Saturday, 28 April 2012

MAY 2012

hiii everyone!! how are you? i know i have been blogging on Saturdays and Sundays now, im really busy with work and uni lately. sorry dearies!! i will regain my commitment towards blogging from now on k! hehehe (i dont mean it like a job but i love blogging so i shouldnt let my fav hobby fade) 

MAY is just 1 day away. OMG time flies soo fast. My bestie is in aus for 4months now, started working, in the  heat of assignment datelines, no him*, hardly went for shopping (ohh no), avengers is out and snow white yet to be released hmmm what else....bla bla bla bla alot of things going on. Im sure same situation for you all too!! 

Let me think what else is coming up for MAY~~ errr my birthday....rushing for assignments.....more late nights....OMG my skin!! please, we all girls know that late nights and sleep deprived worsen our skin. what to do~~ i hope MAY will do my good, i have been having a very hard time for the past few months. =( 

Stay tune with my blog as i will constant update my blog with new stuff! 

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Wednesday, 25 April 2012


i've been so crazy busy with assignments and everything else, and i decide to leave some time out to blog!! now you know i'm committed to blogging?? hahaha so keep yourself updated with my blog! i will blogging about all kind of stuff and you wont be bored reading at all! (maybe it will be boring for BOYS, because im blogging about girls' stuff) 

How is everyone doing? hang in there! its only just Wednesday, 2 more days til the weekends! =) 

So what im blogging about now is FaceShop's Top Girl competition. Remember i went out with Amanda for shopping few weeks back? i bought an gold glitter eyeshadow from there.....? if you dont remember, i will refresh your memory then. Its like this, few weeks back when i went out with amanda, she brought me to FaceShop to buy makeup and i bought the eyeshadow. What happened was when i was standing at the counter waiting for my balance return, i saw this flyer, "FaceShop's Top Girl" challenge. I dont normally just join any competition, but i was in the mood of "soo what harm can it do to me? not like im winning for sure" that i took the flyer and i participate online a few days later. 

Its easy to participate, all you need to do is log on to  or and fill up the form. Write in some basic personal details. State : Why i should be the Top Girl?. Attach 2 recent fullbody/halfbody photos. THEN go and collect your FREE GIFT! yeap i said free gift because just participating, youre eligible to get a free gift from any FaceShop outlets.  you will receive an email noting that your participation is received by them and you can go redeem your free gift =)

I got mine! in the pink package, its all their samples

please ignore my crap at the side =)

a list of all the products inside the packaging


its not very big, so use wisely!

some information about their products

i know what are you guys thinking!! in the case if i win, what would happen right?

Being the Top Girl - rm 8,000 CASH + free trip to Korea and meet other Top GIrls from other countries + meet their BA (Kim Hyun Joon & Kim Bo Reum! in Korea + be FaceShop's model for a year + Annual gifts from FaceShop + rm 1,000 from Blincon

Top 3 winners - rm 600 worth hamper from FaceShop

Top 10 winners - rm 150 worth hamper from FaceShop and rm 100 woth hamper from Blincon

It may not be some kind of prestigious beauty pageant but im just joined it for fun hahaha i dont really care whether i win anot.  

Want to get the flyer? just visit any FaceShop outlets and you will find them at the counter or you can ask for it from the salespersons. 

Omg i need start my assignments! sorry gtg =) thanks for reading!

Sunday, 22 April 2012

Publika and Ikea on the weekends!!

Hiiii everyone! how was your weekend? (i know i just updated my blog in the afternoon, but hey, im a blogger and i enjoy blogging) hehehe support me k, my dearies!!

Anyway, my weekend was normal and doesnt include drinking or partying, but just simple nice dinner at Publika and lunch at Ikea cafe with friends. I met up with my cousin on friday night and went out for dinner and some catchingup. Ever since she started her course, it was all fast track assignments and test and studying (i know because im having it now as well) so we hardly hangout with each other lately. 

camwhore abit before going to dinner =)

Dinner was at The B.I.G Grocer, Publika. I'm getting the love-wave of Publika now.....its new and chic and high end and clean looking, also not to mention posh-looking! hehee The dinner bill was ok, not to say its pricey but just ok. There were a lot of expatrics dinning there too... majority!  we ordered 2 dishes, pizza and salad. 

yeap, all the late nights and stress is showing on my face

Salad (cod fish mixed with pineapples and cucumber) and pizza (breakfast topping). I dont know why my cousin eats the salad, i find it gross.....ahhaaha serious because it tasted weird to me. fish was cold and pineapples got the tangy flavor bluke bluke!! sorry, im not really that much a food-adventurer. BUT the pizza was super nice and YUMMY!! got eggs, bacon, cheese and bla bla whatever else you see in the photo hehe i ate alot of the pizza, it was very thin crust but it was a large portion so i was full. 

salad + pizza = rm 48.50. see ok right? i bet going to PizzaHut is way expensive than this. 

