Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Estelle growing fatter

Hi! i noticed my last blog entry was 7 Oct hahaha pardon my MIA absences for so long. i was superb busy, from finals to work to traveling to going out with friends >.< i wasnt in the right mind to blog, i know i can just slap some pictures on my blog but i figure seems to kill the real purpose of blogging. 

On Monday, i went out with a friend. we dropped by KLIMS before heading over to Le Meridien for dinner.  OMGGG the thai girls that are working for Ford are super gorgeous, like really GORGEOUS!! they basically have the whole package, they are slim/beautiful/nice. i didnt bother to take any pictures because im feel like shooting myself when i look at them. i want to be pretty like them tooooooo! T.T 

Looking at the pretty girls at KLIMS...admiring their freaking slim body didnt really make me settle in for dinner. 

BUT when we got to Latest Recipe @ Le Meridien KL, i saw this....and i was like OMG!! i wanted to skip my main course and cut straight to dessert hahahaha 

As you can see they have the ice cream toppings shelves on the wall, next to the ice cream bar.....range of cakes displayed on the bar counter.... 

The STAR of desserts >>> chocolate fountain with any dips of your choice 

Mixed fruits caramel cake 

i forgot what is the name of this cake, but i think its something like "nut crumble cake"

choco sticks with sprinkles of stars

malaysian-style mochi and different types of kuih

Let me show you my main course!

Actually, "La Mian", the noodles made of bread flour thats cooked with beef, supposely be the main dish that we should look forward to but then i got side-track since i spotted the dessert bar hahahah 

The noodles were good, brings out the Beijing* feel and flavours. It has the old-school China street-food kind of taste. Give it try! its something new and im sure not many of you tried noodles made of bread flour!

My on-the-spot made for me sashimi salmon sushi AWESOMEST!

i know Zanmai also need to make the sushi when i make my orders but then this is a whole new experience.... i got to see the sifu cut/slice/stick on top of rice rolls and placed on my plate right before my eyes... freaking cool! 

Chose indian as my main course too, aside from the noodles. Its really good! its like eating banana leaf, just this is the proper dining. yea, so many choices...i had a hard time to choose what to eat >.<

this salad was a killer! tasted so delicious T.T it had mayo, cherry tomatoes, sliced meat...etc yummy!

it was a good dining experience to get to eat the nice desserts but it was an interesting feel to be taking pictures of the food while getting stared by an auntie at the same time. seriously abit paiseh to be taking pictures ...... the auntie keep stealing looks at me as if wanting to ask me "xiao mei, havent seen desserts before? just fresh out from kampung is it?" OMG...ok even tho i want to put my head in the wall, i resisted...not like shes going to see me again hahahah 

if you're interested of trying this place, can click this url link for more information 


Monday, 7 October 2013

Beauty Expo 2013

Went for the Beauty Expo 2013 at KLCC Convention Centre yesterday ;) was such a productive shopping day hahaha my purse definitely felt the dent Nuuuuu!

Me x Rachel (2 crazy shoppers) reached klcc around 1130am... to beat others for the parking and be there before anyone else paiseh* plan failed la, cause by the time we got our entrance tixx and walking into the exhibition, there were already a number of people shopping around. I think if guys are wondering where to spot for some pretty girls, this kind of place is the best! the exhibition is crowded with girls >.<

Past by so many different booths --> Korea, Taiwan, Malaysia, China etc...

Hair booth / Nail booth / Makeup booth / Mask booth / Facial booth ETC ETC getting confused myself, too many to remember!!! Most interesting is the nail art booth, the nail artist were giving mani to the customers (im not sure whether its FOC or not) sadly i didnt get them to do my hands! don't think Rachel will be patient to wait for me to have it done ^0^

i didnt take pictures of the place simply i dont want people to stare.... too little people to cover me =/ 

Alot of retail customers came to the exhibition, they bought so much like nobody's business. Just imagine this customer buy so much at one booth, when she continue to the next one, she buys the same amount walao..... but then clearly shes buying the products to try them out and then buy some more in the future to sell. All the booths sold their stuff at discount prices and the prices are dirt cheap serious!!

Finally we left for lunch  at Ben's after we covered the whole exhibition, walking from one end to the end =_=

My rich creamy tomato pasta w sliced beef pieces x Her soft shell crab cream pasta

I wolfed down the whole pasta down within 5mins! so freaking hungry T.T was hungry since we were shopping earlier what to do kaisu shopping all the cheap stuff not healthy grrrr

Here comes pictures of my Beauty Expo Hual! been waiting to see what i bought?

