Tuesday, 29 May 2012

how am i doing?

hi everyone, i notice i havent blog recently. im having finals soon so i cant concentrate on posting about anything. sorry

how have i been doing? how well can i be since its finals season. (not meaning to be sarcastic) yeap, im stressed out and depressed and paranoia, constantly thinking i didnt study at all and will fail all my subjects. Im losing hair/having dry skin/pimples popping out....bla bla bla OMG i just hate finals so much! 

im even sleep deprived and always tired throughout the day. i know im not the only one facing these matters but so....? im telling about myself. heheh 

been listening to music while studying...to calm my nerves so the information can flow into my brain faster and less stress contradicting everything on the way in. What am i listening? Wedding dress by Taeyang.... baby steps by TTS...all those balled emoish korean songs. love them! these songs express what im thinking/feeling. 

read an article on the newspaper the other day, it was about relationships. i know i shouldnt be taking this sort of matter into account at the moment but finals doesnt mean i stop caring about my personal life and immune myself for studies...its just 4 papers. (i know studies are important, chill).  anyway~ back to what im trying to say..... i thought of my relationships in the past and thought to myself "its unfortunate events and its not that i want it to end badly, its just i wasnt mature enough to handle things, shouldnt blame anyone nor be stuck regretting about the past", im moving on...i want to move on....live my life the way i want and if i do meet someone in the future, and if hes worth my time and love, i will never let him go. do i sound abit late to be really making a move on now? hahah sorry, im abit late in certain things. thats what make everyone different right? =)

OMG i got to go study now. put it off for almost half an hour. jog later then might meet up with Eileen for Uncle Jang?? dont know. take pics and blog, i know!!! stay tuned!

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Wednesday, 23 May 2012

17051992 Belated Birthday Post

i know i know....where have i been right? hahah sorry, i have been busy with my studies and ended up putting off blogging for a while since the last time i blogged. Im going to be blogging about my birthday celebration with Cassie...(before i forget and blog about something else!) hehehe

it was super nice and fun to hangout with her, had a great meal and enjoyed good company =) 

We went to Chilli's at KLCC for lunch. At first, i planned to go Chinoz At The Park but it was in the process of RENOVATING!! OMGGG i went there to tryout the place and it was renovating! freaking ass man..... then fine, we switch to Ben's, and it was full-house there. We need to wait 40mins just to get a table!! OMG screw it, im not going to be put on hold for 40mins just to have lunch and i was starving at that time. Do i sound spoiled? noooo try thinking youre the one having to wait for 40mins to eat. Finally, no choice but go Chilli's. Wondering whether we need to wait for a table at Chilli's? duhhh its Chilli's after all. We were suppose to wait for 40mins as well for a table but since we were not picky and simple enough to choose to sit at the bar. 

The bar was fine, we didnt fuss much about it. Just another place to sit. And OF CAUSE its NOT comfortable to sit on a tall stool to eat your food ok. hahahha enough complain* here comes the camwhore pictures!

lighting was not good at my sitting position.....

While waiting for our food to be served, its present time!! woohooo i was excited to find out whats inside the Famous Amos bag hahaah Actually, i thought she got me cookies so i was abit demotivated* cause im not really a fan of cookies since it will make me fat =( but then i opened and saw a Hello Kitty perfume, it was sooooo CUTE and PRETTY, i fell in love with it on the spot!! super happy heheh 

look at my stupid face and that big grin OMG

                           freaking eager to open it!

Its a nice gift! thanks Casssie hahaha i dont want to use it......want to keep it there sooo the perfume will stay there forever and its tooo CUTE to be used!! OMG aahhhh 

Anyway~~ wheres our food?? 

Fish N Chips

Chicken Ranch Burger

Fatty and YUMMY~

Freaking delicious and we ate until we were sooo fulll OMG well, we didnt want to waste the food. its not good to waste food, since theres alot of people couldnt afford a proper meal nowadays. its making me hungry now (staring at the food while blogging) hahahha

Cassie! Chinoz, Bangsat next! cant wait!!! 

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Friday, 18 May 2012

17051992 - My 20th BIRTHDAY!!

OMG im finally 20 years old!!! so freaking OLD* OMG hahahha i can't accept the fact i got the "2" in my 2 digit age. i know im being ridiculous righttt but horrrr turning and being 20 years old means youre growing up/skin becomes less elastic/more problems and.....whatever else!!! ohh nooo what do to do? i cant stop time right?? so must well live with it. I am now, dont worry! i stopped whining =)

How did i celebrated? of cause celebrate it by having dinner at my fav restaurant and sharing the meal with my parents. why? cause through all the shit and all crap or whatever crazy things happened in my 20 years of they, they were the 2 good ass people that put up with those shits. As a single child, i got admit that theres no way i can survive without my parents. i know whats "lonely" and "happiness & content" means. 

Ok....enough touchy talk. Fav restuarant is Zanmai =) mum decided to treat me jap food since i love jap food like an idiot hahaha i did the waiting for the table OMG Zanmai need to expand their space!!

photo taken while waiting for my parents to arrive

After 20 minutes later....... we start our meal!

my fav soft shell crab maki! 

I enjoyed the dinner very much!! super happy eating my food with my parents =) felt the happiest girl on earth....hahaha i know it sounds cheesy*

Next is my mini birthday cake!

Green Tea & Marshmellow strawberry chesse cake from Secret Recipe hehehe these cakes are super nice tooo and its cheap yummyyyyy~~~

Now its time to show you what my mum got me!

my member card from Laneige
i was given some free samples

hydrating essence! i want this too

i want the whole set!! ahhhhhh

i asked my mum to get it because i heard Eileen said its good and its one of the top 10 beauty products. sooo why not give it a try?? its rm 100, cheap right?? i might get the hydrating essence or even the whole set....if my mum is generous enough to get them for me hehehe

its so tidy and neat! melly love =)

bb cream is good

Feel soooo fat after all the good food but definitely enjoyed it! muahahahaha thanks mummy and awww daddy for errrr taking care of me for all these years shy smile*

its not something big or grant but its what i want 

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Tuesday, 15 May 2012


Finally bought what i want!! got a new toner from Etude House =)

Im into Korean facial products now. OMG im going to be sooo Korean soon! hahaa..........

Heres what i got >>>>

'Made in Korea' should be find to use?? hahaha im not sure, just being brave to use something foreign =) i bought the version thats suitable for sensitive skin. to be on the safe side~~~

Product :

Version : Deep Moist

Price : rm 71.90 (after discount)

hmmmm i might want to get the moisturizer too......heheh dont know yet! 

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