Friday, 28 December 2012

special occasion with someone close

Merry Christmas everyone =) wheres my pressent?? haha i have been busy with both work and celebrating christmas with my friends. Im sure you saw my instagram that i was over at Rachel's house for christmas eve dins, i was excited and happy to be invited by her! This year is the first time i celebrated christmas with her. well, im not a Christian and shes always celebrating christmas with her family every year ( it doesnt mean only christian can celebrate christmas right...)

She cooked dins for her family and me, foood was not bad! so proud of her since she went from not-good-at-cooking to be able to prepare a proper meal. 

Wanting to spend more time with Rachel before she goes back to Australia, we went out on Thursday to Klcc. We shopped.. somemore.....shopped...and then had dins at Ben's before continue to shop. 

I was happy to shop with her cause we went from shopping for Hello Kitty to shopping for designer labels now, we have a long friendship you see. We are not some kind of weird girls in a gay relationship, just we are more like sisters than friends

yea, we share the same taste of food. Moreover, we share alot of things in common. hahah We ordered 2 Ben's cheeeseburgers and 2 mango milkshares, were so bao until i got to take my time to move after eating. OMG so fat already nowadays and getting fatter FML =/

Went to klcc park for a walk and checked out the christmas decos~ 

The colourful water fountain was pretty! Theres pink/purple/blue and so on. heee And yea, alot of people!!

The 2 of us walked around selca-ing hahaha couldnt be bother if theres anyone looking at us. Aiya, who cares..theres were many other people taking pics too hehe Envious with Rachel's fair skin~~~ huhu compare to her, i look tan =( plus, she dress vv korean nowadays, some what of a korean fashion fan like me!

After all the selca-ing, we channel back to our shopping. We finally went to Foruchizu, the things were ok i guess....didnt really impress me, and the prices are expensive. hmmmm Shop and shop and shop..finally its time to go home~~ was exhausted on the way home hahah but it was fun to hangout with her.

Lastly, OOTN!

LV speedy, Brand's Outlet black loafers, H&M grey see-through w diamond detail top, H&M black flare skirt

Thursday, 20 December 2012

Have you butter yourself?

I went shopping at Sephora the other day and i got myself some skin care products. Its the first time that i actually bought something from there hahaha cause mostly i find the some things are expensive and some of the time is i cant decide what i want from there. hahah girls are being girls... 

The things there are cool, makeups/skincare/makeup tools/perfumes wao pretty much everything you need is offered. I went over to the Soap of the Day section and boy~ they have pink and cute packaging!! so ME!! hahaha Since long ago, i wanted to try this range of skincare but i want to use up my Johnsons first so now that time is now here for me to try something new. =) 

Yeap.. "look good naked", butter yourself up with this lotion and have yourself smooth and glorious skin that you dont need your clothes. Let your skin outshine your garments. Isnt the packaging cute?? hehehe 

It smells sweet and nice, good thing after a nice bath dont you think? I tried it out and it really does keep my skin smooth for more than 12hours, the smell of the lotion stays too mildly... so without spritzing perfume would be ok.  

ooo i got their scrub too...but havent try that out yet. stay tune for the product review! 


Monday, 17 December 2012

Levain Boulangerie Patisserie

HiHi hows your monday so far? dont worry, it will be over in another hour, chill~~ Tomorrow, Tuesday will be good hee its just another ordinary day for me

Anyway... its going to be a food post again, yea.. i have more food post than anything else. good also right? i can kai siew new nice eateries for my dear readers to enjoy =)

its rather a late post, i went out eat-n-shop with rachel baby last week! to celebrate her bday in advance, cause i had work the other night hmmm... i had her all to myself which was awesome. spent the time enjoying our food and catch up alot.

Familiar with Levain? im sure most of you all do, kl people haha well, for those who dont know of it, i shall briefly describe : its a cafe/bakery located at 7, Jalan Delima, Kuala Lumpur, it sells delicious pastries, breads and also lunchies... pasta, sandwiches bla bla bla to the public. yeap, youre must be thinking "sure bo? talk only maybe!" NO, really awesome ok. everytime im there, i eat until bao bao one! go try then you will know haha 

pit chas time...

baby rachel
excuse my CMI no-makeup face
camwhored and chitchat while waiting for our food. Shes fairer than me but due to lighting so...yea..