How do people end a nice dinner? of cause with dessert!! haha we bought Moo Cow, mine has cornflakes topping and my cousin has the choc sauce topping. Moo Cow aint cheap man, costed us rm 10 each cup. nvm~ my first (and last) time buying it!!! i rather buy tutti frutti!! hmphhh =P 

it taste ok, nothing to shout about

photo collage made by my cousin!

Next day, it was lunch at Ikea cafe!! you all know it right?? super cheap and nice food! cosy environment too =) i hungout with my cousin and her friend. we talked about living in kl and everything about a new lifestyle along with other stuff~~ 

soup (rm3) + salmon with baked potato and vege (rm10.50) + meatballs (rm 10) + vegetarian pasta (rm5) = ??? you do the math. yeap! its cheap. where can you get this portion and nice and cheap?? i know im sticking to Ikea cafe for a long time to come. (thats if the food has no changes of cause)

After lunch, we watched Battleship (movie) at Cinaplex. The movie was about this guy, a loser - no job/responsibility/leadership/aim in life/gf/live off his bro, joined the army/got a gf/saved the world from aliens. Actions and hot guys woooo the movie was FINE! hahaha  not much of storyline but all in all it was good!

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Saturday, 21 April 2012


More prom photos!

isnt she cute? hahaha (im not gay)

i knew it she will win!
dont know when did my friend took this....

Thanks! =)

Friday, 20 April 2012

Prom Night 190412

hiii everyone!! TGIF omg i've been long waiting for the weekend to come so i can just chill and hibernate abit at  home or hangout with my friends. hahaa I will be blogging about my prom night that took place yesterday night. Yeap, ME went prom ok. Why am i sound weirdout about this? thats because i always avoid this kind of events where theres always dress/bag/hair/makeup/bla bla bla drama and other shit that need* to happen just for one night. OMG not to mention about the MONEY spent on everything, from the ticket to the makeup details. hahahaha ok, all complains aside. 

Getting ready : there was alot of things to be done. and seriously, getting makeup done alone is a pain/nervous/stressful to-do-thing!! why? because it took me 2 hours plus to get my MAKEUP done!! Thanks to one of my dearest friend, Amanda Ching,, shes the one who did my makeup. I admit she know her thing, because i think my makeup look like it was done by a pro. She was so kind to offer to do my makeup, IM NOT SUCKING UP, but im serious.....where do you find rare good friends like her? 

talk no more! check it out yourself.

gold and brown contrast smokey eye

she did my makeup the exact way i wanted. haha it was something new and diffferent for me, wasn't used to looking at myself with thick makeup and ALOT of makeup for the first time so i kept staring at myself in the mirror! haha 

the dress i bought is simple and white. i dont really like the normal evening gown that ladies usually wear to dinners. too common and x-rated 

my dress

the dress seem short on me right? what to do, i like ma and i didnt like any other dress.

I was abit late to get to hotel lobby to meet up with my friends. haha too my sweet time to go. it was my first time to prom so i was abit nervous and have this annoying dont-know-what-to-expect feel. silly right? hahha i guess the prom went well. Abit boring because i wasnt realling concentrating on the performance going on on stage or my friends talking at the table. I spent most of the time sipping my orange juice/eating food/stoning/ and chamwhore!!

posing with Miss VU

they were posing normal at first

then Max was kissing Kok Hong on the cheek!

Chun Haw wearing white! something different from a sea of black suit

Everyone was coming and meet up outside the hall, and soon it was time to go in after our VVIP arrived. (im not sure whos are they but screw it! ) hehe Everyone was dress to impress, boys were dressed up like "a rich man's son" and ladies looking their finest. (I couldnt even recognize any of my coursemates! i see them everyday!) They looked so different OMG hahha 

I was excited to camwhore with them!! 

it felt like as if i was having dinner with the BOD

zaff is looking handsome =)

i took this when he was talking (just closed his mouth)

super FUNNY when all my lecturers went up stage to sing!!

there are many more pictures but its with my friends.... heres pictures of my preferable food among all 8 course 

hahaha only 2 dishes i like, the others very urghh 5 star hotel i expected more than this quality but what to do? malaysia ma. anything also can make do. 

the diluted orange juice i have been sipping whole night 

Throughout the prom, there performances by the Miss VU nominees (i didnt pay much attention) there were all sorts of performances, almost-stripper-like dance, sexy dance, yo yo show, and theres singing. One my friend, Jeremy, sang well in mandarin. The guy got guts man!! sang like he did it before. For the sexy dancing, it was really inappropriate, because i so happened to found out that one of the VVIP was Jeffrey Cheah's wife, and how isit nice to shake your booty in front of people like that??

Anyway, thats all for my prom. (at least i went once) i guess i had fun.... =)

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