Sunday, 29 July 2012

Malacca 280712 1.0

hi darlings! doing well lately? sorry, i have been really busy...busy with alot of stuff...everything from friends to work to uni things. yea, i know im always busy nowadays and should take more initiative to blog..entertain my loyal readers! <3

anyway~ i went for a one day trip with Jaycee yesterday to Malacca. it was freaking chilling and quite awesome because since i have been working like a mad girl these 2 months, its rewarding to go on a trip to release some stress and just relax with my babes. 

Reached Malacca around 3pm, we were starving like crazy...felt like i havent eaten in a long time. First stop was to a Nyonya restaurant, im not sure why but everytime im in Malacca, i make sure i eat the nyonya food there! its awesome!!! 

camwhored while waiting for our food to come... 

i was exhausted from all the driving from kl to malacca omg

heres our food

sotong sambal, fried egg with onions and kangkung sambal. kangkung sambal came later so didnt manage to take a pic of it! hehe

all 3 dishes tasted awesome. freaking yums! total cost = rm 30. not bad for 2 persons =)

There are more pictures about our trip but the pictures are with Jaycee, so i will you guys posted on my next update k! 

i will also be doing my "July Hauls"  and of cause "Malacca 280712 2.0" soon. 

kthxbye cheeers

Friday, 20 July 2012

hi babes!! how have you all been?

if youre wondering where did i disappear to again..dont ask  and dont need to wonder busy working. money is very hard to come by these days. im sure you all understand right?

camwhored while waiting for my work to start! hehe my makeup was blue eye-shadow to match my uniform with black strappy heels! attire and shoes provided by my agent! super stress-free! haha

was running around subang just now to get some errands done. been busy working and havent have the time to settle things. started uni this week OMG my lecturers are boring. i seriously felt that i could fall asleep before they even make it through the lessons for 30 mins. =/ 

one of my chores today was to get my black baby BKJ **** wash and polish! the bastard is sooo clean and shiny now! haha the price was abit expensive but its ok..cause i hardly taken any care of it since i got it. "mommy will love you more k muaxx"

this sunday is my rehearsal for my semi-finals pageant show!! im not sure when exactly is my semi but i will update you guys!! remember to come and support me!!!


Sunday, 15 July 2012

spent the night hangingout with Jaycee the other day. freaking chilling~~~ after few weeks of working like mad girl, finally i settle down and have my now-fav wine at Souled Out @ Sri Hartamas. I forgot the name of my wine but it sure taste nice! hehe 

Guinness for Jaycee, im not a beer fan. Normally, i will only order liquor or wine. 


Saturday, 14 July 2012

hi babes. how have you all been? 

im ok...busy like always nowadays. i forgot that today was saturday omg. i hardly encounter this! but yea, when youre busy, you just miss things sometimes right?


i know that i put "like my facebook page" link next to my blog post and hardly update my page, i will do that starting now ok!! please support! its call "mellysak" =)

went for tutorial signup this morning. took me the WHOLE morning just get my schedule in order =/ sigh took 1 elective..2 core...and 1 re-take sub (AIS). and guess what happened today..? nothing new but i saw my ex is in the same sub with me again. omg omg omg why?? dont tell me faith and whatever shit! well almost an adult, i shall not complain about nonsense. 

sorry guys, i will post a proper post soon! 

cheers kthxbye

Monday, 9 July 2012

good evening gorgeous and handsomes =)

melly me not happy right now..yea you must be thinking "im having a nice time, dont spoil my mood, blog about something happy". if youre having this thought while reading my post, im sorry... 

received one of the most heart-crushing news - i failed my AIS. my fucking god damn it mahai wtf AIS. i can  pass my other 3 difficult core subjects but i failed my easy one. this is down right weird but shits happens. if you followed my facebook, im emo-ing today. haixxx i know its not end of the world but....still sickening...having the thought of being needed to re-take the same subject! haixxx

another few matters is bringing me down. you all know i joined this pageant thing right...well...the problem im not like those girls with fair skin...long hair....big eyes...big boobs...and super slim wondering if i can even go into 2nd round. BIG doubts i will....sad sigh* this big issue adds to my stress about getting hire for model jobs... 

ahhh im a sad case.

have a good day people =)

ohh ya. come see my pageant and remember to vote for me k!!

location : Afterwerk, Scott Garden

time : 8-9pm (starting)


Sunday, 8 July 2012

its been a week! how are my darling readers?? you had a nice week?

i have been super busy working. OMG i thought i was going to faint or collapse while working because i was so tired. well, need to work to earn some money... thats life. unless you want to take the easy way out and start killing/kidnapping/abducting/threatening people for money...i know theres "desperate times cured by desperate solutions"...I DO NOT RECOMMEND these few solutions at all. why?? you think other people are not going through the same tough times as you? dont go adding more stress into other people lives OMG. 

