Saturday, 31 March 2012

LMFAO in Msia!

OMG OMG LMFAO will be in town on 9th April!! I want to go!!! Their songs are so freaking cool!!!

But sadly i cant, because i got alot of studying and god-damn-assignments-royal-pain-in-the-ass to do. urghhhh this is so annoying!!

There are so many songs i want to hear from them LIVE. The main 3 songs i want to hear are Party rock anthem, Sorry for party rocking and Shots. Freaking cool songs!!

It sucks that i cant go =(

The concert will be held at Sunway Lagoon's Surf Beach, Bandar Sunway. 

For those who interested to go and wondering where to get the tickets, feel free to log onto this website : or at all Rock Corner, The Guitar Store and Victoria Music stores. 

Ticket prices are as below: 

Alternatively, you can win some free tickets by simply produce an online video submission on their version of what they think LMFAO would do if the members were Malaysians and post it on or There will only 3 winners for this competition, so be the most CREATIVE and BOLD of yourselves!!

Have fun at the concert! (i might go? hahaha see you guys there?) =)

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Friday, 30 March 2012

Hiiii everyone, how are you all?

Its Friday, whatsup for the weekends? Sorry i havent blog for almost a week, been crazy busy with assignments and stuff. urghhh now my face got more pimples than ever. (assignment season = pimple season)

Almost a week i havent blog, im going to blog about my shopping stuff...... hahaha (im a girl ma) mischievous smile* I did alot of window shopping than actual shopping at Pavilion. Well theres nothing much i like in the stores nowadays, the clothes are mostly x-rated and pass season and some are too pricey to pay for a simple piece of cloth (as repeated : my parents dont print money). Tsktsk To all store-owners, get off your bum and start designing/importing nice things into Msia!! 

(1) Black sandals - Havaianas, rm 109.90 

(2) Baby pink top - Zara, rm 49.00

(3) Dark blue leggings - Mango, rm 49.00

Location of Purchases : sandals and top (Pavilion), leggings (Pyramid)

Im loving all my purchases, its all meant to used for school. Im going to start dressing comfy for uni, dressing up can be a hassle for early morning class. =) The price is alright because its the price youre paying for comfort,  compare to the usual leng leng and cheap clothes, its not really comfy?!!! i know~ 

When i was pondering whether i should get the leggings (tough decision), it was tough because i was afraid that the material is thin and will make my knickers show -VPL, which i also know that in Fashion is a NO NO, but hurray! after i bought it and tried it out (using the next day), there was hardly any VPL!! phew 

As for the sandals, there was drama that made me convinced myself to get a new pair. Once I bought 2 pair of sandals from Cotton On, and IT DOESNT LAST, NOT EVEN MORE THAN 3 MONTHS!! seriously, its such a pain in the ass. Even better, it threatened to trip me over countless times, i have decided that it finally have to go before i have an accident. Just imagine, having tripped over in public where my knickers will be showing and also a scar on my leg.....Ewwwwww OMG plus when its raining, i cant walk at normal speed at all, or i will lose my balance with just one step, i even need to hold on to the handrail for safety. urghhhh

My horrible sandals from Cotton On OMG

The base is so retarded now
I get floods because of that crack 

But NOW with Havaianas, i can travel safely!! =)

Look at the curvy platform, so comfy
small little detail

If youre all thinking "OMG, mel bought such expensive sandals?!" yes, i did, but i rather pay once for a good one then to always buy cheap one and keeeeeeep buying a new one to replace the rotten one! just do math, i will end paying even more than rm109.90. As far as i know, theres only one Havaianas store in Pavilion. 

Ahhhh~~ i made a mental note in my head : "only wear comfy clothes to uni". HOLD ON, comfy clothes does not mean i will be dressing all sloppy and boring and all the PLAIN JANE going on, THERE WILL NO SUCH THING!! Comfy but STYLISH and TRENDY and COOL and PRETTY! hahaha 

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Monday, 26 March 2012

Bittersweet controversy

Here's a bittersweet controversy blog post of mine. Haters can hate it, lovers can love it. 

