to people that allows them to bath and chill in a tub with the hot spring water at an one-time-pay entrance fee. Can give it try if youre interested heee Btw, this tubs are in the open open as in really open air and people wear less clothes (female - bikini?? male - underwear?) haha aiya just enjoy the experience also can ma right?!

What else do you think they are doing? hahaha Sun-bathing! the dogs were really relaxing themselves under the sun omg 

Life is so good

The water is so clear as if its even clean to drink it!! this water is the "longkang" water but the water comes from the hot spring so youre thirsty like mad from the walking in Taipei.... maybe you can try give it a taste? hahaha drop me a comment if you do! 

After finish with sightseeing in XinBeiTou, its time to EAT! all 3 of us are hungry, my god....i hardly walk in Malaysia and i walked miles and miles in Taipei LOVED IT hehe why else? the weather is chilled that i never break a sweat when i walk and the streets are clean that i can walk wherever i want and people still did stare but they dont bother me~~~~ 

Mum got this crazy idea, more like an impossible mission to me. When i say impossible, im not kidding. Why? thats because my mum popped an idea saying "i went to this vegetarian restaurant 10 years ago, its cheap and nice, so lets go there but then i forgot wheres the location...i just know how it looks like" walao im thinking to myself.... die lo this time. Not using taxi, we used our legs to walk, not using GPS, mum used her instinct to lead us to the restaurant. 

Firstly, we got off the MRT stop that mum was determined she was right. Secondly, due to her uncertainty about where the exact location of the restaurant, so we walk walk walk walk in search of the restaurant. Endedup we walked almost 1km ++ to get there. 

OMG ok la, the food was indeed delicious. 1km = nice food. for vacation mood sake, fine...this time letting it pass. hahaha

i really like this kind of food-dividing plate, so japanese and korean =P

When we were done eating, its time for another destination. So we took off and walk towards the MRT station and guess what...we got there in 15mins. 15MINS!!! it took us almost an hour to get there and now i got back to the same station in 15mins!! seriously, my dad mention he probably know the shortcut just mum wanted to exercise her determination. walao 

Next stop - Hello Kitty Cafe

yeap i finally went to the Hello Kitty Cafe that was on top of my must-go-to place in Taipei before flying off from Malaysia. 

its located in Daan, 大安. You can get the exact address on Google if youre really going. When you did, you can refer the address to this map given in the MRT station. 

Look at all their cakes and pastries!! arent they cute?!!! hahaha 

To dine-in, there is a trick, you need to purchase more than 300NT for either food/drinks/both and one price is for each person. 300NT = RM 30 (round up figure). the price is ok la, but then im on this vacation and i dont have the mood to dine-in and sip teas and enjoy tarts when im on the mood to explore Taipei. But if im going on another trip to Taipei, im so dining in!!!grrrr

Not dining in? nvm, i do takeout haha 

Bought this cutie tiramisu for 100NT and NO! its looks nice and also taste nice!! Haiyo eating this was not easy, too cute!!

Hello Kitty Cafe was mission accomplished! bad thing is after i came back from Taipei, i saw that theres a Barbie Cafe few days later ughhh 在搞什么事啦!im so going there on my next Taipei trip. 

One thing about getting to HK Cafe, i repeated the same thing like my mum. we walked the entire district with me determined to get there no matter how far, ignored my dad's knowledge of the short cut there, it took us almost 45mins to get there instead of 10mins. "wtf wtf wtf" was seriously going on in my mind at that point. How i figure this out, was after i bought my tiramisu, ate it, and when we start walking towards the MRT station thinking its going to be a long walk again. turned out to be just 10mins away. No doubt, im my mum's daughter, so dont need DNA test. 

ok, dearies, will continue with the events of Day 3 in Taipei soon!