Saturday, 27 October 2012

miss blogging

hi babes! sorry MIA for so long. going to have finals in 2 days!! oh my god =O stressing out and too busy with preparations. follow my instagram for my updates on whereabouts and happenings =)

cheers x take care

Monday, 15 October 2012


wokeup to realize that today is Monday. Before i let myself get all emo and "im sick of monday" moody, i smile to remind that i shouldnt be like that because of a day. although i was having a little mood when i was driving to uni, things i need to face on the road is depressing also (why? theres too many idiots-im-still-in-sunday-mood driving around) grrrrr but no worries, im not going to get upset for because of them! 

anyway~ went to uni to have lunch with my friend. Been wanting to dine at my uni's Madeleine Cafe to tryout the food. Yea, its in my uni and why am i trying it out now only right?...well, i werent bothered to do so, all i do in uni everyday is to rush to class and lectures and then ciao straight to home or somewhere else to see my friends. heee can say i hardly pay attention to things in uni. 

Both of us had Chicken Bravo! Me --> Iced lemon teaaa, Ariel --> Fresh orange juice The food was ok. not bad for a cafe, much muchhh muchhhh wayy wayyyy better than my uni's other cafeteria. OMG that one CMI (cannot make it) unless youre not picky in food then you go for that la. My order costed rm19. ok righttt

got to go workout now! 


Friday, 12 October 2012

New Kpop hits October 2012

have you checked out the latest korean songs? ok, if youre not a kpop fan, its ok #1 can always try listening to them #2 their songs are too awesome to be ignored! anyway, i listened to some new songs through Music Bank and Music Core, these 2 television programs mainly show all the korean live music videos.

im loving these few songs now ----->

UKISS - Stop Girl

RANIA - Style.

i didnt really like Rania, because i find their debut song abit cheap-looking (as in too sulty) at first, but this time their song is quite good =)

EXID - Everynight

and here comes G-Dragon fever!!

GD - Crayon

GD - One of a kind

GD featuring Kim Yuna - Missing you

i think they havent make a MV for this song so they just give out the audio with the picture. its awesome enough hahaha!

some people might think GD is weird but i dont care, he freaking awesome! from his hair to his shoes soo stylish! he inspires me haha

might  cut my hair even shorter and dye it blonde with pink stripes?


Thursday, 11 October 2012

Pressure from myself to me

Getting stress from time to time. my stress can come at random times and from random things. im telling you guys, i will soon go nuts with my stress level one day.

Finals is in 2weeks and til today, i have studied shit. Its in progress, but to pass and score all 4 papers and move onto the next sem, it will only happens in my dream. yea, i just want to bury myself. i hate exam period, its the time when i just really want to dig a hole and put my head inside and never see the light of day anymore. 

As everyday i sit at foyer in my uni and see my fellow uni-mates bending their heads towards their lappies and staring hard at the screen to do their work. OMG theres the time i feel like even though i studied hardcore, i have been doing nothing at all compare to them. feel damn small. like a loser and failure

i know you guys must be saying "chill la, things will be good, just concentrate in studying then can la" i know!! me i know! but at times my stress gets the better of me....i just got to let myself stress kao kao so i can pass it and study hahaha something like "when the pau is hot, just let it give out some hot air then you can eat it already" i hope my attempt of philosophy works. heee

im missing out on jobs compare to my collegues cause i need to spend more time with my books. aiya means alot of money got earned by them. sad its not me being competitive ok, just means i have lesser money to spend and have lesser awesome meals, clothes, bags and whatever else thats awesome. =(



Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Cassie's birthday

this is a very late post from few weeks ago. I finally found the time to blog about the outing heeee sorry for MIA-ing from blogging for awhile. been super busy!! from work to uni to assignments and now dealing with finals =( grrr

i have been stressing kao kao about studying for finals. all kind of worse case scenarios popping inside my head ended up i didnt studying anything. "good job right, busy stressing rather actually studying". I finally grasped the logic and decide to chill. ONE BY ONE. 

before start studying, i got to faster blog!

Me and Cassie went out for a private-2person dins at Empire. Somewhere near cause the HBD (happy birthday) girl is too tired from work and so lazy to drive somewhere far to eat. awwww my friends are vv pok meng(hardworking) in earning money one i tell you guys. hahaa 

So anyway, we dined at Serai. A restaurant that serve yummy aisan-msian cuisine, something similar to Madam Kwan's. We ordered our meal and drinks, and straight dive into the "gossip session" hahaha of cause we selca too! 

our drinks served in the middle of our "gossiping" time heee

my refreshing watermelon juice yums~
we talked and talked and talked... OMG we talked like "squeezing 2 months of catchingup into 2 hours"....2hours and still not enough talking =O 

Then... in the midst of talking, finally our food is HERE! yay!

Tomyam Seafood

Lime Juice Squid 

Deep-fried Brinjals

Its quite alot for 2 persons but we both are big eaters so yea... hahaha All 3 dishes were good OMG... but the pricing was abit expensive for me though =/ if youre wondering when we were eating, did we shut up and concentrate in eating? ANSWER ---. NOPE, we just continue talking and pause a while to chew our food. hahah we were that awesome and eager to talk to each other =)

Talking and gossiping away, its finally pressie time!

Bought her these 2pairs of earrings.. im going for Korean fashion lately, so yea they look abit Korean-ish hehehe but its cute and lovely no? i spent 1 WEEK thinking what to get for her OMG. i endedup just walking into a random store and buy these on the spot. Choosing while having the mindset of "nice then buy, no more thinking" my sense of fashion ok one so not to worry! hahaha

Happy Happy Birthday Girl

After Serai, another round of yumcha and more talking~~ hahaha the night was happening!


Monday, 1 October 2012

1 October 2012

Happy October month everyone!! and Happy Mooncake festival (yesterday) =)

This month has a lot of happenings for everyone and especially for me hahaha 

first, there is Halloween on the 31st of October. Its a day though its not much of a big deal for most of us asians but of cause it a reason for people to party or celebrate the day with their friends for the sake of having fun. no worries!! everyday is a fun day right!!??

Theres Octoberfest!! im sure all party-animals and drinkers are aware of this event!! its even started around town now hahhaa its an event of FUNNNN, BOOOOZE, pretty CHICKS, FOOOOODDD, GAMESSSS AND MOST IMPORTANTLY >>>>> GETTTINGG HAMMERED <<<<<<

but drink responsibly. 

As for me, this is my study month/ workout month/spending month/ sleeping month/eating month/ stressing month/ AND THE WORST THING IS being POOORR month !! OMG my finals is next month..well actually first paper will be on the last day of this month, got to start studying ohhh noooo means got to cut down on going on and yumchas already haiiiixxx

Am going to be ambitious this sem !! i want 4 HDs!! must study kao kao grrrrr

then i will be stressing like nobody's business..dont wonder always stress like shit whenever finals are near. sleeping and workout month because since im cutting down my working days and yumcha sessions to study, i have more time for other im using the free time to workout..GET MY STAMINA BACK AND MY ASS BACK IN SHAPE grrrrr good thing is workout can destress me haiixxx Then im going to sleep more!! workout is tiring!!

im going to be so POOORR this month haiixxx and i need stock up girly things in my room also... OMG my $$$$ are flowing out Nooooo!

Theres so much things i want to get...but then those things need to be put aside for awhile. why? facial cleansers cant wait...moisturizer cant wait... what else...??? OMG i even need to make a list now. 

OK... my hiccups aside! Have a good day tomorrow!