Chicken Bolognese

fresh orange juice n hot choco (iphone not for sale)

Choco moose with custard balls n bluebrries on choco danish

i dont really know how to spell the food names so please understand. We ordered the same pasta hahaha so we can have one each to ourselves. =) Couldnt enjoy their breads cause there werent anymore room for it in our tummy. haha
So going to go back there soon OMG although its abit hard for me to get there, i always have GPS! muahahaha


Sunday, 9 December 2012

Heineken Thirst 2012


the event to let loose your hair, RAVE and drink booozeee with everyone there. wooooo the crowd was awesome MUSIC was awesome too OMG people were so hype with the atmosphere last night hahaha hope non of you guys missed it!

weather was cool and chilled, futuristic environment, sharing the moment with good company, Guest DJs [AVICII + Justice] = the night was EPIC. sadly i was there to work, not party. =/ would have enjoy myself if i were there to rave but its ok, i did enjoy myself working with my collegues heee DJ BLINK n GOLDFISH were hitting it, they were seriously good! AND theres Above & Beyond's Cant Sleep, hear it for yourself how awesome it is! >>>

Above & Beyond - Alone Tonight

AVICII - Levels

These are some of the songs i heard that were good and managed to remember the songs' names (im working, what to do??) im sure alot of people enjoyed themselves, many got drunk and party-ed real hard! The place was a mess omg, people sitting on the ground with their heads bent over and put in-between their legs, rubbish everywhere, girls and guys clinging onto each other like glue ( you can imagine yourself k)....seriously WOW 

Soooo want to be in Thirst 2013! hehe yea, for some of you thinking when am i into this kind of music.. thanks to my ex, i got the vibe of it. whats wrong with liking something different from your usual interests right??


Friday, 7 December 2012


Hello!! christmas is in 2 weeks, whats for the agenda on that day? share with me by simply dropping me a comment =) i dont think im having anything on yet...pfff might come up with something last minute. 

got myself something for reward myself for 2012's achievements. To haters : if youre thinking its pathetic to buy something for myself instead of my friends..well i dont care, no matter what you think of my actions, it doesnt affect me. i do whatever i want im not sharing what i got, but you shall see it sooon ;) heeeee

Anyway~~ im sure most of you noticed i changed my name from "Melly" to "Estelle". WHY? i dont like the sound of "Melly" when people is calling me. hahahah sounds like people calling a cat or a dog omg "Estelle" sounds better haha

yea i googled "Estelle" and theres such name instead of "Melly" is nowhere to be found. sad for "Melly" but halooo "Estelle". hey, i cant expect everyone to get use to my name straight away but im sure you will do your best right? =)

short update now. will update a longer post soon. cheers!

Thursday, 29 November 2012

100th blog post

<3 <3 <3 my 100th blog post since my debut! hehehe been thinking what am i going to write for my 100th post....sorry for the MIAing for such long time =) with 8xxx views, i still got a long way more to have more views for my blog. 

Forever it is
recognized whos eyes is this? yes, you guessed it right, Twilight saga : breaking dawn's Bella Swan. have you watched the movie? i watched it with rachel and her brother ytd! its the most awesomest show among the 4 series. Bella Swan became a vampire after giving birth to Resnessme( i have no idea how to spell complicated), shes a pretty vampire with full sense of protectiveness for her child and Edward. 

stunning pale white skin tone, slim figure, strong physical strength, sharp eye vision, immortal lifespan, beautiful eye colour... i wish i was a vampire while im watching the movie. its impressive how the Americans can create a fantasy through a show where i can wish i live in a dream. The story really made me feel love is all i need to survive, with the one i love the most and people i care is all i need to live no matter how hard the courses happens in life. 