What would you think when you see a bunch of people walking in a group? Take your thoughts a little further, what would would you think when you see a group of guys and girls/ girls/guys walking together? Everyone has different answers right..? of cause. 

I have started my second year for my degree not too long ago. Walking along the halls in uni, i can see fresh faces (more like Oh-Mi-God i started uni! and im way better than other people and all other shit), nerds, geeks, gamers, wannabe Queen Bs, potential ladies' men, genuine nice people, rare numbers of good-looking guys.....and so on. There were girls looking at me as if "yea, i can see you dont belong anywhere, dont even think of joining us", awwwww too bad, thats the last thing i would want. I have my fair share of experience of being in a group. It was fun and all-thumbs-up at first then all down-hill slopping without the "end" word. BUT, enjoy the times of being in a group, its fun of cause, if youre the kind of person whos likes/need to be in a group, move in a group, love sharing the same thinking as a group, cant survive without someone with you. by all means YEAH go for it! 

I had another funny incident is seeing many hiau girls in a group withh alot of "i think im good-looking" guys. Sad case* hahahhaa i know i sound mean, but hear me out~ Just think of this: a girl acts all "im the prettiest one alive and im going to seduce all the guys with what i wore today" (which is sport shoes, grandma skirt, frizzy hair, top that shows her fay tummy out). see what i mean sad? BETTER YET, the guys in the group actually entertain her needs* aww how nice.....hahahhaa i dont want to start on the guys. evil grin*

There are not-so-pretty people thinking/acting like everyone should get down on their needs and worship them, and there are those who are really pretty but couldnt be bother to show off, instead all they do is be cool, attend classes, and dress proper and classy. Thats what catch people's attention. not some CHEAP TRASH. 

Apart from cheap trash and whatever, there is the good side of uni. Which are kiasu people attending classes and lectures, wanting to be smart. It makes uni more interesting (sometimes stressful) and make people take assignments, tutorial works, dreams seriously. Isnt uni suppose to have that kind of influence on people studying there??

Breaking away from any needs to join groups/ want to be popular among peers/ someone famous with something, im focusing on my life. Its not selfish, its call prioritizing. All i want now is MONEY+DEGREE+HAPPY LIFE+SWEET MEMORIES WITH PEOPLE I LOVE AND CLOSE WITH+SHOPPING+BETTER SKIN+SLIM ASS. hahaha i hope these are achievable!! 

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Thursday, 22 March 2012

There's always Plan B

Hiiii everyone, how have you all been? Its TGIF, CHILL, go party!! =)

I shouldnt be blogging now, my corporate law is calling me but awww wait please! hehehe As you know, my cousin sis is going to be a permanent fixture in Sunway, KL for next months to come, this means AWESOME times! Shes not this excited like me because (its always me being all excited and she giving me the look*) haixxx nvm then~~ So..... she arrived in Kl for few days and attended her orientation and get know her new surroundings, moved into apartment and hangout with me (i think she thinks im a crybaby at the moment) Yesterday night, we had our first KL dinner at Plan B! Instead of my current fav Delicious, i wanted to try out Plan B at Publika, so we went for it. The food is superb and atmosphere is chilling! =) 

i didnt dress up much. shy*

chicken salad


comfy waiting lounge! how thoughtful!!

Tryout Plan B!! so far i know theres one in Bangsar Village and Publika =) The prices are abit cheaper than Delicious and the sittings are seriously comfortable and intimate (you can have your private conversation far away from the next table overhearing). They have alot of varieties of food, mains, starters, snacks and desserts. For drinkers, theres are liquor offered in the menu as well, so no worries!

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Wednesday, 21 March 2012


Heads up people!! BIG BANG released their new singles and its freaking AWESOME!!  

I'm korean fan, i love K-POP songs, drama, food and etc. hahaha When i saw Big Bang songs on youtube, i was going gaga for them man! seriously! go hear them out, they are good. Other than the normal boy band that depend more on their looks and music (not focusing on their vocal abilities), Big Bang's members can really sing. I have always love Big Bang, i watched their debut on MTV when they first started to take off. awww good for them that they became so BIG! 

