Tuesday, 22 January 2013

My photography journal 24/7 connected!

Hi everyone! still hung up on (Golden Disk Awards) GDA 2013 happened few days ago?!! yeap you saw GD, Hyuna, CnBlue all the Hot korean stars but then come back down to earth k! hahaha

What am i referring to when i mentioned "My photography journal 24/7 connected"? what else can it be....it can be one and only - my Instagram =) I used to take 1/2 pictures from time to time but nowadays im addicted to taking pictures and upload it to my Insta hehe 

Me trying out clothes at Forever 21. F21's clothes has improved recently! totally loving their clothes haha

This is my most-all-time-favorite thai dessert <3

Remember this pic? hehe taken on New Year's eve 2013

And this one is my most recent pic-cha!! 

I will try to improve my photography skills (with my phone camera, of cause) haha and my photo editing skills too! can give me some advice on nice nice photo editor app k =) simply by leaving me comments. Maybe dad can get me a proper camera for 21th bday? hoping!

So guys, follow me on Insta at "estelle_de_rose"

Thursday, 17 January 2013

Listen Listen Listen

Im sure everyone knows the Listen Listen Listen heated debate Miss Bawani vs Sharifah. I got to know about it when i saw my facbook's news feed the next day after the debate, the news explored like a grenade. It was the talk of the town in my uni that has been going on for a few days now, been able to hear my unimates talking about it over lunch.

If some of you havent have any clue what really happened, can look at this video >>>>

What im thinking after i saw the video :::

#1 Why did Sharifah claim Bawani not having any respect for the elders when she herself doesnt show the good example? if youre telling me, putting a finger in people's face and ask them to listen while they are still talking is a good example, wao i guess i spent my 20 years of studying shyt.

#2 Why Cant we compare other countries with Malaysia? dont you want this country to grow and advance and as competitive as the Malaysia can develop the potential to be? Then we, students studying foundation level, degrees, MBA and even go overseas to study abroad for what? for fun ah? to simply throw our parents' money away? if we think like you, why would we bother to even think of studying abroad in the first place?  

#3 Why does Sharifah have to bring up cats, dogs, eating shark fins, animals giving birth and other shyt man? how does us, human's life can be related to animals? We study, talk, walk with 2 legs, cloth ourselves.... can our studies be related to animals' problems? 


Tuesday, 15 January 2013

holidays after-effect

hi! yea, why am i suddenly blogging the next day i blogged about my collegen diet right?! haha im trying to de-lazy-ing myself. i think my new attempt of creating a vocabulary is failing.. nvm that~~

back to what i want to blog about today is  what my holidays done to me a.k.a my holidays after-effect. #1 I've been on so-called year-end break although im taking summer school, im still considered to be having holidays. Having 2 days of classes a week seriously made me even more lazier compared to not having classes at all....im not sure why, i keep procrastinating my work...i havent even done my slides for tomorrow class OMG! 

want to as hot as Miranda Kerr!!
#3 crisis is i didnt made an effort to go jogging nor diet, for those who knows me...yea my curvy butt ain't forgiving whenever i stuff my face with food and not workout at all. grrrr my genes are killing me sometimes. I remembered i always ran around the track for an hour everyday last year. stupid holidays!

youre wondering wheres #2 crisis? well, thats because #1 and #2 are related to each other, one is im lazy to do my school work and another one i grown really lazy during the holidays. Lazy to the max! lazy to update my blog everyday/workout/hangout with my babes/attend all my lectures/drink water/read storybooks.... dont even start with my lunch meals man ughh all these bad habits need to go out the window! im disappointed with myself

#4 i havent really improve my sleeping habits too grrr adjusted my bed timing only to 1/2 hour earlier than last time haihhh #5 not paying much attention to my surroundings~~ my friends my parents... baby Jaycee call me cold quite often now, starting to think its not a good thing. need to start paying more attention to people!! 

luckily im still employed, so im not totally submitted myself to total bad habit-ness but on the verge of doing so though~~~ NO I CANT!!! =( 

Am determined as Boo to better myself! 

Sunday, 13 January 2013

estelle with collegen

Happy monday everyone! hope you guys wont let the blue bring you down =)

I will be blogging about collegen on this post. Remember im turning 21 this May and which girl wouldnt need some skincare supplement to enhance her skin? haha Me - i need!! im not born with good complexion and smooth skin, thats why i welcome Kinohimitsu's collegen to my daily diet now. 

I started consuming collegen last 2 years ago. i take collegen from time to time, not really consistent because im not at an age that i need to take throughout the year. yea although at this age, im abit protective and sensitive when it comes to my skin hehe Lucky me, there is a variety of collegen offered in the market..... such as DHC (the collegen that fourfeetnine and cheesie are consuming) and others....got lo, im not sure of the names =P so i can choose whichever brand i want, you can too!!

