Thursday, 27 September 2012

Happy Clothes Day 260912

Hiiii hows everyone doing? its finally Thursday and 1 more day to the weekend yeah!!

In mist of stressing out with my hectic life, one of my nerve finally snapped and hurled myself and my friend to H&M for a good shopping outing. Im sure everyone know that H&M is the hottest store in KL now right? if you havent been there yet, be prepared to queue up for the fitting rooms and at the cashiers AND of cause enjoy your time there!! theres so much clothes to see, i mean variety* but then each theme* they seem to have limited designs...i know you dont get what im saying...go see for yourself. heeee and bring lots lots lots of cash to pay!!! 

I gotten to know that you can a refund if you dont want their stuff after paying for it at first. So why not buy it now then return it later when you dont want it and get back your refund as well?? good right? hahaha for girls...

i didnt get to take pictures while i was in the store because theres were alot of people...dont want to look like a sohai taking my phone snapping pictures away...and i was too busy shopping of cause! hahaha

Here are some pictures of H&M from google

i like that sweater top on Lana Del Rey!! OMG its pink and so cute heee 

Lana Del Rey is featured as their spokesperson and shes pretty haha she has that sweet and old-hollywood face. i might go back to H&M and get the top...?? hmmm hahahaha

I've been waiting for H&M to open in KL for almost 1 year seriously, finally its here and i couldnt wait next week, i just got to go and get myself some H&M too =)

T-shirts are given by my friend and the rest are from H&M (all pastels!!). it was difficult for me to find the cardigan but i was too kiasu to let it go hahaha 

im wearing all these clothes to uni. comfort clothes!!! i cant imagine myself dressing up for uni OMG...somehow seem overdressed ~~ my uni clothes actually cost more than my clothes for outing....

For some of you who follow my instagram, yea seriously I CELEBRATED MY WEDNESDAY WITH CLOTHES =)


Saturday, 22 September 2012

Makeup Haul

I bought quite a few makeup stuff beginning of Sept, which is rare cause i hardly spend my money on makeup. well...i know you all know by now that i spend more on clothes and shoes and facial products than anything else. heee

i tried out the mask from TheFaceShop and its super good. it costed me rm6.90 for one sheet. The serum is really packed in, when i took the mask out from the packaging, the liquid serum was dripping off which i like it like that. I bought the Collegen mask because its said to hydrate my face with 300 water molecules, thus giving me a fresh look. 

I bought a semi-beige-semi-gold and a hint of glitter eyeshadow. I like this eyeshadow because its a matte colour so i can apply it as a base for all my other coloured eyeshadow. This costed rm 19.90

My brushes are from Lash Bar @ Sunway Pyramid. i bought 2 types of brushes, both for different purposes. the quality of the brushes are good for their reasonable prices. Each costed me rm 5 and rm7.

And i bought another eyeshadow palette from Daiso. yea, its that rm5 shop where you can get all kind of Japanese stuff. Apparently, the quality of the eyeshadow is not bad. When i first tried it out to uni, the colour was good and it stays !! japanese stuff is really awesome heeeee  This eyeshadow is the Brown N Neutral version, suitable for all kinds of outfits. 

Moving on, i got myself an Anna Sui-inspired mini mirror. Every girl need a mirror in their bag so they check their makeup and stuff =)

Lastly, its my fav Brown eyeliner from Etude House. I love this eyeliner, its cheap and good to use. Basically, i quite fancy Etude House stuff heee

its only once in awhile i will shop for makeup hahahha i rather spend my money somewhere else but then girls still need makeup to be pretty no?

thxbye have a nice saturday!

Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Quick Update

Just got back from Taman Connuaght, Cheras =) been going there ever since hahah cause i can get nice stuff at a cheap price. Cheap and nice, who dislike it?? 

anyway... i cut my hair !! thought of sharing my new look on my blog heee

yea, its short..i mean VERY SHORT and its unlikely for girls to cut it this short but its new style haahaha i want to try all kind of styles before i go back to settling with long hair again. dont i look abit like a boy??

Btw, now you can follow my blog on NuffnangX app.


