Thursday, 23 August 2012

Raya Roadtrip

Raya Roadtrip was Genting!

this time i didnt go up for the theme parks but instead for the chilled weather and muahahaha casino! i have finally come to an age that im not interested in going for rides anymore. eventually i will right?! 

We went down around 2-3pm and arrived there around 4-5pm. We were suppose to be there earlier but then there was jam OMG the jam was terrible. 

it was smooth like this at first.... 

then it became like this ------>

we jam til we werent moving at all. 

i was bored til i want to roll down the window and talk to the driver next to me, got the idea from Jaycy. awesome right... hahaa 

my OOTD!!

very simple attire. i wasnt feeling the mood to wear a dress or skirt since i will be sitting in the car most of the time and more moving around than sitting at Starbucks. heee

parked the car and walked around a little bit before meeting up with more friends =)

spotted Cotton On!

There were seriously alot of people. i thought i was going to get phobia of seeing people after a day spent in Genting OMG. nope, i didnt buy anything...what is there to buy? KL got everything

An hour or so, his friends came up, then it was time for casino! ca cing ca cing!! $$$$$

bla bla bla bla bla obviously you guys know what goes on in the casino, first you win then you want to win it back then you lose somemore then you get annoyed then gamble somemore then you finally surrender cause youre not printing money to gamble it all away. 

my opinion is i think gamble is stupid. 

2+ hours passed.....

we were finally out of there!!! went to eat dins at some kelefeh cafe (dont expect nice cafes there since everything is commercialized ) then went to chill at Coffee Bean. NO DRINKING!

loving my hot choc. awesomest thing ever muahaha


Sunday, 19 August 2012

Happy Hari Raya

HAPPY HARI RAYA to those muslims celebrating this joyous festive event!!!

fasting month is over and you all are free from starving in the day and can only touch food & drink at night. congrats = ) this is not teasing ok, cause i, and everyone else understand the feeling of having to withstand the hunger that i think normal people shouldnt bare.. i believe its scientifically unhealthy. my apologies if i touch on something sensitive.

anyway ~ im sure all of you all are on the journey balik kampung for raya,  remember to drive carefully and safely on the road. its not worth it to lose your life or your love ones just because you want to show off by driving recklessly/fast/see whos smarter*. if youre planning to do it, youre an IDIOT

if youre tired/sleepy, please change drivers or stop by the nearest petrol station to pump in some caffeine into your system!! cause you dont want to end like this ---->

seeing this pic, dont you think its very sohai to end up driving into a tree? What are you going to tell your friends/parents/whoever else if you do get into an accident like this?.... your Answer :" ohh...i dont know..i dozed off so i lost control..and crashed the tree"..sounds stupid and irresponsible. 

BECAREFUL darlings! safety is #1st priority. 

worst comes to worst.. you get into this situation----->

i doubt you will get out this situation alive ...if youre really lucky, maybe paralyzed? got into coma? lost your limps?.. there are even bad results out of this accident. just think wisely and properly whether you want to risk your life or your love ones. 

if theres a car cut you in front, let him/her go. dont care. 

driving fast like this only looks good and awesome in TV commercials or at a race course where theres nothing to be bang. 

ok..i think i scared you guys or something by now..take this as a friendly reminder guys =) HAPPY RAYA


Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Me Model

hi guys... raya next week!! planned out your agenda for the festive day yet? go and plan it now if you havent!! monday and tuesday are public holidays for me hee~ super happy since im off duty for attending uni =) am feeling like a happy child now. muahaha ya, i know..."why dont i like to go to school since i can see my friends"...seeing my friends is a good thing but whats really going to drag me down is attending lectures and tutorials!! my stress level shoots max everytime im sitting on the bench listening to lecturers talk about assignments or test. omggg

ok... forgetting what im going to blog about! sorry

as im always telling you guys im working and everything.. some pictures of myself taken for my profile. the pictures are not professional or whatever high-end thing but just a mini photoshoot thing

omg..nervous to be showing these pics

these 2 pics are my most liked hahaha please ignore my fat thighs haiiixx ~~

the heels are my fav but sadly... these shoes not meant for walking  whenever i wear it for less than 30mins, i start shouting FML FML in my head and all i want to do is throw them away. luckily they are gorgeous so they are saved! 

im not very tall...just around 170cm. im NOT bragging or just hoping i was abit taller, just abit! like 1-2cm taller. 


Monday, 13 August 2012

Running Man with Big Bang

ohh gosh!!! when i saw Big Bang in Running Man, im sure i went GAGA. NO!! not GAGA for Lady GAGA ok!! TOP and GD are soo freaking HOT and COOL... especially TOP! my god, he walks with an air that just make him looks so cool!

haha enough with the creepy-groupie-like worshiping thing going on....hahaha 

checkout these few Running Man videos on youtube :

it really funny cause when they are playing hide and seek..when they run real fast to get away from each other. hahaha as if a ghost is chasing after them


Thursday, 9 August 2012

Online Shopping on the brain

I have been observing whats happening on the net nowadays. ONLINE SHOPPING everywhere omg. mum keep telling me economy down* people doing badly* bla bla bla ya mehh why got money to shop online?? i know its cheaper to shop online but then, still need money to buy in the first place right?!

theres a few online shopping website trending these past months... ZALORA

things are not really that cheap ok. most of it cost at least rm100 for one purchase. just imagine buying a few at one go...omg i can die..unless i decide to diet everyday so i can save on food and drinks.

but then some of the things i agree its nice hee!


got to know of this website from jane. i didnt know she was into korean fashion until i google whats NakedKimchi haha the clothes are simple/cute/sweet/feminine. i like the clothes alot <3 this website has >20k likes on their facebook!! omg