photo taken outside KLCC at 8+am. what a nice morning..with the sun shinning brightly and a clear sky. except im there to work..not to sit at Dome/starbucks..sipping coffee and enjoying my morning. haixxx Familiar of this week's ACHIDEX? an exhibition for interior designers/bla bla bla yea, working there was super tiring! imagine standing in heels with your boss watching you and you just have to maintain your smile and coy and be friendly to customers all day. OMG its a pain but at the same time, it was fun too. i met alot of new people! hahaha 

i manged to do a little bit of shopping with my colleagues (ex-colleagues now) at KLCC. since im there, must well make do something best out of it right...after working so hard the whole day! =/ i bought myself a day-planner. Yea!! dont smile/laugh ok. i know its abit weird and late for me to buy it now only., but just want to start being organized, besides there 6 more months to go. hehehe AND i can change the content when a new year comes along. of cause, i got a PINK one! i will post a picture of it soon! =)

ohh yaa want to share something with you all!

its not an alien dog, its just the lighting was a little off that night

he has a pink water bowl!! so cute

he is a FAT boy

"yay, take pictures of me!"

this boy is mischievous and just love attention. as you all can judge from my photos, he will ay down on the floor or sit or walk around just to pose for the camera. attention-sucker i know! but hes sooo adorable!! i didnt hug/pat him because he missed his shower and he stinked! =( 

he is what i call a fur ball. why? look at him. what do you see? fur right? hahaha

im telling you, even though i was wearing my brown geo contact lens that night. his brown eyes looked nicer than mine! grrrrr ok, did i sound like im envious of the dog..? a dog..? well... no? hahaha NO

i want a dog too! OMG


Wednesday, 4 July 2012

shopping for essentials 1

went out for a quick lunch and shopping just now. when im working and trying to save some money, i dont have the mood to really spend on things but i let the "essentials things" out of this particular category. need to keep earning money! buy some* things i have been eye-ing on for ages!!

had chilli pan mee for lunch. lazy to take pic of it since i always eat it and i probably assume everybody would know what isit by now. if some of you dont, just google it =) when i was heading towards the store, i thought of double-parking because im always lazy to find a proper parking when im there, but stupid MPSJ people just have to pick today and the right* timing to do their job properly* to saman people for violating parking law. grrrrr so i ended up having to park somewhere far away from the store and walk. 

then stopped by sunway pyramid to buy some stuff at Watsons. i know that Taipan has a Watsons, but im telling you everytime i go there to buy things i want, its always either not in stock or doesnt come in the bottle size i want. i give up! Pyramid's Watsons will be my must-go-to-drugstore now. things are rm1 or 2 cheaper compare to Guardian if you notice. unless youre really rich and couldnt be bothered then nvm. 

see what i bought!!

i bought Watsons' baby wipes...falsies from Lash Bar....and Liese Hair Cocktail from Watsons. i like the wipes and hair treatment! its pink!! soo cute hahaha 

Baby wipes :

Price : around rm 4

Quantity : 3 packs

Scent : i dont think theres any..? (i havent use it yet).. haha

Falsies :

Location : Lash Bar, Asian Avenue

Price : rm 10 per box

Liese Hair Treatment :

Price : rm 32

Quantity : 140ml

my comment - i love this part!

its a spray bottle! means i dont need to pour the liquid out from the bottle, i find it gross sometimes to pour all these kind of liquid out since its oily and stuff. then i have to use the soap to clean my hand after applying omg just too much work!

cant wait to try out my new stuff!

okok gtg practice my walk! 

thanks for reading ta ta babies!

Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Rimmel London

good evening darlings! its Tuesday, hang in there! it will be the weekend soon before you even know it! 

today...i spent the whole day waiting by my phone for somebody to call..but ended up eating 0! haixxx i think i dont look like those girls ( long hair/pretty/fair/slim/popular) sad face* its ok, there are better things for me!

i will be doing a blog review about Rimmel London "Nail Rescue".

This nail polish is meant to help harden your nail and make it stronger and healthier. As you can see from the pic, its pinkish in colour and almost our normal nail colour. The duration that you need to leave it on your nails is 2 weeks. its 12ml, so use wisely! 

my comment : i think its a big BOO! haha cause it didnt work for me, all my nails ended up being chipped off. so you can just use it like any other colour nail polish. im not sure of the price because i borrowed it from amanda. P.S. it didnt work for her too.

tsktsk omg its Rimmel man, why doesnt it work? hmmm guess not all of their products leave up to their international standard. 


Monday, 2 July 2012

hii darlings! how have you all been??

i know i know, im back!! i will be doing product reviews soon! dont worry, i dont ditch my readers! =)

i have been working like a mad person. im not complaining about it, i actually like working since i can get myself out of my comfort zone and see things in reality. there are things i dont see in uni but i can see it when im working outside. i can see myself a workaholic in the future haha! through working, i learn what money can buy and what it cant buy. 

enough serious talk. anyway, how was the match yesterday, Euro Cup. i think Spain beat Italy quite badly right? hahah im clueless about football, dont be sensitive about me talking about football ok! hehe 

im missing my friends lately. amanda flew to aus..cassie busy working as well, eileen...dont know hows eileen... and so many...cant keep track. i want to go shopping! hangout! gossip!! omg if they dont call me up soon, i will go hunting for them! hahahaa just kidding!

darlings!! ohh ya, let you all in an interesting news! i got spotted for an event, so if you all see me in that event, remember to support me ok! thanks in advance =) im not letting any more details until things are settle, so just wait around til i inform you guys!

gtg kthxbye!