Tuesday, 18 September 2012

New Balance Fever

Having an urge to get myself a pair of New Balance shoes. they are super "in" in Korea now. I have been wanting to get myself a pair a long time ago but then its rm200+...not an easy amount to give out. Anyway, New Balance shoes are being featured in this new korean drama "To the beautiful you" apparently and the drama made me want the shoes even more OMG 

i like this design and it comes in different colours. 

im considering grey because it can match with all type of clothing =)

i like the blue one. but then im still thinking !!! grrr

Actually, this collection is for MEN. they have a few for Girls but the shoes are not that nice compare to the men. I went to the New Balance outlet at Gardens before, and they say there isnt size for me and everything bla bla bla so what are you telling me?? i cant buy it even i want to??

In Korea, this collection for unisex


Sunday, 16 September 2012

happy Sunday <3

i always feel good about Sunday. it is really the one day of the week when i dont want to do anything but hibernate at home. hahaha Saturday is more of the kind of day that i want to go out and hangout with my friends...still something to do. 

updated my playlist lately !!

Adam Lambert : Better than i know myself

this song is my most-played-song now =)

Juniel : Illa Illa

you can hear this song as the OST in Gentlemen's Dignity. loving this song right now too

Phantom : Burning

This boy band had just debuted but im seriously liking this song too. 

Taeyang : Wedding Dress

yea, its been awhile but i still find this song awesome hee


Saturday, 15 September 2012

A chill Weekend

i realized im getting old...well, i feel old. sad After a very busy week with hangingout with my friends, catching up with uni-mates, trying to study as much as i can (feeling stupid among my coursemates)... handling assignments duedates and bla bla bla bla bla im left exhausted like shit at the end of the week. Too tired and lazy to even plan what to do for my weekend. Im having a long weekend, Sat/Sun?Mon, which its sooo AWESOME !! =) it means i have more time to do my assignments and study and of cause i can spend more me time at home. practically hibernating at home hahaha

just finished Gentlemen's Dignity. Such a good and funny romantic drama OMG. Total love heee 

Theres 4 different type of couple. Thus, the drama gives its viewers a wider perspective to look at love. Watch it!! CAUSE IT NICE

Now im watching Faith ;) im suppose to be starting on my assignment but im feeling too chilled-out to start urghhh

I've just started watching so i cant give much comments yet but stay tuned for my movie review !!

Drama as my entertainment, moving on to my food craving craziness =(

Food is my number #1 enemy seriously. making me soo fat. The best thing about my cravings is im always craving for high-calorie food like chocolates, burgers, sushi, noodles....bla bla OHHH NOOOO got to control or else there goes my waist line. Im basically not that kind of person who has high metabolism rate so i cant burn my fats very fast compare to certain people who ARE BORN WITH IT. grrr no fair sad again

will be posting a proper update soon enough. 


Wednesday, 12 September 2012

McCafe Food Review

Have you notice McDonalds opened their very own McCafe ? You can visit the cafe at a few locations, theres one in SS15 if im not mistaken. 

They serve a variety of drinks such as hot chocolate, mocha, iced latte and other more... and of cause they also serve up a few choices of dessert such as muffins, brownies and cakes. i tried their cappuccino the other day, it was not bad. 

It costed me rm 5.90 (i think), medium size. I find it worth my money, cause it's medium size is reasonably bigger than i thought it would have turned out and the presentation of the drink is ok too. cause its McCafe OMG what else to expect ?? and im paying how much ?? rm 5...

Their brownies was awesome too !! its moist and amazingly quite a large piece. Im getting used to all the cut-throat prices for miserably-super-small portion meals nowadays. sad This costed me rm 5.50. NOT BAD TOO 

found a new place to hangout with friends. i will go there when i dont feel like paying alot of money for drinks  heee


Monday, 10 September 2012

today was chilled and i was having abit of blues going on...but its all good cause tomorrow is Tuesday =) !! few more days towards the weekend hahaha

went to uni to have quick lunch with my jie, attend class after that...then studied...then hungout with Steffi during dins and now blogging....~~~~ its boring i know. we need some boring moments so we know how to appreciate happy and exciting moments no ?

