Thursday, 29 November 2012

100th blog post

<3 <3 <3 my 100th blog post since my debut! hehehe been thinking what am i going to write for my 100th post....sorry for the MIAing for such long time =) with 8xxx views, i still got a long way more to have more views for my blog. 

Forever it is
recognized whos eyes is this? yes, you guessed it right, Twilight saga : breaking dawn's Bella Swan. have you watched the movie? i watched it with rachel and her brother ytd! its the most awesomest show among the 4 series. Bella Swan became a vampire after giving birth to Resnessme( i have no idea how to spell complicated), shes a pretty vampire with full sense of protectiveness for her child and Edward. 

stunning pale white skin tone, slim figure, strong physical strength, sharp eye vision, immortal lifespan, beautiful eye colour... i wish i was a vampire while im watching the movie. its impressive how the Americans can create a fantasy through a show where i can wish i live in a dream. The story really made me feel love is all i need to survive, with the one i love the most and people i care is all i need to live no matter how hard the courses happens in life. 

but on the other hand, given if im a vampire, i dont really want to look as creepy as this :

nor bring my family to war like this
hahhaa this is fantasy, not real. im saying it as if its real =P  Such a good ending to the series and gave Edward and Bella a happy and peaceful ending to their love story. im envious with what the 2 of them have, wish i could something like them in the future =)


Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Bubba Gump for dins

hii everyone! im back after spending so much time studying for finals. my friends complained that im slacking off from blogging.... hehehe sorry. how was everyone's halloween? i saw a lot events going on for the whole week, was jealous that i couldnt celebrate it =(

i did nothing but sleep, eat, study for the past few weeks. Totally living like a zombie. im sure you all saw my instagram pics right? yea, since i cant update my blog about my whereabouts and happenings, i guess i should make an effort to post some pics of my instar heee if youre wondering whos that long hair China/Korean-ish looking girl that has always been with me in the pics, shes my coursemate that we study together for finals. anyway~~ im abit fatter now omg and dont look all-that-good due to stress. haih...good thing im left with my last paper next week and im free!!

hardly been able to eat at home so my mum purposely set a dins date with her and dad ytd night. It was Bubba Gump! yums~~ see why my diet plan is always a FAILURE!! grrrr 

its empty because we were there early. We went to the Bubba Gump @ Citta Mall. Citta Mall is located opposite Suajana Resort. Main reason why we went there was because mum didnt want to fuss around with going to the one in Pyramid. saying need to pay with the crowd...wait for the food to come....this this that that la. aiya, its all fine by me #1 im sick of pyramid #2 i dont want to hear my mum fuss, annoys me when im eating. 

we ordered ourselves a 3-courses meal >>>> starters, mains, and dessert =)

shrimp chowder w garlic bread 
Dumb Luck Shrimps

Catch Of the Day w mash potato n potato sticks
And here comes the all-diet-killer 

Mud Pie

To me, its a cake with whole lot of ice cream on top. To my mum, "omg how are the 3 us going to finish this?!!". To my dad, "i think i should ask the waiter whats his problem with differentiating between 2person-portion and 5person-portion" seriously OMGG it was no pie ok, it was like a whole cake for a birthday. All complains aside, at the end of the meal, IT WAS SO YUMMY THAT WE JUST CLEAN THE PLATE as if the pie was never there. abit too exaggerated....but you get what i mean. 

Apart from the pie, the chowder..deep fried shrimps and the fish were all delicious. =) heee

ohh i took some pic of the restaurant while we were waiting for the food! check it out

The "Run Forest Run" was signal to call our waiter for service. Go and try out a dinning experience @ Bubba you will understand what im saying. P.S i thought my mum brought the kitchen paper hahaha 

lastly, selca!

spot my new I <3 mustache black dress heee new Nov item. i looked abit pale and tired so i edit the pic gosh i need good sleep! 

i will try to keep my blog updated, dont worry >=)