Tuesday, 26 June 2012

this week packed full with jobs OMG. exams results coming out next month. sleep deprived. 

my holidays turned out to be like this. 

will update a proper post k. sorry darlings!


Monday, 25 June 2012

after work

hi darlings. how are you all?

yea, skipped a few days of blogging. been busy finding jobs and also attending to work. its definitely not easy to get some income flowing in. OMG spend so much, must be able to sustain it is HARD, but dont take the easy way out by finding a rich bf and rely on him, girls! must be tough and capable to stand on your own 2 feets!

anyway~ spend the whole day at work today. it was sooo boring, i stone (daydream) like nobody's business, watch HK drama with my colleagues, take my sweet time to have my lunch and dins dins, play with my phone bla bla bla bla all the stuff you do at home or with friends while chilling. 

had a bored day at work, i didnt feel like spending time at home doing nothing...bore myself out even more, that would make me feel like my day was not productive ok. luckily, steff called me out to hangout! muahahaha snowflakes and mamak!

full house as usual
my limau suam!

i remember that snowflakes used to give a generous portion, but now the portion suk sui* already!! yerrr so kiam OMG. then i think steff's chapati seems abit smaller than normal just now. haixxx everything suk sui!! Msia's food prices inflation cut throat like shit sometimes. 

why am i complaining about small difference of price between now and then? well, thats because i can imagine how much the prices of food will rise until god-knows-how-much in the future. OMG life is going to be a pain next time ahhhhh

im going to watch my k-drama now =)

ta ta thx darlings

Friday, 22 June 2012

its friday and im feeling so tired! soo going to spend sat and sun chilling OMG.

ever since i was done with law paper, i have been running in and out of my house...going here and going there. tiring~~~ been super busy. going shopping..spend late nights watching my k-dramas. hangout with my friends...bla bla bla a person can only do few things a day but i try to be ambitious and cramp everything i have been longing to do as much as i could into a day. not a good idea!

came home after finishing my errands in KL and chill for awhile before heading out again for lunch with dad. 

camwhore while waiting for dad to get ready

HOT weather
duck face
faster la dad!

had Pan Mee for lunch. my fav food hehe 

after lunch, i hungout with amanda. she tought me makeup and talk about makeup and shes getting me even more into makeup everytime i hangout with her!!! OMG just wait and see, soon i will be obsess with makeup just like her grrrr

suppose to go jogging after reaching home around 7pm...but OMG so tired and lazy..cant seem to bring myself up and get a move on =( my ass is super fat now


Thursday, 21 June 2012

whatsupp darlings! how was your day? to those who had bad one, dont feel bad! cause tomorrow is a brand new day and im sure you will rock it!

ok sooo i finished one of my korean drama last night! remember i blogged about Queen InHyun's Man? yea...i finish watching all the episodes already!!!

its super good OMG love the show to the max! hahaha the guy is so loving and it was touching that he tried his best to get back to his beloved one. if only i had someone who does that, i will be the happiest girl on earth hahhaha ok this is not about me.

the last 2 episodes made me cried! it was painful to see they are separated where they love each other so much. the guy lost everything and willing to give up everything just to be with his girl. and the girl is always waiting for him to come get her, dont care its few months or a year.

in this drama, there are 3 songs which are my fav.
Deok Hwan - im going to meet you

4MEN - just once

joohee - another time, the same sky

when watching those sad parts and listening to joo hee's song playing in the background, it feels like my heart is going to break as well, seeing them to deeply in love but having to separated by reality. its good that they had a very happy ending =)


Wednesday, 20 June 2012

A New Day

hello darlings!!! how are you all doing?? 

Today symbolized something meaningful to me. a big force towards moving on. im sick and gave up on looking at the past and let it dictate how i should be a person in the future. i mean looking at the past and making sure you dont repeat the same mistake from the past is good and trying to improve yourself to be the better you everyday is good too, just dont let it overpower you and kill your mood all the time. if you understand what im trying to say, then you will get what im trying to say. if you dont...well, one day you will understand.

went for shopping with Amanda at Midvalley and S.pyramid. spent the whole day shopping OMG god only knows how long i havent done this. stupid finals! hmphh

but first of all, its lunch time in Bangsar. cant wait for some yums food for the tummy =) 

some outfit update:
our outfits for today

paired my summer dress with a long sling brown mini bag

after having her car parked at the mall, we walked out towards the streets to think where we want to have lunch..."errrr....hmmm.....what ah...i also dont know..." hahah typical convo some indecisive girls thinking what to eat. Alexis? Delicious? "no mamak" then what.........? finally, ended up at Plan B.

yea, Plan B again. Apparently, Plan B at Bangsar isnt as big as i thought it would be, unlike Publika! guess im sticking to Publika for some time now. hehe 

while waiting for our food to be served, its camwhore time!!