anyway, was having a nice time enjoying my nasi lemak (dins) and all of a sudden Steffi hinted to me that someone familiar was sitting right next to me. That SOMEONE was my ex-highschool teacher !! seriously, i had a shock OMG... when im blogging about this, my blood pressure goes up... and continuing what im talking about, he was sitting right next to me (our tables were close to each other) and i was too shock to say hi when i first saw him. hahaha i was seriously stressing out "how am i going to say hi ??!!!" "is this seriously happening??" "why must i bump into him here and NOW instead somewhere else and ANOTHER TIME???!!!" alot of thoughts running through my head at that moment. why am i stressing out about this ? cause when he was turning his head looking at us, i turnedd my face to another way. and yea you get me now ? it was rude but i was really shock to even know that my teacher is sitting next to me. 

cut things short, we I did say hi to him and asked how was he and stuff...bla bla bla...then we went off..paid our food at the counter and ciao... 

awkward moments 

So, we headed to BlackBall after that. had SillyFace camwhore session cause we had nothing else to do. hahahah one of the best way to keep ourselves occupied than to stare at each other and wait the time to go by. awesome ! ;)

this is our normal-smiling picture. took this before the SillyFace session starts ~~ (ignore my now-rounder face)

i know we looked weird hahaha but its for fun so i dont really mind sharing these crazy pics with you all =)


Sunday, 9 September 2012


been wanting  to upload an OOTD post for awhile now. its finally happening hahaha im going to blog about my OOTD for my dins-movie outing with Steffi yesterday =)

LV Neverfull bag, Beige top, MNG leggings, Oxford inspired flats 

was having a bad hair day and no i guess i shall not expose my naked face and bad hair~~

back view
front view


Saturday, 8 September 2012

Girls' Love-Hate relationship with certain things

good evening, Saturdayions. Staying in today to follow up my blog ? if you are, im glad and honored to have such loyal readers. if you arent, its ok =) heee 

it was raining outside,  its definitely nice for the weather to be chilled and smoothing. Rainy days give me the feel as if "all my problems and sorrows can be wash away". Just a feel ok..dont be judgmental about the opinion. 

ok !! back to what i want to blog in the first place.

What am i referring to as i said "Love-Hate relationship with certain things" is girls can be very VERY INDECISIVE about things they want and dont want. yea, talking about myself too~ haha

think about this :::

(girls) when youre deciding what to eat, do you know what you want to eat straight away ? or even spend less than 5sec to decide something to eat from the menu ? i know i cant do that. i will be wondering how much fat the food contain/will it be nice as it appears to be in the menu/why isit expensive to order a small piece a meat/ can i dont finish it since its big/bla bla bla whatsoever..

TGIF's burger

even when im choosing a restaurant to dine-in, i will be thinking TGIF or ZANMAI ? 

Zanmai's soft-shell crab
thinking which one nicer...i cant decide....thinking which one im craving for...i cant decide...thinking which one cheaper and more worth it....i know the answer but i still cant decide !! OMG i have to face this dilemma all the time. 

i love both but i cant have both...or else i would become a walking fatass hipoo !! =(

another one when im thinking which PRADA item to get :::

this purse looks really nice OMG and... i like this alsoo

and this collection also

if youre thinking why dont i get all 3 and save my time pondering... well MY DAD ISNT PRINTING MONEY FOR ME TO SPEND, so i got to choose one item at a time and choose wisely !!

however, i cant 100% decide to get the beige purse cause i hardly take good care of my purses. They get old and worn out easily. PRADA's 2012 collection is really awesome. i basically like 65% of their stuff. 

Traveling is also one of my dilemma :::

im planning to go on a vacation to somewhere nice and affordable. Macau or Singapore or Bangkok....???

