Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Clothes for sale

Hiiii how was your day today?

Hopefully it went well for you all because i didnt....haixxxx 

Anyway~~~ guess what?! i'm selling clothes, at a CHEAP price! These clothes belongs to my friend,  i'm just helping her to sell them. Why?? that's because she keep buying everything she likes without really considering whether the clothes suit her style anot/ whether its too small or too big for her anot.....bla bla.... and one day (yesterday) she said "mell, i dont like all my clothes! very sien! nahhh take and sell/give away/whatever" So here i am, promoting the clothes on my blog. There are some clothes that she never wore before, they were still in the plastic bags from the time they were purchased, my god. 

The questions you may be thinking of

"why should i buy her clothes?"
(1) its cheap (2) some of the clothes are with designer labels (3) it looks nice

"how CHEAP is CHEAP?"
(1) half price of the original price of each garment!!

"how do i get it?"
(1) if you're a Sunway student, me/she will meet up with you at uni to pass you the clothes (2) we can mail it to you.

"How do i pay?"
(1) we can meet up at uni then you can pay us (2) you can bank into her account

"Do i get a refund if i dont like the clothes after i received it?
(1) no, sorry

"Where's the price?"
(1) we inform you through email or facebook




Small stretchable band at the back of the dress 

its a curve shape at the top of burst

a zip at the side

Item A

Status: Used

Condition: Good, no holes, no strings threatening to come out, zip still working fine

Size: Free size

Detail on the sides of the dress

Close-up on the one-shoulder strap

Item B

Status: New

Condition: Good

Size: Free size

Description: This dress is a body-hugging dress, it looks tight and small but it fits just well because its stretchable. It also show off your curve because of the design of the dress. And, it does not really reveal your cleavage as the front is not low cut. 



Close up on the fringe

Item C

Status: Used

Condition: Good

Size: Free size


The bottom


Item D

Status: New

Condition: Good

Size: Free size



small detail at each of the side bottom

Adjustable strap

stretchable material

Item E - Pink

Status: New

Condition: Good

Size: XS

Item E - Green

Status: New

Condition: Good

Size: XS



The material of the top

Item F

Status: Used

Condition: Good

Size:: Free size

For further information and details, please contact me 

(1) email -

I hope you like the clothes! There will be more coming in =)

Thanks for reading

Monday, 27 February 2012

Precaution is better than cure

hiiii, guess what i will be blogging today?

yeap, i'm blogging about the safety measure everyone is responsible for during sexual intercourse (unless you're trying to be pregnant). you may be wondering why am i talking it, no other reasons that i just want to share my knowledge with you all about sex  (not to say i'm some professor in this matter). Having sex with your love one or just for fun is a common matter now. Dont snicker or like "ohh i dont know what are you talking" bla bla, i'm just advising to be careful. 

I heard some of my friends and some people i came to know of, they do it without condom. At our age, that's like asking for trouble. Whats the reasons of not getting one?..... too embarrassed to buy one? find it too expensive? "aiya, sooo mafan"? omg that's few of the lamest excuses. too embarrassed to buy one?....which is more embarrassing to buy condom with walk into the clinic for an abortion appointment?......find it too expensive?..... condom more expensive than raising an unexpected baby? "aiya, sooo mafan"?..... which one more important? orgasms or the possibility of getting pregnant? i may sound like i'm exaggerating but i hope you get my point. haha

Chill, dont get me wrong. i'm not writing this to judge anybody for having sex or whatever, it's just something of a reminder. =)

Its understandable that is is embarrassing to buy condom at the farmacy or wherever that sells condom. People will be thinking "omg, i hope he wont show the wink man" "i'm buying this for my friend*, dont get me wrong" "great, how should i do this"............ all kind of stressful debate going on in the mind. But still, just get it. What can the counter girl/guy say? at least you're cautious. 

As an alternative from buying the normal range of condom (for example, Durex) which will be more conspicuous for people to recognize it, you can get the new range of Love-Box condoms. The Love-Box range comes in colourful and sweets-like-box so if you accidentally bumped into your friends at the cashier would lessen the probability of initiating a controversy with your friends. How did i come to know this? i saw it in Watsons while shopping with my friend ok. Dont get weird thoughts that MellySak going snooping around for condoms!!! omg, my reputation! hahahah

So the normal range looks like this: 

bigger pack

smaller pack

and this is the Love-Box range:

Sold like this at Watsons

I dont know how much it cost but i guess its quite cheap....? hahah go figure it yourself!