Natural-looking fake eyelashes rm10

Dead skin exfoliating rm15

Lace double-eyelid sticker rm30

Lo'real hair treatment rm21.50

Schwarzkopf leave-in conditioner rm33

Bought all these plus a brow bush, comb, hair stick-ons (not sure about the name...)

buy buy buy pokai already! haihhh but then i save up more money buying these than to buy retail price hehehe i know self-comforting isnt good! 

Good Day =)

Thursday, 3 October 2013


Hello im back! i've recuperated from the bad incident happened last month. It was bad enough that im working my ass off to earn some money to replace my stuff, and then it came down to assignment week >.< but no worries, things are at ease now for now.

i havent got the time to even sit down and chill for the past weeks, time flew like nobody's business. OMG now i finally have some time to blog! hehe 

today's post is about "My Fav Kvariety shows"

Happy Together

This show is awesome and funny, featuring all the Latest/Hottest korean celebrities... and the best part (also the ending part) --> the Late Night Cafeteria!! 
The late night cafeteria will have those invited TV guests cook something that is fast and delicious for people to eat for supper yummeh~ i watch this show all the time and worse timing to watch is during midnight ;( trust me, seeing them cook and eat all the nice nice supper makes me want to dig through my mum's fridge hahah 

Mamma Mia

Are you guys aware of this show? No? nvm, let me fill you in =) 
This show features the celebrities and their mums. Its all about understanding each other (mum/daugther...son/mum...) participating in activites organized by the production crew. Its always different in every episode so its not boring at all. 

Hello Counselor 

This program talks about daily routine-activities-gone-weird. Gone weird? how it gone weird? watch and find out...lazy to write already neh neh bu bu
Top Rating variety show so give it try lo!

Oh MSM 2013 (Miss Scuba pageant) went well. In fact, it was super fun hahaha i got to spend one week with good friends at a cool hotel. Win or not, surprisingly wasnt important at all...why? because under certain circumstances, hmm..... for you to find out why...  Anyway, didnt know that we bonded closely with each other (given im abit antisocial) and ended up teary when we finally have to depart home. i miss my girls...haih 

Those days i spent at Prince hotel was like a wakeup call for me to snap out of my always-thinking-about-negative-things-lazy-waking-up-only-at-2pm-lonely world. i dont ever want to go back to that lifeless habits. My point here, is make yourself do something new and welcome the positive things that are just under your nose, life will brighten up so much. Hey, life is already a bitch, if you let it pull you down then whos the fool now?


Tuesday, 10 September 2013


hi everyone T.T

as some of you have found out on facebook that my house got robbed a few nights ago... the situation was just too surreal to process and i still have nightmares of how my house looked. My house was left in a state as if the typhoon came and threw up inside wtfff

The robbers took all my fav clothes, bras and panties, lv...etc my parents' sentimental valuables. how can someone want to rob a house that hardly have anything to steal?? >.<

my parents bought me a new lappie thank god for that! because i cant fund for a new lappie out of the blue and I'm left with 3 bras!! the robbers took most of them.... my dad decided to buy new ones for me too phew*

i love my things..and they took them i hate them but i pity them too... they took my clothes meaning they couldnt afford clothes for themselves..haihh hope my clothes fit you nicely and use it well...

my parents and i worked hard to buy the things we had and now all gone..stolen by other people. So unfair! hello money dont drop from the sky for my family ok.. cant you guys work your ass off and earn money yourself?????!!!! bloody idiots

im having mixed feelings between feeling pitiful for them and also angry towards these robbers =(

Bad times are here, everyone better be careful whenever youre going out and going home late at night. This applies to EVERYONE (guys and girls)!! keep your things and cash safe

good luck <3

Thursday, 22 August 2013

Whatsup everyone! Merdeka is just around the corner, any plans??
im planning something for merdeka eve hehe
any suggestions? 0.0

Going to update you guys with what i have been up to lately =)

Hairlah event by La'mode Academy of Arts

La'mode icon model search by La'mode Academy of Arts

Spotted in the Star newspaper participating in Miss Scuba Malaysia 2013

Inspired by Michelle Phan's makeup tutorials, she is a famous makeup and beauty youtuber.
her makeup skills and communication creativity is freaking awesome ♥♥
got to know about her through amanda XD

Beast - Shadow

this song is too COOL >.<
my 'most played song' of the month haha


Tuesday, 20 August 2013

My MMK 2013 experience - Grand Finale

BI BI BI BI (HI HI HI.................)
hahaha get the joke?! im mimicking minions hehehe i know.. not funny also keep laughing to humor me la ;)
anyway, im going to blogging about the last segment of my MMK journey. finally rightt 
i have been super busy almost everyday. 