Doesnt GD looks cool with his new hair-do?? its cool hahaha and abit gay? 

TOP spotting new BLUE hair!! can you imagine yourself with BLUE hair and still look cool? i bet you cant, you might end up looking like goth child or just wannabe! =P

I'm sure BIG BANG is going to win music bank for few-weeks-in-a-row handsdown! For those who doesnt know whos/whats BIG BANG, can get to know them now. 

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Monday, 19 March 2012

My pool photoshoot

Photographed by Melissa Lee 

I'm not a professional model or whatever but i'm just doing it for fun! heheh how do i look? if youre thinking why the pictures doesnt look perfect or why i dont look perfect, its because i didnt photoshop it. I'm not bother to as i know how i really look and i cant hide how i look. As you can see, i'm not boobiliciuos, thin, tall, pretty like most girls are, but hahaha this is me. =) 

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Saturday, 17 March 2012

VERTIGO 160312

I'm still alive!!! i'm back after recovering from some-sort-of-illness for 2days after a crazy nightout at Vertigo.... i dont know what got over me, i guess its those sleepless, restless, stressful weeks have finally taking its toll on me. I'm too old for sleepless nights OMG!! 

Vertigo was fun and its so new and i think the club owner took his/her time to decorate the club because it looks like a genuine/this-means-serious-clubbing/sophisticated club rather than MOS, with little space and a small dance floor that people call a club. urghhhh Unlike G6, where all the 25 and above go to, the crowd at Vertigo are so much younger and fresh, between 20-25 year olds. so chill girls, there will hardly be any uncles* lurking around. hahaha

While waiting for other friends to come, we girls are camwhoring!!!!

Mel and the bouncer


It was full house by 12am, everywhere was people drinking and dancing! ahhhh i kept moving around the table to avoid being push. lucky got my friends there to take care of me. yay! head down to Vertigo and enjoy the place, drinks, music and people like i did!

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Thursday, 15 March 2012

In my opinion....

In my opinion what relationship is about.....its strong and unique bond shared between 2 person, they love each other and they got together because they want to be with each other, not because of its an "in" thing or whatever that people now think what relationship is suppose to be. There's no such thing of "i think i suppose to expect from him/her to do this for me", honestly, you will get "please just try to understand me". When you come to think of "why cant she just listen to me?", retrace back why you fell for the person in the first place. Nothing has change but the both of you, its complicated and stressful and tiring and troublesome when there are arguments and all hell never seems going to end.......ask yourself what you want from all the arguments. (we cant argue for something without thinking what we really want for the outcome right?) 

Its understood its hard to keep a straight mind when we are angry, no one is perfect. (people who think they are perfect, ask them go fly kite) Speaking from experience, if things grew out of control, just walk away or just take a break and put space between you both. Why? because there will be possibilities that everything leads to a breakup (unless you want it that way)...... Until now, i dont understand why people get together and then breakup after few months, alot of thoughts go through my head each day. I wonder why, but as i think more and more, i get to understand that some things just cant always go as how you want them to. Especially matters that is related to feelings, it definitely cant be forced, when its gone means its gone and never coming back regardless of what you do to get it back. Its heartbreaking, yes, but i'm sure you know that LIFE is a BITCH. 

Worst scenario - breakup, the wound on your heart will never fade no matter how you get yourself drunk, tired,  busy and so on. With a good long period of time, the wound will heel but there will be always a scar left behind. (its just buried by a new layer of skin*) I know its something to be shy or embarrassing about to say that when youre dealing with a breakup, just CRY it ALL OUT. Its helps, in your head you must thinking "why should i cry over him?" "i shall not cry for that bitch/bastard" "urghhh, no way in hell i'm going to admit that i loved him" and whatever shit you all give excuses for. THINK ABOUT IT, its not youre crying over him or admitting something humiliating, its just youre getting over that person, crying might be able to give you the reality check in your mind that youre no longer with that person and you can be free and move on with your life.  better yet, maybe crying might keep you from doing something stupid, i.e thinking youre a failure, garbage, worst thing on this earth and so on. Theres no reason be that way because you know why? its just the both of you have been strangers before you all met and got together, when things didnt work out, you went your separate a way, you all were not compatible with each other and its better off for each of you to move on and find someone else good for you all. 