camwhore and chit chat...wheres our food yo? haha we both girls can really talk, talk and talk and talk...sometimes complain this that bla bla bla more talking going on. hahaha also fun, at least its more welcoming than to spend the time thinking what to say instead. just talk!

yums food time
wild mushroom soup
carbona pasta
egg benedict

i love their wild mushroom soup. Its creamy and has the bits and pieces of mushroom inside the soup. yums!!  i finally tried their egg benedict and i didnt really enjoy it, because it tasted nice during the first few bites but then it was a challenge to finish the rest. i find it very heavy and filling. i think Amanda must have enjoy her pasta, she ate it without any complains at all - eating happily la la la la =)

ok. after a heavy lunch, its time for shopping! muuahaha most excited part of today's outing. saw alot of nice things and also checked out alot of stores. saw a cute guy at Zara hahaa more shopping and more shopping~~ i fell in love with one the earrings from TopShop OMG should i go back and get it...?? hmmm then like a few pairs of shoes also from TopShop and some from Dorothy Perkins. OMG if only im printing money at home!!! ok...just words to describe my need for money. 

will be busy for the next few days. going to fully utilize my holidays before having to report back to uni. stupid-hell place grrrr


Tuesday, 19 June 2012

hiii darlings!! yea, me blogging at this hour (almost 3am). dont ask why, i had a very long longgg day.

im finally DONE. DONE. DONE with my god damn it finals ok. finally DONE with the stressful shit. made my life a living hell. stress about this that, no wonder i know my lifespan is going to be very short and my wrinkles will appear more earlier compare to other girls.

you all know what im going to be doing after this right?? of cause its call for SHOPPING. HANGING OUT WITH MY FRIENDS. SLEEP ALOT. WATCH ALOT OF KOREAN DRAMA. WORK. SHOP MORE. AND OTHER STUFF IM SURE YET!

muahahaha i love the sense of freedom. can never ground me. never

let me use a song to express my feelings to declare my Independence Day today

i was relief that my days of stressing is over, yea yea i know theres still the results to worry about BUT then OMG i dont care ok. sickening to be stressing all the time. 

was hoping to enjoy the day peacefully. did my errands in KL. then the worst things happened. i cried...and later at night saw that stupid ass and his ........ahhh nvm...you wont want to know. screw it

Im fine, dont worry. i got my friends to back me up!! love them to death OMG. "keep your close friends close to you and you feel the security"

anyway, stay tuned for updates ok!! 


Monday, 18 June 2012

Happy Father's Day

how did you all celebrate Father's Day??? 

of cause the usual celebration, giving him a card appreciating everything he ever done for you since you were born....treating him nice dinner....daugthers giving a kiss on his cheek...err sons spend the time playing PS 3 together..? hahaha im not sure about that.

Me and mom and dad went for seafood dins dins at Tanjung Harapan, Port Klang. The food is super delicious!! no doubt!! been there a few times and the standard still maintain, which is good because everytime i go back to the same restaurant i like..the taste of their food change from good to bad or worse over time. 

the restaurant is located above the shore

the lighting caused the sign to be invincible. grrr but nvm! it looks bright and welcoming no? haha 

we got there late, around 8ish pm. should have gone there earlier because early timing means you still have the chance to eat their infamous seafood such crabs. fresh prawns, lala, err whatever seafood there are. The place is super chilling because it feels like home. Define "feel like home"?... ok, let me put it this way...just imagine youre sitting on plastic chairs, having your food served on old-granny-like-tables...which shows theres no fuss to eat, you can eat with your hands and lick your fingers, open a few bottles of beer with your fellow meal companion while chit chat all the way through the meal. i dont know about most of you but i quite prefer these type of places than wine and dine place sometimes. 

called all our fav seafood!! fried squid, deep fried prawn with little sauce, steam fish!! omg they tasted so good. nom nom nom me and mum fought over the fish head, heres the thing when theres fish on the table..its me against the fish plus mum against the fish. dont ask why, we just love fish alot. =)

was full after finishing up everything on the plates. super satisfied!! hehe 

time to go home! took some pics while walking to the car.

just pick your fish here and the chef will cook it on the spot for you
wooden floor : beware if you decide to wear heels

feeling so fat...ohhh noo

k, thx, c u 

Saturday, 16 June 2012

funny and enjoyable moments

happy Saturday  y'all! hope everyone is having a blast!! =)

sadly, im staying home tonight because i got 1 more paper due on next tues which makes me no mood to party....yet hehe well, boring night doesnt mean i need spend it on doing something boring right?! i've been watching funny videos lately.

AFV...My wife and Kids...these 2 shows cracks me up like crazy. after stressing the whole freaking day, its good to have a good laugh before hitting the sack and call it a day.