Thanks for reading

Sunday, 26 February 2012

Lazy Sunday

i'm so lazy, bored, tired, some how emoing listening to this song on a Sunday.


its Monday tomorrow, fml! got to go to uni =(

Friday, 24 February 2012

all i did on thursday was EAT

hows everyone's FRIDAY going?

i'm blogging on a friday. its not sad because i took my long nap after having lunch with my friends. fat righttt? my was worse yesterday, back-to-back series of eating from breakfast to dinner. I met up with my friends to have meals together which i like doing as i can have a nice meal and good company. 

lunch was with Amanda. why not? hahaha she's like my friend also, i spill personal stories to her, go shopping, hang out at her house and so on. Ha! rachel ching, your sister is my friend too! but youre still my bestie, dont worry. awwwww me! hahaa

i was rushing to pyramid because of the stupid traffic. ugrhhhh even more annoying when i have to wait for old grandpas to signal left or right. (i'm so mean!) =p i camwhored while waiting for the traffic lights to turn green.

i know, i look like a retard, i wonder whether did anyone saw me doing this from the beside me.

my ends are soo dry! omygod. 

Finally arrived there in 10minutes, we met up at TGIF.

TGIF for a main reason, i had this coupon for free chicken fajitas. in my mind, i was thinking its going to be some cheapskate dish with small chickens and thrifty amount of saucers but noooo it was actually a big dish with delicious chicken and beef cutlets, served with nice saucers on a separate plate and a generous 4 pieces or tortilla  wraps. Score!! we also ordered another salad for greens, almond chicken salad....(i forgot the name)

guys, if youre wondering if the girl with the camera is available, nope shes not. awwww sad! hahaha anyway.......... dont the dishes look super yummy?!!! nom~nom~nom~ we were so full after finishing everything. waoooo i'm super fat now =(

we went Watsons as usuall, walking around looking for the new products, telling each other what one want to get, makeup, skin care bla bla bla if only our parents print loads of money yay!!! i left around 2.15pm to attend my lectures and she went home to do her assignment.

Next! my dinner with Cassandra at Empire. Well, it suppose to be a girls' night out but a party crasher (her boyfriend) decided to join us last minute. Excuse : he misses her. awwwww yaya its loving and la la la. i'm not being mean nor jealous ok!! they are lovely dovey makes me have goosebumps...

i decided to apply makeup, felt like doing it. Its unusual since im always lazy to put. how do i look?

the party crasher! grrrr =p

she recognized my necklace!! awwww isn't my necklace sparkly and cute?? hehehe  i was feeling for japanese food, so we decided Pasta Zanmai over Rakuzen since it cost a bomb just for one dish. But boooo, pasta zanmai was full of people, the only seats available was outside facing the parkings which was hot to sit there in the first place. So zanmai out of mind, we went for the small japanese store in Jaya Grocer. It was ok but the presentation of the dishes were nice. 

its quite cheap, rm 15.90 for each dish and tasted ok too. 

Urghhhhh i'm so fat after eating so much the whole day huhuhuhuh

thanks for reading =)

peanut butter and banana sandwich

As usual, i made my own breakfast in the morning. heheh

Why am i cooking all of a sudden? i dont know, just starting to find it interesting i guess. Dont you remember when we younger, we like to play with "masak masak"? well, now we can cook for real and eat it without getting stomachache! its fun cooking, but its not fun cleaning after it (i know!)

Its so annoying to clean!! why cant i get a dish washer??? my life will be so much easier....

Anyway, you all have any idea whats peanut butter and banana sandwich? of cause, you know rightt? i dont know why am i asking but ignore me. =p

Ok.... i made it yesterday morning, its super easy, especially for an amateur chef like me. if youre wondering why peanut butter and banana sandwich? (my opinion), banana is healthy in the morning, peanut for some crunch, butter er.... and bread to give you some energy!

So the ingredients needed to make this sandwich is simple:

The process:

1.  you mash your banana in a bowl or a plate, up to you. i know its gross looking but it will taste nice in the end. chill

2.  prepare 2 slices ( 1 serving) of bread on a plate, then spread your peanut butter and banana mash on each of your bread evenly then sandwich together. you can apply margarine before spreading if you want.

3.  Finally, its time for frying. =) what you do is that you oil the pan with margarine, then you put the sandwich onto the pan, put a little margarine on each side of the sandwich, and let it fry slowly. I cant give you the estimate for how long it suppose to be fried, but just wait til it is brown looking. (its not burned, its actually the color that will tell you thats its fried to perfection!)

4. take it out from the pan, and serve onto the plate. You can cut it into diagonal pieces, this is optional. Eat it with a glass of orange juice or coffee, chilled milo (for me), it will be the best breakfast.

Thanks for reading