The breakup, you might blame each other that "OMG, he sucks, he doesnt know better of me" "shit man, shes such a bitch that she doesn know me well at all" UNDERSTAND this, nobody is right or wrong (since you both share different view) nobody have the right to judge you or your actions, not even your friends and your ex. If youre wondering why as if im acting like i know alot of these things, well actually i dont... i'm voicing out my OPINION. Everyone doesnt want to get hurt in any way, but i think getting over a heartbreak is the hardest thing to overcome because it involves your feelings and emotions. Hey, everyone mature and learn to get hold of things when they grew wiser right? so chill la. Breakup = freedom, you can do anything you want to heal thee pain, cry, moan, cry somemore, hang with your bestfriends, shopping, clubbing....bla bla... nobody cares!

Happy ending - everything goes on well, ahhh well~ not every relationship ends, of cause there are happy endings as well! hahaha After you found the right one, everything will be ok. why the right* one? thats because the right one will take the effort to understand you, love you, support you, care for you and bla bla bla =) he/she will not let you go if he/she really wants to you to his/her. Wait wait, dont get all excited and get your hopes up that everything will sweet because theres NO such thing! happy endings comes with a price, the journey is ever bumpy and uncertain for the both of you. Not meaning to be sarcastic, BEST OF LUCK to all the LOVEBIRDS out there!! =)

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Wednesday, 14 March 2012

love, food, friends, good times

Hiiii everyone =)

Today is Gupsay's 20th birthday!!! Happy Birthday to her! hahahhaha good thing she turn old before i do evil grin* hahahah just joking!!! She's one of my good friend from uni, she, nisha and suba helped me alot through my previous breakup, thanks to them, life is full of laughter and fun even though the world sucks in reality. They are alot of fun, i laugh throughout the time i spend with them. what do we do? talk shit and crap bla bla bla.....everything, from ex-s to just-normal-girl-stuff at uni. 

About Gups's birthday, i just got to know about it last night, thanks to suba's late notice. OMG i could have got her something. Nisha planned to have a surprise* lunch for her (last minute call) so me, suba and melissa (lee) met up at foyer before walking to Pyramid. Before going to Pyramid, there was this big drama of melissa lee-not-wanting-to-go-soooo-we-have-to-use-our-marketing-skills-to-get-her moving- OMGGGG used up soooooo much energy and saliva to convince her to go. After 10 minutes of sweet-talking and manipulating-speech, finally she come. Phew!! hahhaha

We bought cupcakes (replacing birthday cake) for Gups, 6 little yummy cupcakes! expenses by her boyfriend awwww =) The lunch venue was abit out of order because first choice's Kenny Rogers does not have 8-sitters so we changed course to Papa Jones for pizzas! yumm yummmm~  ugrhhhh so FATTT for me =/

We went to Papa Jones before Gups and her boyfriend did, with Gups not knowing whats going on, we all have to pretend we werent there (hiding under the table) embarrassed* waiting for suba to bring them to our table. Wait......wait......wait........wait.....finally they came! OMG we were like idiots hiding under the table. Gups was touched seeing us there for her. 

my face looks soooo fat here OMG ugly!!

Yeap, thats Melissa Lee

Its the birthday girl - Gups

anti-social us =(

Camwhore...and camwhore and more camwhore wooooooo~~~ =P Food was good, i'm surprised because its my first time there and i havent hear much of Papa Jones. The pizza taste better than PizzaHut but not better than Domino's. The price is cheaper than PizzaHut too (i'm not too sure compare to Domino's). You guys can give there a try! =)

Location : Papa Jones, new wing, Sunway Pyramid.

I feel sooo fat now, i'm going to go burn some fat! see you guys my next post =)

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