The Kinohimitsu collegen range im taking is the Beauty Collegen range. im not really sure whats the difference between this and the normal collegen range but i chose this one because i think the bottle packaging is cute heee

I've been taking this for 7 days now and its showing some results!

its not the most smooth and glowing skin result but its getting there im sure since i only have been taking it for a week. Normally it takes around 2 weeks to see better result. At least the collegen helps me lighten my dark circles. My dark circles have been irritating me like shyt man.... look like panda whenever i look at myself in the mirror. 

going to keep drinking this!!

so girls, want to give collegen a try and not know which brand to try? can go for Kinohimitsu!


Sunday, 6 January 2013

hihi how was your first week of 2013? i hope it well for all of you! =) 

I didnt do much out of the ordinary, just work/class/home and the same routine like everyday~~ Been spending time having dins with friends, watch anime and kdramas at home, pestering my mum to feed me whenever im hungry haha.... etc. what did you guys do lately? - feel free to drop me comments to reply!

Im officially a home-video-potato now hehe due to reasons of me being lazy to be bothered of doing anything sometimes~~ i can be vv lazy at times. Anyway, these are the latest kdramas i have been catching up on>>>

School 2013

I like this guy, he has a gentle face
Moving on....

Cheongdamdong Alice

This is So Yi Hyun. She plays the bad girl role that wants to live the glamorous and wealthy life, and because of some circumstances, she decided to put up with a deal that is to help SeKyung(main actress) to live a life like hers. For further info, please watch the drama! heee Shes the actress that inspired me to go for natural-no-big-contacts makeup look. 

Look! minimal makeup and still seem pretty no? haha Big eye contacts can make a person looks cute but then it also makes the person looks fierce. Besides, i know im not at my suitable age to say this yet but i dont think i want to look cute with big eye contacts anymore. Maybe just my clothes/bags.whatever else lo. 

As for Anime

Kamisama Hajimemashita

Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun

These 2 anime are not bad! give them a try! 

Yea so~~~ as you can see im vv Asian person haha all jap&korean and also im a Chinese. Dont get me wrong though! i can speak fluent english~~ vv asian doesnt mean im cina-beng haha

Thursday, 3 January 2013

about my 1-1-13


omg dont time fly pass fast enough that you feel like its still 2012 but actually its already 2013. wao and im turning 21 in 5 months from now SO OLD ohhh nooo this means what you know? drink more collagen, no more late nights (im not worried about not able to go clubbing, more concern of not having able to watch kdramas til late anymore), bla bla bla what else do i need to restrict myself for the sake of my beauty and health?!

how did you all celebrate your new year? share with me by leaving me a comment! i spent mine working my ass off but i did semi-enjoy myself whenever i get to, during work. this is in fact a late post on my new year resolution hahah because i have been thinking what do i want to achieve this year. i will share some with you all!

#1 meet new people and have more friends
im not much of a people-person, i always have awkward moments with people and cant really talk much to others, somehow am antisocial. So im going to improve on this part of me! its going to be difficult at first but i will try my best, after all, i need to socialize around to fit into this society right.

#2 travel more
i work and i normally spend my money on clothes/bags/bla bla bla so this year, im going to use my money to travel. See the world, engage with different people and culture, get some learning experince while traveling. Go where? ermmm im not sure~~ Korea? Japan? suggest some awesome places to me - leave me a comment =)

#3 keep my day-planner updated and organized
Since im hitting my big TWO-ONE, i should act properly and keep my schedule tidy and updated. classes/work/assignments~~~~

#4 sleep early
Yeap, this has to happen, starting today! my skin is full of pimples and has dark circles, looks freaking horrible. OMG i beh tahan! suppose to start the routine last night but ended up being too engrossed with kdrama so yea.... i think no matter how much or how expensive i slurped on my skin and facial products, sleep is the KEY. 

#5 maintain true beauty
what i mean with this, is that i want to start keeping my makeup minimal, stick with the basics and not go overboard. im thinking of quitting color contact lens too. Color contact lens really annoys me sometimes, it gets dry and then it hurts my eyes, it gets worse when it makes my eyes all red and pain-looking. For my makeup, i will stick with foudation/BB cream, eye shadow, eyeliner whatever. Stay away from heavy makeup. I noticed that in kdramas, all the actresses, even though they have plastic surgeries and makeup on, they still keep it natural. They dont apply fake falsies until viewers think its "wao so damn fake man" and better yet, even though they go under the knife to correct somethings on their face, they go for the natural, not "i think i should get a nose like the ang moh - damn sharp and tall" nor "i should D-E cup size when i do breast implants". Main Point - you want to look perfect yet natural that seem effortless and FAKE no? 

#6 grow long my hair and keep it healthy
growing my hair doesnt seem like a proper new year resolution but so what? its my new year resolution hehe anyway, when im with my hair long again, i shall keep it healthy. Maybe once-in-2-months treatment, regular spilt-end trimming, and try to curl too much or bleach it at all. (aiya, expensive apa, got groupon ma, can save abit and still get what my hair done) hehe

hmmmm.... 6 resolutions so far, i think i have more but for now, im not going to be ambitious ;) just going to handle and achieve the 6 for now!