but on the other hand, given if im a vampire, i dont really want to look as creepy as this :

nor bring my family to war like this
hahhaa this is fantasy, not real. im saying it as if its real =P  Such a good ending to the series and gave Edward and Bella a happy and peaceful ending to their love story. im envious with what the 2 of them have, wish i could something like them in the future =)


Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Bubba Gump for dins

hii everyone! im back after spending so much time studying for finals. my friends complained that im slacking off from blogging.... hehehe sorry. how was everyone's halloween? i saw a lot events going on for the whole week, was jealous that i couldnt celebrate it =(

i did nothing but sleep, eat, study for the past few weeks. Totally living like a zombie. im sure you all saw my instagram pics right? yea, since i cant update my blog about my whereabouts and happenings, i guess i should make an effort to post some pics of my instar heee if youre wondering whos that long hair China/Korean-ish looking girl that has always been with me in the pics, shes my coursemate that we study together for finals. anyway~~ im abit fatter now omg and dont look all-that-good due to stress. haih...good thing im left with my last paper next week and im free!!

hardly been able to eat at home so my mum purposely set a dins date with her and dad ytd night. It was Bubba Gump! yums~~ see why my diet plan is always a FAILURE!! grrrr 

its empty because we were there early. We went to the Bubba Gump @ Citta Mall. Citta Mall is located opposite Suajana Resort. Main reason why we went there was because mum didnt want to fuss around with going to the one in Pyramid. saying need to pay with the crowd...wait for the food to come....this this that that la. aiya, its all fine by me #1 im sick of pyramid #2 i dont want to hear my mum fuss, annoys me when im eating. 

we ordered ourselves a 3-courses meal >>>> starters, mains, and dessert =)

shrimp chowder w garlic bread 
Dumb Luck Shrimps

Catch Of the Day w mash potato n potato sticks
And here comes the all-diet-killer 

Mud Pie

To me, its a cake with whole lot of ice cream on top. To my mum, "omg how are the 3 us going to finish this?!!". To my dad, "i think i should ask the waiter whats his problem with differentiating between 2person-portion and 5person-portion" seriously OMGG it was no pie ok, it was like a whole cake for a birthday. All complains aside, at the end of the meal, IT WAS SO YUMMY THAT WE JUST CLEAN THE PLATE as if the pie was never there. abit too exaggerated....but you get what i mean. 

Apart from the pie, the chowder..deep fried shrimps and the fish were all delicious. =) heee

ohh i took some pic of the restaurant while we were waiting for the food! check it out

The "Run Forest Run" was signal to call our waiter for service. Go and try out a dinning experience @ Bubba you will understand what im saying. P.S i thought my mum brought the kitchen paper hahaha 

lastly, selca!

spot my new I <3 mustache black dress heee new Nov item. i looked abit pale and tired so i edit the pic gosh i need good sleep! 

i will try to keep my blog updated, dont worry >=)


Saturday, 27 October 2012

miss blogging

hi babes! sorry MIA for so long. going to have finals in 2 days!! oh my god =O stressing out and too busy with preparations. follow my instagram for my updates on whereabouts and happenings =)

cheers x take care

Monday, 15 October 2012


wokeup to realize that today is Monday. Before i let myself get all emo and "im sick of monday" moody, i smile to remind that i shouldnt be like that because of a day. although i was having a little mood when i was driving to uni, things i need to face on the road is depressing also (why? theres too many idiots-im-still-in-sunday-mood driving around) grrrrr but no worries, im not going to get upset for because of them! 

anyway~ went to uni to have lunch with my friend. Been wanting to dine at my uni's Madeleine Cafe to tryout the food. Yea, its in my uni and why am i trying it out now only right?...well, i werent bothered to do so, all i do in uni everyday is to rush to class and lectures and then ciao straight to home or somewhere else to see my friends. heee can say i hardly pay attention to things in uni. 

Both of us had Chicken Bravo! Me --> Iced lemon teaaa, Ariel --> Fresh orange juice The food was ok. not bad for a cafe, much muchhh muchhhh wayy wayyyy better than my uni's other cafeteria. OMG that one CMI (cannot make it) unless youre not picky in food then you go for that la. My order costed rm19. ok righttt

got to go workout now!