A few days before D-day, we did our last preparation...mentally and physically. 
We had our last dance and catwalk class. how time flies...i still can remember i cant really shake my butt properly or even get along the beat with the girls on my first/two dance class. Catwalk class was easier to learn because i didnt really need to move much except to catwalk. 
im not getting emotional  im not getting emotional
hahahha i remember have those mixed feelings in my head =) yea commitment to the pageant was challenging but even pain in the ass sometimes things can get, you dont walk away with nothing right..? 
a shy person like me, made quite alot of new friends and some good ones because i told myself to stop chickeining out and talk to people. Girls with shy personality, can give pageant a go to beat yourself out of your comfort zone! 

meet pinky! shes one of my good friend hahahha and sorry guys, shes taken as well as not available ;)

From the left to the right >> Jasmine, Anita, me and Pinky

The night before final, i was like freaking out >.< about everything! from clothes that i would be wearing to how am i going to answer the questions from the judges walao~~ 
stressing like mad cow, i decide to urge my friends to go for a nice lunch haha im always calm and happy when i feed myself with awesome food. We went for Plan B hehe

After lunch, we got to backstage for touch up and clothes before the show starts. 
For my introduction, i wore a pink chipao.

The colour is toooo cute for the dress to let others have it muahahahha but then i regretted it because i chose without trying it on so it was super tight on me. my ass was threatening to break free from the strong grasp of that fabric hahahhaha XD

How did i do my intro?..... i think it was good (i think!!) T.T i was nervous as hell on the inside and gladly i still can manage my voice to sound calm. hmpph! im not giving away on how i calm my nerves neh neh bu bu!
Ah~~~ pink colour is so CUTE hehe

The first round was pink cipao, 2nd round was green modern baju kurung. 

i like this picture the most 
and the skirt gave me alot of leg room to walk properly... haha

3rd round was hot red nyonya.

My god!!! this skirt never fai to always threatening to trip me over >;(
seriously... pphew luckily i didnt fall on stage
Backstage, i pulled this skirt as high as possible, right above my ankle just so i can walk!

I got selected among the Top 5, and as im one of the Top 5 finalist, i need to answer the question given by the judges.
It was vv nerve-wrecking >.<
In my mind, i was in a battle with my nerves...that kind of situation was like do or die moments..(well, at least to me) hahahha

My mind went blank literally for a split second and then regain my consciousness* as i walked towards the microphone 0_0

my question : Who do you think will win and why?
my answer : I think before we all stand here today, we are all winners at heart because they all put effort into this pageant. They are the ones who went for classes..put in their commitment to learn whats kebaya about and understand the history...improve the public speaking skills etc etc..

Few moments later, its time to announce the subtitles, 2nd runner-up, 1st runner-up and Winner of Miss Selangor Kebaya 2013. 
I didnt win any of these titles, i only managed to made it to Top 5.

Ann - Winne of Miss Selangor Kebaya 2013. 
Geetha - 1st runner-up
Ribeye - 2nd runner-up

Its ok! =)
i know i did my best and even when i dont get what i want, theres nothing to bitch about. I just move on and do something else.
but yea, i did feel sad abit because i wanted to represent Selangor (a place im born and bred) and show my parents im doing something they can be proud guys understand my feeling...?

Heres Sylvin! one of my good friends too and yeap, shes taken and not available too muhaha
took some pic after the show! Makeup was done by La'mode makeup artist - Lee Alexander ;)

The day after the grand finale, i spent the whole day at home. Time to hibernate! i was vv quiet the whole day. During dinner time, my dad told me the most awesomest thing hehehhe that hes proud of me for making so far. i dont know what makes you guys happy, but hearing my dad says hes proud of me was the bomb hahaha

The next few days, i was in the newspaper... how cool is that?? me in the newspaper~~~
i was soo surprised hahahha 
dont get me wrong, i just dont get this kind of thing* 

................... and thats about it, My MMK 2013 experience ;)