For me, the korean online shopping website i like go to is Gmarket 

why? #1 their page got more inviting* appeal and the colours on their page is vibrant #2 it gives me the more Korean feel browsing through their linked pages

i got to know this website from rachel ching. she was obsessed with online shopping at one point. before she started uni then now i am hahaha im losing the interest bit by bit though because of my busy schedule.

if youre wondering "im a msian..why am i looking at this website in the first place since i cant buy it at all??" well, thats THE REASON there, the question is the answer. how so? since i cant buy it at all, i can save money and time from buying the stuff there. muahahaa arent i smart? =)


everyone knows what Groupon im sure. One of those cheap deals site, so it veryyy popular! i think my mum stalk this site almost everyday. hahaha 

who wouldnt right? cheap deals omg. from facials to random things like iphone covers. i dont recommend buying those kelefeh food deals though.. me + dad + mum tried a few times and it never turn out as shown on the photos. big big disappointment! >:( 

its not really a clothes site so yea...dont expect to log to the site and see blogshop selling clothes there. maybe they will pop a few up in the future....?

what other online blogshop are there??  im not sure...quite outdated recently. heee ~~

cheers thxbye

Tuesday, 7 August 2012

July Hual

im finally doing my "July Hual"!! before you all really start venting that im a lazy blogger very soon. hahaha just kidding, i know some of my readers are loyal ~~ thanks alot for the support!! =)

ok, not wasting any time...start off with my 2012 birthday gift from my parents. 

im sure some of you know whats the story of this watch. for those who dont know, i will story it now. see what happened was i wanted to buy this watch with my first salary. i worked like shit for few days then decided to reward myself with an awesome Fossil watch so my mum heard and she found a watch online for me. i totally love it omgg it was sparkly and gorgeous. well, i liked the ones on displayed at the store but then Fossil dont seem to fail their customers for producing good-looking watch even though they put it on stock clearance* yea.. i said it! stock clearance. i was skeptical at first but then when i saw it online....ahh its fine because its pretty too!! so continuing..i wanted to buy it with my first pay but then my parents said they are buying it for me. i was like "errrrr errrrr errrrr ok"..if youre wondering whats with my reaction, its because im particular with certain things. i want certain things to be my way but then since its good intentions...FINE lo.

im wearing this watch everyday now. im not getting bored of it anytime soon! =p maybe i will get a new one when i am...? hehe

now "July Hual" really starts!

yes babes <3  i added Laneige moisturizer cream to my already-exist-Laneige family. its awesome haha costed me rm125, freaking cheap!

i like the texture. it doesnt give me the gross feeling when touching the cream and apply to my face. when applying to my face, its quite wet but then within seconds it evaporates so i totally like it because of that as well. cheers!

ok, continuing on ~~

i gotten my love! Pandora baby!! haha

im always wearing this as well!! haha i only want one charm because i only like one charm. i dont really like having alot of charms on the bracelet. feels heavy 

look! isnt it cute and sweet??!! <3


Finally ~ i gotten myself an organizer...and of cause it must be PINK. remember this? i told you guys once that i got this a few months ago....yea i finally am blogging about it now right!!! i know k!!

im super hands-on with scheduling my things now. since i started working and studying at the same time, i need to make sure things are in order and never collide.

im yet to fully utilize this organizer as i just learned to get the hang of really using it. haha im old already, need to learn things slowly to do things properly now. Recently, i started to fill in my Expenses. ugrhhh most stressful part of the book!! =( and why pink? thats im will be looking at this book until the day it i rather look at something interesting than having it to be boring old black. 

ok! next

its my new box of falsies! i specially adore this because its brown in colour!! bought it when i was in Malacca last few weeks with Jaycee. 

it looks almost natural omg. i bought without thinking twice! #1 it was cheap #2 i hardly come across brown falsies. im soo going back to Jonker to get these when i want to. haha guess Malacca trip is on again! i cant wait to wear them..maybe tomorrow..? see how heeee


welcome baby lv speedy <3 dont worry baby, i will get you some siblings to play with k...burberry..? see how


Sunday, 5 August 2012

my blog

updated my blog skin!! what do you all think about it??

this time the theme is "lavender romance with sweet pink touch"..isnt it sweet looking and give you the "in love" feeling? hahaa well im not in love, dont worry. im just feeling the urge to do my blog skin with this inspiration =)

ya i know what youre thinking..."i thought you promised malacca and july hual post but im getting this?!" right??!! chill babes! i will update those promised* post soon k. just couldnt wait to blog about my neww blog skin. 

i've been searching the right skin...right colour...right font and everything the whole evening. omg...its not easy to decide on what i want hahaha cause i wanted elegant them - dark red and black font at first...scratch that as i felt like its emo and boring~ then wanted the whole thing to be white..but then the previous one was already mainly all white with turquoise font ( Tiffany & Co's signature white and turquoise ) ahhhh so many you know!! .....finally, i settled with "lavender romance with sweet pink touch". boys, i know you dont appreciate this post but its ok... girls will do. 

its sunday and the London Olympics just started few days...parents wooo-ahh-what-waaaa downstairs watching Dato Lee playing his game with Lin Dan..? (its Lin Dan right?) hahaha i just want the baskin robbin ice-cream hehe

okok back to my blog skin. as i was saying~ i want to go for the feminine and demure, so i think the result is exactly what im going for. youre thinking whether im this kind of person? errr i dont know..well..i dont think so but i dress so. what do i mean? "i dress so"!! i wear pastels like pink/purple...white...and im going to go shopping for clothes it will be of this kind of feminine and demure thing going on for my clothes as well. 


oooo i will try to blog everyday now! =)