My wife and kids season 1 episode 1

season 5 episode

i prefer watching the first season because the kids are still young and they are much more funnier.

AFV video - christmas special

these are some videos you all can watch...can search more on youtube.

been downloading k-pop like crazy today. loving the new songs omg. BTOB/BAP/UKISS....their new songs are super good.

BTOB - irresistible lips

BAP - power

errr for first time listeners to this songs, i suggest paying more attention to their song would be better than watching the MV...

Dalmation - ER

Although 2012 new songs are nice, but im still loving the old songs!

BEAST - fiction

2 of my all time fav songs!!

yea ok ok, im not all kpop, i listen to Hollywood too.

ATB featuring Dash Berlin - Apollo Road

Flo Rida - good feeling

ok, thanks, see you 

Friday, 15 June 2012


just got home and and managed to have a nice warm bath. how was your friday? im sure most of you are out partying somewhere. TGIF. i know i shouldnt be saying that since it means less time for me to study for CL. but so what? one paper shouldnt dictate what i should do on my friday! hmph

so what happened was i asked amanda to come over and teach me law. she gave me some guidance on how to answer different type of Qs. super cool feeling when you have your a law friend that can help you hahaha so sweet of her to give me some help. planned to study after she left but then....SCREW LAW woooo~ went out with her to Pavilion for shopping instead! hahaha i know i should be studying but I JUST DONT CARE ANYMORE i cant deal with all the coping-up-at-home-and-study. i HAD ENOUGH OF DEALING WITH STRESS SERIOUSLY AND GOING CRAZY LOOKING AT WALLS AND HAVE NO SOCIAL CONTACT WITH PEOPLE. you get me? you must be thinking i really lost it. yea, i almost did. 

Shopping therapy to my rescue. OMG thanks whoever created the meaning "fun" "shopping" "relax" "enjoy"!! we got to Pavilion around 4pm. got hungry and i FINALLY got myself macaroons! i have been craving to get them but been procrastinating to save nice things after exams BUT WHO CRAES. hmph  

chocolate and pistachio flavor 

ignore my retarded nail polish

OMG the macaroons tasted soo nice. soo chewy..soo sweet...sooo soft. super awesome! it cost me rm 3.80 each, which i think its fine for the size. the small shops-like-stores at Empire sold macaroons that were smaller than these i ate and costed abit more. shall stick to these big and soft babies! yums yums!

we shop....shop....shop at Pavilion...then shop along Fahrenheit...stopped by Zara and COCICOCI ...went into Lot 10 before heading back to Pavilion. was thinking of getting a pair of Birkenstock for myself but after seeing the design...OMG errr i changed my mind. the colours were dull and the design did not really appeal to me. 

BIG NEWS : H&M is opening at Lot10!!! yea, im soo there first thing it opens!!!

went to Pavilion to walk somemore and have dins dins at Ben's. Love treating myself to nice food after few weeks of stressing for finals. 

"what are you looking at?"

having a bad hair day

see the cards we are holding in our hands? these cards are questions cards that you and fellow meal companions can get yourselves occupy while waiting for your food to be served. the questions are easy YET tricky! so lovebirds going for a date, can consider Ben's, good food/atmosphere/service/questions cards to give each other chances to get to know each other =)

wheres my food? apparently, our dins dins were served within 10mins, i was expecting waiting time to be more than 15mins judging the crowd but not bad! Ben's services pass!!!

amanda's dins dins...i forgot the name oops
my portobello mushroom burger with fries and salad on the side

super yums~

red velvet cake

didnt order any drinks. chose plain water since we were eating heaty and filling food, must well enjoy the food than burden ourselves with heavy drinks. what do i mean by heavy drinks? something like coffee, coffee has milk in it so drinking it will make me full and adding in the burger, i will need amanda to carry me to my car after dins dins. my burger is actually a vege burger, no meat. 

if im not mistaken, Ben's and Plan B is runned under the same owner/company. Instead of Ben's, i prefer Plan B. hahaha will be going there soon! i miss the food there =)

checked out what i bought! >>>

these are my common brands now. love their basics clothes, its comfortable and simple and most importantly i can wear it everyday i want. hehehe yea, girls dont wear the same thing everyday, but i would like to wear comfy clothes everyday. these clothes i bought, they are super comfy!! Am positive. 

thinking of getting another pair of sandals. my Havaianas sandals are doing me fine, been wearing them almost everyday. but saw a pair Flip Flops (pink!) at Parkson. sooo CUTE hmmm might as well get it? im not sure.

ok.....im pretty myself now. destressed. normal and feeling abit more lively and freely and easy. before these OMG something was seriously going wrong. how wrong? my bestie had to call me from Aus to check up on me.

thanks for reading