These places are awesome, but i got to choose among the 3 to go at a time right ?! OMG consider money...whether the shopping is good there..even its not, i should give it a try because who knows i might like it... serious Love-Hate relationship. =/ 

urgghhh anyway will edit my pictures for OOTD post now. stay tuned!

i will solve the dilemma thing soon enough, dont worry ;)


Friday, 7 September 2012

its my 2nd post of the day. i really miss blogging OMG hahah

im going to blog about all the stuff i use almost everyday of the week and the stuff i gotten recently. heee i just love shopping alot alot

first of all, my updated clothes --->

some clothes are gift from my friends and some are those clothes that i bought when im shopping at malls. there are clothes that i havent even wear it yet...hahaha bought too much at the moment to wear them all out. well, i shall wear them soon to my outings with my friends. ;)

 wait wait ~~ there are clothes that i wear all the time, like 3-4times a week. and of cause there are clothes that i seldom wear...all depends on my mood. 

my sense of fashion is very wide so if youre wondering what kind of clothes i like to wear, i dont really have a definite answer. a girl can like all the clothes offered in the market no ??!! 

Next ----->

my current phone cover
This is the phone cover im using now. my friend bought it for me at night market. its the only cool-not-sweet-looking cover that i own. hahaha 

OK Next ------>

LV Neverfull
I have been using this bag for almost everyday. its awesome, cause its chic looking and its spacious so i can carry alot of stuff inside. plus it serves as useful bag for a student. i basically dump my diary, purse, tissues, bla bla bla bla all crap i need into the bag. 

Following on ----->

Brands Outlet
i bought myself a few pairs of flats from Brands Outlet. I totally like their flats, its sooo cute !! see the turquoise-emerald-green flat ? its awesome. my now-fav-colour. i think i will get some more flats from there hahaha 

i will be doing OOTD post very soon, i know i said i will start doing it but i havent found the time to do it, so be patient with me =) 



hiii hows everything been going?? i did not disappear from the face of the earth. my lappie crashed the other day and i just got it back. the first thing im doing now is downloading all my stuff back and see now, im BLOGGING! arent i awesome?!! heeee

i hate it when my lappie crash! when it crash means i cant do anything like online/blogging/watching my korean dramas and whatsoever else. total bored~~

heres an update of what i done for the past few days ----->

my current facebook display picture

i started to like taking pictures of myself and edit them with picture editing apps on my phone, so yea, you guys will see more of me on instagram now =) remember to follow me @ theonlymellysak !!

Dins time <3
Me and Jaycee baby had our dins at ApuiJeong ytd night. its korean food! haha i find the kimchi dish not bad, because the vege they served was fresh and when i bite it in my mouth, i could hear the crunchy sound. i like fresh vege like that. Jaycee wasnt really liking the food because of the lack of taste in the food. the food wasnt really salty or maybe the chef didnt add too much ajinomoto inside thats why..? hahaha 

i ordered kimchi soup and she had bimbimbap. she was craving for it and she dig into her foood straight away after it was served on our table. poor girl was starving right from the start when we were jamming to get into Sri Hartamas. awwww

Namoo On The Park
Im sure most people knows whats Namoo On The Park now. its a KOREAN dessert store that sells both main course and dessert to customers. We ordered these pumpkin and sweet potato cake, and enjoyed it with 2 glasses of warm water. Why warm water?....its healthy and i think it goes well with rich food. 

when we saw their menu, we were like "we should have come here and have our dins instead omg". Because it was cheaper than ApuiJeong and the food variety seems more appealing. haaa each cake costed rm 9.90, which was ok. cause people pay rm 9.90 for Starbucks cakes, Namoo's cakes won't make a difference right? 

Its Namoo On The Park right, yea....we saw the park with all the swings and see-saw and bla bla bla...BAD THING is we cant go near to play them. the park is just located right beside the restuarant, we were shy to play them =( just imagine 2 girls dressedup for the night and play swing like 5yr old kids...walao....=/

The best selling point about the cakes is that they dont taste very sweet. like when i taste the sweet potato cake, i can really taste the sweet potato with a hint of cream taste and the nuts. awesome !! AND, it was served with a small mini bowl of vanilla ice-cream, good combination~~

i had abit of a hardship during the week. but then im ok now. hahaha how can someone be sad for long when you got friends and other stuff to be busy about right ?? 

my sis is on the way to my house now, dont know what she wants now.....  =) im joking, not being mean !